NXT UK 09.25.19

Oliver Carter Vs Ligero

Carter is a surprisingly big dude. Very agile too. Lots of speed and high flying. He’s really giving it his all. But for the 2nd week in a row, the crowd are super quiet. It’s really off-putting, especially when both athletes are running around and putting on a show.

It was a little sloppy (don’t want to say botchy) at times, but it’s always good to see a fast-paced match. He may have been away for a while, but Ligero is back with a bang, & a win!

Nina Samuels Vs Dani Luna

I’m not familiar with Luna. She’s got a much bigger physique than the very tall Samuels. Very powerful and using said power to her advantage (the pump kick to the face was pretty awesome to look at) but Samuels is extremely underrated in my books. She reminds me of Charlotte Flair to a certain; the agility, the trash-talking, the self-belief. She’s one to watch, and she proves it again tonight with another win.

Noam Dar Vs Tren Seven

Another superstar who has been out of action for a while is Seven, but he certainly doesn’t show it. He’s a big lad and a true brawler, but Noam Dar is something else tonight. I’m not his biggest fan, but he is deserving of some credit for his performance. He was smug and cocky, but he also backed it up too.

Seven did have a burst of energy at one point that slowed Dar down…but apparently, Sevens Achilles heel is the misuse of his towel! granted, Dar did stuff it down his pants, but still. That caused Seven to see Red and in turn, get disqualified. A strange end to the match, but hopefully this will lead the storyline to continue.

Another quiet crowd but thankfully the in-ring action more than made up for it.