WWE Raw Review 9.30.19

Raw kicked off with a new opening video package, and pyro is back! The first superstar to walk out across the newly redesigned stage was the challenger to the Universal Championship, Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio, with his son Dominic ringside, spoke to the crowd about how it was because of Dominic he was in the ring tonight with a shot at the title. Mysterio barely finished saying he was going to bring the title home when…Bah Gawd that’s Brock Lesnar’s music!

The Beast and his advocate marched down to the ring, and Lesnar snatched the microphone from Mysterio. Rey, who did not take too kindly to this, snatched the mic from Heyman’s hands and went to speak to Brock, but was quickly scooped up by Lesnar and given multiple F-5’s.

Lesnar was not done though, as he turned his attention to Mysterio’s son. Brock taunted Dominic, but then reached over the barricade and threw Dominic to the floor. Rey saw what Lesnar was doing to his son, and tried to intercede, but to no avail. Lesnar tossed the father and son duo from pillar to post before leaving the ring, smirking at the carnage he created

This was quite a chaotic opening to Raw, and it made Lesnar look stronger than ever before his WWE Title match this Friday on Smackdown.

What took place throughout the rest of the season premiere of Raw? Check out the rest of my recap to find out where I rank each segment.

Universal Title Match goes south:

Before the break, a limo was seen entering the arena. I wonder who that could be?

But in the ring, Rusev, who replaced Mysterio after the attack on him and Dominic, was set to take on Seth Rollins for the Universal Title. This is quite a big match this early into the Bulgarian Brute’s return, but I am all for it.

The crowd was into this match big-time, hanging on every move and near fall. Also, Randy Orton and Corbin were randomly at the top of the ramp.

Just when Rusev looked to get going, Bobby Lashley’s music hit! But Lashley did not come alone, as Lana would join him on the ramp and got a bit friendly with the All-Mighty.

But then to make matters worse, the lights dimmed, and that ominous music of The Fiend would pierce the arena. Raw closed with The Fiend taking out Rollins. What an ending!

US Title Match:

If the reports of Vince McMahon wanting to bury Cedric Alexander are true, then he’s officially lost his marbles. I don’t think Cedric has been in a bad match since he debut on Raw.

Alexander and Styles both have similar styles in the ring, and their high-flying ability was on full display. Cedric counted several of AJ’s best moves and picked up a few near falls that had the crowd on edge.

In the end, Styles beautifully countered a lumbar check into the Styles Clash to retain the United States Championship. I could watch these two have a match every week.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss:

 Banks was set to take on one-half of the Women’s Tag Team champions, Alexa Bliss. While their respective friends were each banned from ringside, that did not stop “The Man” Becky Lynch from wanting to get a closer view.

Sasha became distracted by Lynch early on, as the two had an intense staredown during the match. After the break, Lynch still was perched on top of the announcers’ table, seemingly getting ready for a fight.

Banks would win after pretending to call for Bayley, then taking Bliss out at the knees and pinning her to the mat for the three-count.

However, that match was just a precursor for the Banks/Lynch faceoff. The Man made a beeline for the ring and took down the Boss, who would retreat into the WWE Universe.

Becky then grabbed a mic, and cut a phenomenal promo, that included the killer line, “You made it personal, I’m gonna make it painful.” This match on Sunday should be epic.

A Legendary Episode of Miz TV:

Two all-time legends, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, were in the ring celebrating the season premiere of Raw. The two Hall of Famers teased going at it one final time in the ring, to which the crowd erupted.

However, after realizing they were both well past their prime, Miz announced that Team Hogan will take on Team Flair at WWE Crown Jewel. Hogan then introduced his captain, Seth Rollins, but not to be outdone Flair brought out his old Evolution partner, Randy Orton as his captain.

The two exchanged words, and an impromptu captains match was set up. But before the bell even rang, King Corbin came to stick his nose into what was going on. Corbin would assist Orton in beating down Rollins.

Then, much to my delight, Rusev came down for the save. He laid waste to Orton and Corbin with a slew of Machka kicks.

I love the idea of Rusev being involved here, it finally makes his return feel like a big deal and it set up his Universal Title match for later in the night. While I am excited about the 5-on-5 match between Team Hogan and Team Flair, I would much rather have it be taking place at Survivor Series than Crown Jewel.

Firefly Funhouse:

I am pretty sure Rambling Rabbit has now died three times on this show. Anyways, the puppets were wondering what would happen when the Fiend and Seth Rollins fight inside Hell in a Cell.

Bray said Hell in a Cell is like a world without chocolate and that Seth will be trapped inside there with “him” on Sunday.

Boy, I cannot wait to see the Fiend on Sunday.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro:

 Ricochet came to defend the honor of Rey Mysterio, telling Cesaro if he wanted to prove how bad he is, he’ll be in the ring waiting for him.

Right from the jump, this match had the feel of a big-time bout. It was a battle between the strength of Cesaro and the high-flying ability of Ricochet.

This match did not last long, but the finish was spectacular! Ricochet would hit a hurricanrana and picked up the win. Great match, but these two really just seem stuck right now with no direction.

Tag Titles on the line:

In the first title match of the night, Heavy Machinery squared off against the Raw Tag Team Champions of Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. It was your pretty standard tag match, as Otis and Tucker gained the early edge before Ziggler would take over and grounded Tucker.

After quite a few minutes, Tucker would make the hot tag to Otis who would run wild. Heavy Machinery had Roode set up for the Compactor when Ziggler would come in and turned the tide. The heels would dispatch of Otis on the outside before Roode hit the Glorious DDT for the win.

Like I said, this was your standard tag-team match, but the crowd seemed into the action.

Viking Raiders vs. OC (Again):

 After their entertaining match last week on Raw, these tag teams did not disappoint again. While this match was not entirely long, both teams displayed their strength as a tag team. It still amazes me that a man the size of Ivor can have the agility of someone on 205 Live.

In the end, Ivor hit a splash from the top rope to pick up the win. It is nice to see WWE finally pushing the Viking Raiders to the top of the tag team division, but we have seen this match more than once already.

Evans vs. Natalya:

After Evans mocked Nattie over the past few weeks by using her patented sharpshooter, these two women looked to settle the score here. Evans would dominate the match early as she threw Nattie all around the ring, and even into the steel steps at ringside.

But Nattie looked close to victory when Evans would rake her eyes and then grabbed the tights to pick up another tainted win. Lacey then knocked out Nattie with a Women’s Right, and it looks like this feud may be over which is a good thing considering it has fallen flat.

Boy, this was an action-packed episode of Raw. From Brock Lesnar’s fit of rage to a pair of Hall of Famers and then the scandalous return of Lana, this was quite the night.

I know some might say there was a lot of flair and not much substance, but I would disagree. The Women’s Title feud had a nice bow put on it, plus the Fiend and Rollins had a successful go-home segment. While I’d say this show was not perfect, it felt A LOT different than Raw the last several months.

My Rating: 4 out of 5