JC’s Top Rope Report: It Is Okay To Get Excited About Wrestling Again

The world of pro wrestling is about to be turned upside down this week.

In my opinion, this week is the biggest week in the world of pro wrestling in decades. I would argue it is the biggest week in pro wrestling since the Monday Night War. And I’m not talking about just news, I’m talking about the landscape of the entire world of pro wrestling.

Pro Wrestling is about to take over the air waves of TV. Of course we have our mainstay in Monday Night RAW. That isn’t going away any time soon. Smackdown is still around. But now it is on a bigger stage than it has ever been on before. Smackdown is moving to Friday nights on FOX. Is Friday night a death spot on TV? Yes. But if you have been watching the NFL this past weekend then you know that FOX is going into major hype mode with Smackdown. It is on every commercial break. Announcers are mentioning it everywhere. And with Michael Cole and Corey Graves going to Smackdown, it is clear that Smackdown is now the A show. The WWE is going to treat both shows as their own entities. We’ll see how long that lasts, but for now it is a good thing.

And then of course there is what everyone in the wrestling world is talking about. It is the birth of the Wednesday Night War when NXT and All Elite Wrestling go head to head starting this coming Wednesday. Everyone thought AEW was going to go out there on Wednesday nights and put on their own show with no reason to worry. Well, the WWE decided to have none of that and put NXT on USA opposite AEW Dynamite. And you know what that means to me? It means both companies are going to have to bring their best every single night. NXT is already giving us a Takeover level card this coming Wednesday to combat AEW’s debut on TNT. Both companies also have a good amount to prove. AEW needs to show that it can run a weekly TV show and build continuous storylines. They also need to show that they can build new stars outside of The Elite. For NXT, they need to do the same. They can’t have squash matches on their show every week like they used to when they only taped one hours worth of a program.

While those are the major stories, there are other things to monitor as well. Impact is moving to AXS TV on Tuesday nights. It is a smart move on their part. Wrestling fans grew accustomed to watching wrestling on Tuesday nights. Now Impact can slide in and try to fill the void. New Japan continues to deliver high quality cards on a regular basis. And the road to Wrestle Kingdom is getting closer and closer. Hell, even Ring of Honor made a smart move by getting their World Title off of Matt Taven. Now, they signed Matt Taven to a pretty big contract that I wouldn’t have signed him too. But they got the Title off him.

Oh and guess what? CM Punk popped his name back into the wrestling world this week. There were multiple reports this past weekend that he had a tryout for the WWE’s new studio show this week. It would be pretty weird for Punk to come back in that role and not wrestle wouldn’t it? Punk knows he is the biggest name out there right now and can leverage that into a return if he really wanted to.

What does this all mean? Well to me it means it is okay to get excited about wrestling again. The WWE hasn’t produced the best programming in recent months. But with this new energy and hype into both shows, it is okay to get a little excited about the WWE again. It is okay to look forward to all of this wrestling that will be coming our way in the weeks ahead. Of course people are already picking sides when it comes to this war. Wrestling fans are going to argue with each other. It is in our nature. But don’t draw a line in the sand and say you are pro WWE or pro AEW. We didn’t do that in the Monday Night War era. Well at least I didn’t. And neither did a bunch of my friends. We just enjoyed all the pro wrestling given to us weekly.

If you know someone that used to be a pro wrestling fan and lapsed, let them know what is going on. Let them know about all of the things ahead in the world of pro wrestling. If you get them excited about it, maybe they will tune in. And the more people that tune into pro wrestling in the weeks and months ahead, the better it will be for the long term prospects of pro wrestling.

Everything changes this week. And we as wrestling fans should be excited.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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