NXT UK 09.18.19

Travis Banks Vs T-bone

Massive height advantage for T-bone and he’s using it so. Each punch, kick and suplex is pure brutality, but Banks never backs down and is giving it his all.

Despite having some issues with his ribs, Banks was flying around the ring like the ariel Assasin he is. T-bone was the more dominant of the 2, but it was Banks with a sneaky roll-up who gained the win.

Ripley Vs Keitel

Rhea Ripley is something else. So tall, such powerful and broad shoulders…she is an absolute monster, in the best possible way. And as I add that full stop, she wins! Keitel had no chance. What a woman.

Conners Vs Williams

I always find it a little disconcerting when the crowd is quiet. Both men are working hard, but for whatever reason, the crowd are taking a lot to warm up and get involved. Very odd.

It was so odd that you could hear a pin drop when Conners put the finisher on Williams. It was not the best showcase of talent, but they can’t all be winners I suppose.

Ohno Vs Scala; British Rounds Match

For those not aware the rules of a British Rounds Match are as follows; there are 6, 3-minute bouts. Each has a 30-second break in between. To win, a competitor must earn 2 pinfalls or 2 submissions (or one of each) or win via knockout.

Round 1; No winner

Round 2; No winner

Round 3; Ohno gains the pinfall

Round 4; No winner

Round 5; No winner

Round 6; No winner

Ohno wins! The irony of an American winning a British Rounds match…but the better man won.