AEW Dynamite Review 10.9.19 w/Justin C

Young Bucks vs Private Party

Private Party has this VIP rope that a security guard lets up before they enter. It would work better if they came from somewhere other than the normal entrance way. Young Bucks came out firing to slow down Private Party. It’s the reversal of the “young and inexperienced” team coming out firing first. Isiah Kassidy ends up taking out the Bucks with an enziguri and a moonsault to the outside. Marq Quen then ends up hitting multiple dives to the outside and then a 450 splash for two. The Bucks get a blind tag in and end up hitting double superkicks and then powerbomb Cassidy on the outside. The Bucks hit a combination powerbomb/neckbreaker off the top for two. The Bucks slow things back down after a burst of action. They work over Quen. Kassidy ends up getting the hot tag. Even with the action, Kassidy sells the back from the powerbomb earlier. If you know me, you know I love that. Matt Jackson goes to work and hits three Northern Lights suplexes, then a double one on both members of Private Party. Matt applies a Sharpshooter to Kassidy, who eventually gets to the ropes. Quen gets the hot tag this time and Private Party hits the Gin and Juice. Quen hits a moonsault for two. Quen gets caught though and the Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver, but Kassidy gets rid of Nick then Quen rolls through and pins Matt for the upset win.

WINNERS: Private Party- I’m surprised with that result. I guess AEW feels the Young Bucks are already established with their crowd, and they want to show off a new team. The match was very good. I still don’t think Private Party wins the Titles, but they were pretty well made in this match. I thought the pacing was A+.

Chris Jericho comes out with LAX, Sammy Guevera and Jake Hager. Jerico calls Sammy Guevara a Spanish Hearthrob. When he introduces Hager the crowd chants “We the people” and Jericho tells the crowd that is dead and buried and was a bad idea from shitty creative. Jericho says Hager is the baddest MMA fighter in the world today. If you follow MMA, you know Hager beat two absolute cans. Jericho calls his group the Inner Circle. Jericho then turns his attention to Cody. He says his whole family sucks, his dad was a jerk, and Cody is a spoiled brat and he will kick the shit out of him at Full Gear. I liked the promo. Let Jericho do all the talking to get everyone over.

Jimmy Havoc vs Darby Allin

Allin risks his body early as Havoc suplexes him over the top to the outside. Allin lands right on his back. Havoc bites on Allin’s fingers back in the ring. Havoc has complete control into commercial. He back drops Allin into the corner. He hits a Tiger Driver 98. Allin ends up biting Havoc’s fingers then then knocking him down and hitting the Coffin Drop for the win.

WINNER: Darby Allin- I like Allin and I’m glad he won, but I would have liked to see a bit more of a showcase there from him. He got all of two moves in and won. Doesn’t really scream World Title contender.

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley vs Riho and Britt Baker

Sakura throws Riho around by the hair early on. Sakura applies a surfboard submission. Bea comes in and goes after Britt Baker. She knocks Britt off the apron and throws her into the railing, but Baker comes back with a Lou Thesz press. Sakura comes out and hits a double suplex on the outside. But Riho then takes both out with a crossbody. Riho hits a 619 on Bea back on the inside then tags in Baker. Baker ends up quickly getting taken out by Priestly. Sakura hits a running dive into the corner but Britt comes back with a cutter. Britt hits a discus punch then applies a Rings of Saturn and a Mandible Claw as well for the win.

WINNERS: Riho and Britt Baker- Okay match. Crowd died a bit for it. Looks like they are trying to build up Britt vs Riho. Britt and Bea have a mini scuffle after the match.

Best Friends appear with Orange Cassidy at ringside, who gives a thumbs up.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs Jon Moxley

Tully Blanchard looks like more of a bad ass than 95% of the people in wrestling today. Moxley comes out firing. He lands some corner mount punches. Moxley takes Spears down with some chops, who tries to regroup on the outside. Moxley goes right after him and chokes him with his boot. Tully grabs Moxley who backs Tully down. Spears goes for Moxley but Moxley was ready. Moxley hits a forearm off the apron. Spears ends up reversing Moxley on the outside and tosses Moxley into the railing. Spears then hits a DVD into the railing. The majority of the action is taking place outside the ring here. Spears controls during the picture-in-picture. They finally get back into the ring. Spears hits a powerbomb then a single leg crab. Moxley escapes as both men exchange chops and punches. Moxley knocks Spears down with a clothesline. Tully distracts Moxley, allowing Spears to hit a neckbreaker. Spears goes for another DVD, but Moxley escapes and hits the Paradigm Shift for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley- Fine match. No issue with it. Tully is great as an outside manager and he adds a bit to every match.

Kenny Omega comes out with a barbed wire bat and broom. Yes there was barbed wire on both. Omega throws Moxley the bat, but then PAC comes from behind and hits Omega with a chair. Moxley stares down at Omega then leaves.

Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes vs Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevera

Dustin starts off hot. He throws Jericho over the railing then catches Guevera off the top with his trademark uppercut. Page and Rhodes then hit a kick, knee, backdrop combo for two. Page goes to the top but  Jericho distracts him. Guevera hits an enziguri then drops Page on the top. The heels continue to work over Page back from break. Jericho paint brushes him as he crawls to his corner. Page ends up catching Guevera with a discus lariat. Page tags in Rhodes and he goes to work. Rhodes hit a couple of atomic drops then a reverse crossbody off the top on both men. Guevera gets dumped to the outside then eats a moonsault off the top from Page to the outside. But Hager comes over and takes him out. Rhodes hits a powerslam on Guevera, who then distracts the ref. This allows Hager to come in and take out Rhodes. Jericho then hits the Judas Effect for the win.

WINNERS: Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevera- Another solid match. Not a fan of two straight “distracted ref” moments in the first two main events. Rhodes was pretty much designed to take the pin there.

Hager takes out Page. Page then throws a chair in Hager’s face and they brawl to the back. Guevera and Jericho take out Rhodes. The lights go out, then Cody appears in the ring. He hits Cross Rhodes on Guevera. Santana and Ortiz come out and attack Cody. MJF comes out and teases attacking Cody, but he ends up taking out Santana and Ortiz and Jericho instead. Jericho eventually hits a Codebreaker on MJF. The Young Bucks come out and go after Santana and Ortiz. They take them out with Superkicks then dives. Jericho tries to leave. But Darby Allin comes SKATEBOARDING DOWN then hits some high knees into Jericho. The show ends with the faces in the ring and heels on the outside. Jericho says next week is Allin’s funeral and calls him a bitch.

OVERALL: That was a fun show. The opening tag was great and put over Private Party. Jericho’s promo was good. It cooled down a bit with the women’s tag but picked back up at the end with Moxley’s win and the main event. I hope Darby Allin has a star making performance next week. And he should with a match against Jericho. The MJF tease at the end was well done, and it will make when he eventually turns even better. I preferred this show to last week’s.

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