WWE Hell In A Cell 2019: Justin C’s Thoughts

1. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Deliver

This match opened the show and it was the right call. They used a bunch of different and innovative spots that stood out. Becky putting Sasha on a chair set up on the Cell and drop kicking Sasha was great. Sasha’s meteora through the table was nice. And the meteroa she did sending Becky into the ladder looked like it hurt pretty bad. All of the chair spots were well done. The match didn’t necessarily have a flow to it, but it moved well and the pacing was well done. A top quality match and maybe the WWE women’s match of the year so far. I do wonder what is next here. I thought Becky was a lock to go to Smackdown. I guess she still could even though she remains RAW Champion.

2. Where Does The Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan Story Go Now?

Adding the mixed tag stipulation to the Reigns/Bryan vs Harper/Rowan match was smart. It kind of made sense with the build too considering all of the stuff that took place during it. I was nervous Harper hurt his eye when he went face first into the bottom metal portion of the announce table. Daniel Bryan took some dragon suplexes from Harper that worried me he would land on his neck. I liked the sequence of Bryan doing a hurricarrana off the table to get rid of Harper then Reigns spearing Rowan. Bryan and Reigns ended up hugging at the end. I have no idea where this is going, if it actually is going somewhere. It seems like the whole Reigns almost getting killed story is over and now we move on to the next Roman Reigns storyline.

3. And The WWE Put Themselves In A Corner They Couldn’t Get Out Of

We all knew what the WWE was possibly getting into with The Fiend getting a Universal Title match. So the logical thing would be to not book him in a Title match this early. But the WWE did. And they tried to book him as an unstoppable monster. And then they did a fucking DQ, in a Hell In A Cell match. What in the world was the WWE thinking? How many times has Triple H used a sledgehammer in a Cell match? Like in every one of his right? They could have done so many other feuds for Bray but the WWE couldn’t help themselves. They had an entire crowd booing an ending to a match, chanting AEW, and they even booed The Fiend when he stood at the entrance to close the show. If I’m Bray Wyatt, I’m pissed. They potentially ruined any good they built up with the Bray Wyatt character. If you don’t want to put the Title on him, DON’T PUT HIM IN A TITLE MATCH. The WWE wonders why they are losing fans in droves and this is now at the top of the list. They took something everyone liked and they ruined it because they couldn’t help themselves.

Thoughts On The Last Second Added Matches

-Randy Orton vs Ali showed that yes, Orton can still have good matches despite what everyone says. I was surprised Ali didn’t win after that handstand counter of the RKO.

-Asuka and Kairi Sane turning heel is a nice touch. They needed something to make them relevant again. You could tell they were turning heel during the match and Asuka winning by spraying Nikki with mist was a nice touch.

-The six man tag was whatever. It was to show Braun Strowman can throw a right punch. It doesn’t matter, because Tyson Fury isn’t coming in to job to Braun. So Braun will lose another match. At least the Club didn’t lose, and AJ was great selling the punch after.

-I’ll give the Corbin/Chad Gable match this: They had the crowd cheering for Gable and into the match. That’s an accomplishment for a Baron Corbin match.

-Charlotte winning the Smackdown Women’s Title is whatever. I hope Bayley fully snaps this week after what we saw with her crying at the end. Or it could just be a dig at Ryan Satin. That works too.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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