WWE NXT 10.9.19: The Top 3 w/Justin C

So on week’s when I have to review both shows, I want to switch things up a little bit. For the one I watch live I will due an actual live review. For the show I watch after I will do more of a Top 3 review. And that is what NXT is getting tonight!

1. Rhea Ripley Is Going To Be A Star

Before she made her way to NXT, I had seen some work of Rhea Ripley’s in NXT UK. I thought she could be good. But in the few weeks that she’s been on NXT TV, I am now completely convinced that Rhea Ripley is going to be a big time star in the states. She has a unique look to her. She comes off as a complete bad ass every time she is out there. And the crowd loves her. I knew there was a reason they held back on doing a full Shayna/Ripely match a few weeks ago and now with Ripley calling out Shayna again we know why. That match should be banger. I hope they get the proper amount of time whenever they do fight. You can have Ripley take the title from Shayna and maybe, just maybe Shayna will move up to the main roster. She’s gone through everyone else that it seems like Rhea Ripley is the only one left.

2. A Solid Night Of Wrestling

While I thought AEW had the better overall show, NXT had the better show from a pure wrestling perspective. As expected, Walter vs Kushida was fantastic. It went into the over run and I hope enough people flipped over to see the end of it. It was basically a lighter version of Walter vs Tyler Bate, which was one of the best matches of the year. Lio Rush and Drew Gulak opened the show and was good. Kind of surprised to see Rush win. Isiah “Swerve” Scott vs Roderick Strong was also very good. I’ve been a fan of Scott for awhile now and think he has some great potential down the line. I hope Walter is a mainstay on NXT. At the same time, I hope Kushida gets some wins under his belt. I didn’t expect him to beat Walter, but I’d like to see him get a win streak going. But these were three really solid matches.

3. Who Gets The First Shot At Adam Cole?

Tommasso Ciampa has a match in the weeks ahead. I’m amazed he is able to wrestle after having the serious neck surgery that he did earlier this year. Finn Balor only had a video vignette after returning last week. You would have to assume one of them is going to get first crack at Cole at the next Takeover. I’d much rather see Undisputed Era in singles matches this year than a War Games Match. War Games can be Imperium vs Kushida and a crew he picks. I wouldn’t go right to the triple threat route. And honestly, I’m a bit nervous about Ciampa in the ring in such a big match this early. I’d probably start with Finn Balor against Adam Cole. Keep it safe early on with the big Title match. But these two will make for strong challengers for Cole, just when we thought there was no one left for Cole to fight in NXT.

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Justin C

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