WWE Raw Review 9.16.19

Seth Rollins, still the Universal Champion began the night recapping what he went on Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Though Rollins was successful at retaining his championship, he was taken out by The Fiend as the show went off the air.

Bray Wyatt made an appearance here on Firefly Funhouse and told Rollins he may see him again by the end of the night.

Rollins also made it official that he would be facing The Fiend inside Hell in a Cell.

What happened for the rest of the night? Check out the rest of my review below, ranked from best to worst.
Unfinished Business:ย 

Sasha Banks and a Bayley were here to take on the Women’s tag champions Bliss and Cross.

While this match was alright, with Banks eventually tapping out Cross, the chaos ensued when Banks went to go beat up Nikki with a chair.

This would bring out ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch who came armed with a chair but was outnumbered 2-1 by Banks and Bayley.

However, the odds were evened out when Charlotte would get involved, taking out Bayley, before Lynch would take out Sasha with a chair. I am not sure if Charlotte and Lynch are “friends” but they are working pretty well together against Banks and Bayley, it’s like they were best friends?

These four women are at the top of their game and feel like arguably the biggest stars in all of WWE today. The four horsewomen just have “it.”

Later in the night, Becky made it official that she and Banks would do battle once again, this time inside Hell in a Cell!

A wild ending to Raw:

Seth Rollins was set to face Bobby Roode in the main event, and though the two had a pretty good match, it ended prematurely when Ziggler interfered.

This brought out AJ Styles and the O.C. who beat down Rollins in a 5-on-1 assault. However, in quite the surprise, Kane would come down for the save!

But after the Big Red Machine cleaned house, the ominous music of The Fiend hit, and he would unleash on Kane, before turning his attention to Rollins.

Seeing Kane essentially “pass the torch” to Wyatt here was neat, and the selling both he and Rollins did here to put Bray over was incredible.

Six-man tag team match:ย 

After AJ Styles took down Cedric Alexander on Sunday, the duo was at it again on Raw, but this time had some company in the form of The Viking Raiders and the O.C.

This was a pretty solid tag match, with all the competitors getting their shot in the ring. It still impresses me that wrestlers the size of Ivar can complete moves you usually see on 205 live.

But in the end, this was mainly about Styles and Alexander, and AJ hit his phenomenal forearm to pick up the win. Styles would even stand tall in the post-match angle, hitting a Styles Clash from the middle rope. Looks like these two aren’t done with one another.

King Corbin crowned:ย 

We also have the King of the Ring Finals take place on Raw, with Baron Corbin facing Chad Gable.

The crowd was behind the underdog Gable, but it was Corbin who dominated the majority of the match. However, toward the end of the match, Gable picked up some momentum and nearly put Corbin away with an ankle lock.

However, Corbin would survive and eventually hit the End of Days to become your 2019 King of the Ring winner.

Honestly should have seen this coming. Corbin is someone who Vince McMahon reportedly likes, and he was in the Universal Title picture for three months.

But it seems like the crowd is actually sort of getting behind Corbin, to the point where he’s no longer getting go away heat. This role for Corbin in the mid-card is where he is best suited.

Get ready for Corbin (and Corey Graves) to become real obnoxious now.

Who’s the Father?

Maria Kanellis was on hand to reveal the gender of her baby. However, a bit of a swerve was thrown in when she revealed that Ricochet, not Mike Kanellis, was the father.

This lit a fuse in Mike and told Ricochet to meet him in the ring.

However, in the actual match Ricochet made quick work of Mike.

But wait, there’s more!

Maria told Mike this was just a trick to have him try and prove he’s a man and can defend her honor. However, the real surprise of this segment was the return of Rusev!

We haven’t seen the Bulgarian Brute in several months, and he made quick work of Mike.

The segment went from bad to good real quick with the return of Rusev Day! Hopefully now with Paul Heyman running the show, we can finally get that Rusev push he’s deserved for quite some time.

Tag Division put on notice:

The Authors of Pain, who we haven’t seen since before Wrestlemania, were back here to announce they are coming after everyone in the tag team division.

The duo did this promo in Spanish, and it truly felt badass to me. These two men are incredible forces in the ring and will bring the tag division to even higher levels.

Braun Strowman is angry:

Both the Raw and Smackdown tag team champions were in the ring here to brag about their victories the night before.

However, they didn’t get far into their victory lap before an angry Braun Strowman came to the ring.

Strowman cleared the ring and stood tall. Not sure where Braun goes from here, but it looks like he’s out of the Universal Championship picture for awhile.

24/7 title:ย 

Glenn Jacob’s (aka Kane) won the title off R-Truth inside the Tennessee Volunteers football stadium. But Truth would cling to the top of Jacob’s limo and win the title back from him.

Mysterio defeats Cesaro:ย 

Mysterio continued his win streak, this time defeating another quality opponent in Cesaro.

Considering Rey was going to hang his boots up for good just a few weeks back, the wily veteran looks to still have quite a bit left in the tank, as he and Cesaro had a pretty solid match here.

Lacey Picks up a win:ย 

Evans beat Dana Brook with the sharpshooter in a throwaway match. But this was more about Evans’ feud with Natalya, and that still appears to be going on.

This show was overall very enjoyable, we got a shock return from Rusev and also got to see Kane get involved for one night. The angle with the four horsewomen was also great, as these four are all at the top of their game.

Also of note, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and Triple H were not at Raw last night, meaning that Paul Heyman had the reigns. A very encouraging sign moving forward.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5