NXT UK 10.10.19

Coverage of last week’s episode was missed due to some technical difficulties, but I’m back and raring to go! Here’s hoping for another great show.

The Hunt Vs Pretty Deadly

Could you get two teams any further apart? 2 animals Vs 2 pretty boys. Call me bias…but I hope The Hunt lay these posers down.

The Hunt have continued to impress me week after week. I’m not 100% sold on their gimmick, but I do love their animalistic, brutal wrestling style. It’s exactly what style they are bringing to the table tonight.

Very unorthodox and hard-hitting, but they are always on the same page. The double diving headbutt to gain the win is a perfect example of that…Unfortunately, their victory was short-lived. It seems the mighty Imperium aren’t fans. In fact, they are quite disgusted at these two monsters and gave them a (somewhat unnecessary) beat down. Looking forward to seeing where this goes (if anywhere)

Jack Starz Vs Jordan Devlin

I’m not the biggest fan of these two gents. Devlin is such an arrogant…git, and Starz is ironically missing that star power (in my opinion) but they always put on a great show, and tonight is no exception.

Despite missing that ‘star power’ Starz is actually really powerful. He hits hard and is also able to throw people around with ease. That being said, the very arrogant Irishman can also do the same. The difference being, the latter has the confidence and belief and is able to execute the win much finer. Both fought hard, and to be fair to Starz he looked like he had it at one point, but he just couldn’t get the 1-2-3. Devlin wins again.

Dave Mastiff vs Kenny Williams

Pure speed Vs strength in this match up. You would think, given his size, Mastiff would have this one over in seconds. But Williams had him running around like a headless chicken.

That tactic was actually working really well…that was until Williams sustained an injury on his right ankle which slowed him down considerably. He was given the option to call it off (by the ref) but he fought on until he could do so no more. Big man Dave (unsurprisingly) gains the wins.

Piper Niven Vs Jazzy Gabert

These two female athletes are the biggest on the roster. There’s no love lost between them and given what happened last week (Gabert jumping Niven during an interview) this is set to be a brutal brawl…and it didn’t disappoint.

Gabert has experience in MMA and is laying into Niven thick and fast. She even throws her down with a body slam at one point too! but as good as the Scot takes it, she gives it back equally as hard. Each punch and kick and throw down was sent back to Gabert, and as soon as she was unfortunate enough to be thrown out of the ring Gabert was met by a HUGE boot to the face from Rhea Ripley. Seriously, that thing was insane! and it came out of nowhere. Hand to God, it just looked brutal! How Gabert’s head is still on her shoulders is beyond me. Amazing stuff that lead to a nice and easy win for Piper Niven.

A great show this week that has built up a fair few potential storylines. Looking forward to seeing where they all take me.