WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.17.19 w/ The Chairman

Smackdown Live is coming from Atlanta and the fallout from Clash of Champions continues. We’re already seeing things getting setup for Hell in a Cell. Find out who is next in line to challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship and more in this weeks hits and misses.


MISS: Same Old Six Man Story

Smackdown Live kicked off with The New Day against Randy Orton and The Revival. The match was decent. However it doesn’t exactly make sense in the booking scheme of things. Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton at Clash of Champions so why is this continuing? Sure Big E and Xavier Woods want payback against the Revival for losing the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship and they did win the match. However what happens next is going to shake the foundation of Smackdown Live.


HIT: The Beast Invades

When you hear the Brock Lesnar music, you come running because you know something big is about to go down. Sure enough Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their way down to the ring to confront the WWE Champion. Heyman makes the challenge for Lesnar to face Kofi for the WWE Championship on the first Friday Night Smackdown Live at FOX. Kofi accepted the challenge and then gets destroyed by Lesnar. Definitely hate to see it because it all but spells Kofi Kingston’s title reign is coming to an end, especially to Lesnar. However this is a smart business move by WWE to get people to tune in for the first Smackdown Live on FOX so for that I can’t blame them.


HIT: Cole Speaks with Rowan

After Rowan defeated Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions, people were searching for answers still. Mainly about Harper. Rowan however said if you wanted to talk to him, go find him. Rowan wasn’t putting up with Cole and when Cole started freaking out about attempted manslaughter on Reigns, Rowan basically threatened him as well. Rowan said he wasn’t going to be a puppet anymore and when Daniel Bryan came up, Rowan said that he is far superior to him in every way. Rowan is slowly being built as a dangerous wrestler. Of course everyone knows Harper is more superior far as in ring work goes so hoping he reaps the benefits in this someway somehow.


HIT: Zayn Hypes Another Nakamura Assault

I was excited at the thought of getting a match between Ali and Shinsuke Nakamura. However all that turned into was an assault. Zayn started throwing shade at Ali for never being a champion and it ended up being a two on one attack. Zayn hyped up the Kinshasa and laid waste to Ali. Another match that didn’t get started because Nakamura didn’t want to wait for the bell. The Sami Zayn and Nakamura pairing is working and Nakamura’s Intercontinental title reign might be slowly gaining momentum.


HIT: 25 Million Dollar Mistake

Kevin Owens didn’t want to miss Smackdown Live so he bought a ticket to the show. He also served Shane McMahon with some papers. Turns out Owens is suing Shane for wrongful termination. We all know Shane fined KO a large sum of cash for hitting a referee aka Elias a few weeks ago. However last week as I called out, Shane attacked referee Kevin Owens after tapping out to Chad Gable. Owens decided to hurt Shane where it’s going to hurt him the most, his wallet. Guessing that Kevin Owens to NXT rumor isn’t happening now. Owens then in the end said he was going to fire Shane McMahon.


HIT: Charlotte Saved by an Unlikely Ally

Charlotte faced off against Sasha Banks as the Four Horsewomen rivalry continued on. Bayley was on the outside making things difficult for Charlotte. At one moment Charlotte took out both women with a moonsault from the top rope. Charlotte looked like she was about to finish Sasha off before Bayley ran into the ring causing a DQ. Becky Lynch wasn’t in the building tonight, but it was Carmella would came to Charlotte’s aid. Carmella who is friends with Bayley tried to get her to stop her assault while Sasha Banks kept going after Carmella, but Carmella kept kicking Sasha away. Sasha and Bayley once again get sent packing after the brawl.


HIT: King Corbin Crowned by Chad Gable

After Baron Corbin won the King of the Ring on Raw, for some reason his coronation took place on Smackdown Live? Corbin then wore the king attire and then started ripping on his opponent from last night Chad Gable. Gable came out to address Corbin and went on a full assault. Gable then destroyed everything and saved the crown for last. Definitely hate that Corbin won King of the Ring, but one of the positives of the tournament was Chad Gable had a great run. Hopefully there are more things for Gable in the future.


MISS: Heavy Machinery Steamrolling

One of my least favorite tag teams Heavy Machinery this time took on the B Team which is a step up from local talents. However B Team is bottom of the barrel as it gets. I don’t understand why Heavy Machinery continues to get pushed and featured. Well I do actually, but Otis is the ultimate cringe. Long as they never sniff tag team championships I’ll be fine.


HIT: Bryan Confronts Rowan

The show closed with Daniel Bryan addressing his old ally Rowan. Bryan expressed his frustrations with what happened to their friendship and then dared Rowan to do whatever he had to do. Luke Harper then appeared and attacked Bryan making it a two on one. Roman Reigns then arrived to make the save, but the numbers game wasn’t in his advantage at all. More than likely Daniel Bryan’s amazing heel run will probably be coming to an end and he’ll join forces with Roman Reigns to challenge Rowan and Harper at some point in the future.


Smackdown Live was decent tonight. Obviously we know the show is moving to Fox in a few weeks so they need to build things back up again. The draft coming up October 11th will solidify their roster once in for all as well. Perhaps WWE is getting the wake up call it needs. With that thanks for reading.