WWE NXT 10.2.19 Recap w/Justin C

NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs Matt Riddle

Riddle sends Cole to the outside but Cole catches Riddle with a kick coming off the apron. That gives him control as they had back into the ring. Cole slows it down back in the ring with a neckbreaker and a bicycle kick. Riddle starts coming back with some chops and hits a flying forearm into the corner and follows it up with a seated senton. They exchange some counters but Riddle ends up hitting a knee to the face and a fisherman’s suplex for two. Riddle looks to go for the GTS but Cole hits a backbreaker. Riddle gets the better of the next chop exchange and ends up hitting a German suplex. They have a great exchange of moves which ends with Riddle hitting a German, but Cole hits another neckbreaker. They go to the top where Riddle knocks Cole off but Cole gets his knees up. Cole hits a Panama Sunrise for two. Riddle blocks another Panama Sunrise and hits a GTS for two. Riddle sunset flips into the ring but Cole hits a superkick. Riddle ducks the back kick and applies a crossface chicken wing. Cole counters to a pin attempt as Riddle goes to the armbar on the injured wrist. Cole gets out of that with another pinfall attempt. Cole catches Riddle with a shot to the face with the cast on his wrist, then hits the Last Shot for the win.

WINNER and STILL NXT Champion: Adam Cole- That’s a great way to start the Wednesday Night War. The counters and near falls were great.

Finn Balor’s music hits out of nowhere and he comes to the ring. Finn says he is now NXT and the crowd loses it.

Video package for Shayna/Candice.

Velveteen Dream promo. Dream comes out on a new couch with a bunch of women on it. Dream challenges Roderick Strong to a rematch and says Strong should fight him on his own and without the Undisputed Era.

Io Shirai vs Mia Yim

Yim just moves slow in the ring. She is practically standing in place when she delivers some early armdrags to Io. Mia lands some chops on the outside to Io. Io ends up getting the upperhand and slows things down as the commercials play. Io hits a Dragon Screw leg whip and stops every one of Mia’s comeback attempts. Io hits a flapjack and then a handstand into double knees for two. Mia finally counters Io and hits an overhead backdrop. Mia hits some slow looking offense and Io comes right back with a dropkick and 619 for two. Mia fights back again and hits a Code Blue for two then a dive to the outside. We get another commercial but Io kicks out at two. Io finishes things off with the moonsault back from break.

WINNER: Io Shirai- Match might have went a bit too long but it was still good. Io needs to keep winning because she should be the top star of the women’s division when Shayna eventually moves up.

Johnny Gargano vs Shane Thorne

Gargano goes for an early Gargano Lock but Thorne gets to the ropes. Thorne gets the upper hand with a kick to the head. He works over Gargano during the picture in picture commercials, including dropping Gargano on the apron. Gargano catches Thorne with a knee back from break. Gargano hits an enziguri then a dive to the outside after Throne blocked the initial one. Gargano hits running double knees into the corner but Thorne comes right back with a kick in the other corner then a cannon ball and powerbomb for two. Thorne lands a kick to the back of the neck but Gargano comes right back with a lariat then a reverse-ranna. Gargano finishes it off with a superkick for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano- Shorter match but it did a good job of making Thorne look strong. But Gargano needed the win to re-establish himself.

NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Candice LeRae

Candice sends Shayna to the apron. She dropkicks Shayna off the apron then hits a springboard crossbody to the outside. And my one problem with all of this show so far is that during the commercial, Shayna gets the upper hand. Shayna throws Candice into the steps on the outside. She then kicks Candice’s left arm into the steps. Shayna works over Candice’s arm. They go to the apron where Candice German suplexes Shayna off it and hits three straight dives to the outside. Candice knocks Shayna off the top but Shayna comes back. Shayna hits a gut wrench backdrop off the top. Candice continues to get beat down until she counters a Kurobuta Clutch from Shayna into one of her own. Shayna escapes then applies one as she pulls up Shayna on the ropes. Candice escapes and hits a neckbreaker. She goes for the lionsault but Shayna moves and puts in the Kurobuta Clutch. Candice tries escaping but she eventually taps.

WINNER and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Shayna Baszler- Pretty good match. It is written in stone that Shayna retains. I did think Candice had a slight chance here but I wouldn’t have put money on it. Who is left for Shayna on NXT at this point?

Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch

Both men take it to the mat early on. They look for some early submissions. Dunne lays out Burch with a clothesline and they go to the outside. Dunne stomps on the hand of Burch on the steps. Back in the ring Dunne goes for a leapfrog but Burch grabs his leg and slams it down. Dunne comes back and hits a sitout powerbomb for two back from commercial. Burch catches Dunne with a knee then a top rope DDT for two. Dunne lands a kick to the head and hits the Bitter End for the win.

WINNER: Pete Dunne

After the match, Damian Priest appears and takes out Pete Dunne.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (c) vs The Street Profits

Fish and O’Reilly bail after a test of strength. Street Profits get the upper hand in the ring. Dawkins uses his power to keep O’Reilly down on the mat. Fish comes in but Ford takes him out with a dropkick. Ford applies an extended armbar/wristlock. Fish ends up taking down Ford and now Undisputed Era tries to keep things on the mat. Undisputed Era make quick tags keeping Ford on the mat. They lay in some ground and pound. Fish hits three snap suplexes for two. They land some double kicks then continue to keep Ford on the mat into the picture in picture commercial. Dawkins gets pulled off the apron as Ford goes for a hot tag.

Dawkins eventually gets the hot tag and goes to work. He lands all of his power moves as he cleans house. O’Reilly catches Dawkins sliding with a knee, then Fish dragon screw leg whips him in the ropes. O’Reilly hits a diving knee off the top onto the bad knee of Dawkins. Fish applies a guillotine on Ford but Ford backs Fish onto Dawkins to break the hold. Dawkins tags in Ford. Fish tried to break it up but Ford then this a Frog Splash. O’Reilly saves Fish. They try to bail but Dawkins stops them then hits a running senton over the corner onto them. Strong comes out to distract Ford but eats a spear from Dawkins. Fish and O’Reilly then connect on a High/Low on Ford for the win.

WINNERS and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly- Match went too long, especially the part where they were waiting for Ford to make the tag to Dawkins.

Adam Cole comes out on the ramp to celebrate. Tommaso Ciampa’s music hits and he comes out and stares down Adam Cole as the show goes off the air.

OVERALL: That was pretty much a Takeover level show from these guys. Cole/Riddle was outstanding. Both women’s matches wee good as well. Finn Balor being back in NXT was a shock. We know they can’t have shows like this every week, but this was a strong episode to go opposite of AEW’s first show.

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