WWE Raw Review 10.7.19

How did Raw fare after Sunday night’s brutal finish to Hell in a Cell?

Well, this week’s Raw began with Rusev in the ring, getting beat down by both Randy Orton and King Corbin. While Rusev was attempting to fend off his attackers, Bobby Lashley appeared on the screen.

The Almighty was located at Rusev’s house and proceeded to get into his bed, and right there waiting for Lashley was Lana. After the pair got quite comfy, Lana informed Rusev that she took everything from him, and then took off her bra just before Lashley turned out the lights.

Boy, tough break for Rusev. No man wants to see his wife in bed with another man. This made the Bulgarian Brute incredibly mad, and he took his frustrations out on Corbin and Orton, even hitting the pair with the steel ring steps.

Despite the fact this had more of a television soap opera feel to it, the ending with Rusev standing tall over Orton and Corbin made him look very strong. Maybe not the best story to tell (we’ve seen this before 100 times in WWE), but in the end, we saw Rusev stand tall, which gets a thumbs up from me.

What happened for the rest of the night? Below are my rankings and recap of this week’s edition of Raw.

Tyson Fury demands an apology:

Last Friday on Smackdown, Braun Strowman provoked the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury. The tension was so high that Fury jumped the barricade and wanted to after Strowman, but was halted by security.

So Fury was here, demanding an apology from Braun. The Monster Among Men did not even wait, he stormed to the ring to confront Fury. The two men traded verbal jabs, and you could feel the tension start to mount.

Then things went off the rails when Fury pointed out Strowman has yet to win any World Championships. Braun would pick the heavyweight champion up and take him into the corner, while security would rush to separate the two men. But the two men would throw the smaller security guards aside and once again come face to face.

This time the WWE locker room would empty out to try and stop these two men from going at each other. But that was not successful, and several times, these men broke free and whaled on one another.

Raw went off-air with the two men trading blows, and I like the fact the show ended while the action was still going on. That is what makes it feel a bit more real to me.

All Women’s Champion showcase: 

Becky had some unfinished business with Asuka, who is the last person to successfully pin Lynch clean way back at the Royal Rumble.

WWE made an excellent decision to put the belts on Asuka and Kairi Sane, as the duo of Bliss and Cross had run its course. These two women are superior wrestlers and will surely have great matches every week, something that was not happening with those belts in the past.

As for the match, I thought it was a fine showcase of the elite wrestlers in the Women’s division. With the WWE Draft set for Friday and Monday, these women want to do all they can to be a high pick.

Becky was in a position to pick up the win with her Dis-Arm-Her submission, but Asuka would come in and spray Lynch in the face with green mist. This mist helped win them the title at Hell in a Cell, and it did the same here! Lynch ate her first pin in many months and put over the new women’s tag team champions.

But the Kabuki Warriors had more significant problems on their hands, as Bliss and Cross ran down to stop the two-on-one beat down of Charlotte. It was a bit shocking to see Lynch take a pin (even if it was not clean), but this is how you build other women up in the division not named Lynch, Flair, Banks, or Bayley.

Viking Raiders dominate Roode/Ziggler: 

Well, it was nice to see the Viking Raiders take on a tag team not named the O.C. this week. The Viking Raiders dominated this match pretty much from the start, though Roode/Ziggler would make a bit of a comeback.

It is genuinely incredible how athletic the Raiders are, especially given their size, but man are they entertaining to watch. In the end, the Viking Raiders would overcome the Raw Tag Team champions Roode/Ziggler with an incredible ‘Viking Experience’ finisher. Hopefully, this leads to a tag title match in the future because I’d rather see the Raiders as champions than Roode/Ziggler.

Later in the night, the Viking Raiders issued a challenge to the tag team champions for next week on Raw. Putting the belts on a legit tag team would be a solid way to “kick-off” this new era of Raw.

Last Lady Standing Match: 

Just one night after their match at Hell in a Cell, which Natalya won, she and Lacey Evans were back facing each other. However, the stakes were raised as the women were in a Last Women Standing match.

Lacey would dominate the early portion of the match, knocking Nattie down for a nine-count numerous times. But the Queen of Hearts to barely get back to her feet before Evans would strike with a kendo stick.

This match made its way to the stage and onto the announcer’s table. Nattie would fight back and threw Evans off the stage and through a table. The Sassy Southern Belle would not answer the ten-count, and Nattie walked away as the winner.

The pace of this match was rather slow, with a few sweet spots, including the finish. I would hope this is the ending to this “feud,” but I fear we have not seen the last of Evans vs. Natalya.

Aleister Black is back: 

After what seemed like forever, Black was back on Raw. Earlier in the night, he cut a promo saying he would go down the ring looking for a fight. He got just that, in the form of the Singh Brothers.

The two-on-one “disadvantage” was no problem for Black, who made quick work of the duo, locking in a nifty-looking submission. I hope we actually see a real push for Aleister, who has all the makings of a real star on the Raw or Smackdown roster.

O.C. takes on Lucha House Party: 

This match exceeded my expectations. Several high-flying maneuvers highlighted this segment. I expected the O.C. to come in and dominate, but the trio of luchadores was up to the task.

In the end, the O.C. would win, but boy did the Lucha House Party put on one heck of a show, and the crowd was surely invested. That’s what happens when you giving a wrestling crowd a solid wrestling match to watch.

To add insult to injury, the trio of friends would beat down the luchadores because, of course! They are the O.C.

Miz TV hosts The Man and The Queen:

The Women’s champions were on Miz TV, basking in the glory of their wins from Hell in a Cell. For the majority of the segment, the two former best friends were cordial with one another, but then things heated up.

Becky told Charlotte she’s the one who made the Smackdown Women’s Title famous, while Charlotte cleverly retorted with she’s the one who made Becky famous. The two could not brag about their accomplishments too long, as the duo had a match against the Kabuki Warriors.

Apollo vs. Ricochet: 

This was a showcase for two superstars whose careers could change based on where they are drafted this next week. Ricochet’s move set is still something insane to see, while Crews is a powerful man, who is a solid middle of the card wrestler.

Crews and Ricochet had good chemistry in the ring, but the match seemed to fall a bit flat, and the crowd did not seem totally invested. Ricochet would win with a recoil.

All in all, I thought WWE did an okay job with this show. The Tyson Fury/Braun Strowman angle to close the show and the Lana/Lashley segment to begin the night were two hot angles. I thought the Kabuki Warriors taking down Lynch was a bit surprising too.

But where this show fell flat for me was the majority of the night, the matches did not seem all that important. Sure we saw some solid performances, but nothing overly special. Oh, and where was the Fiend and/or Seth Rollins? That match was mentioned just one time, but it was probably a smart move considering Rollins would have been booed out of the building.

My rating: 3 out 5