WWE NXT Review 9.11.19

Rhea Ripley is shown arriving to the arena. At least they are treating her like a big deal.

Damian Priest vs BOA

You can already tell that this is the last set of TV tapings. The crowd is DEAD. Anyways, this match follows the Damian Priest playbook that NXT has run so far. Priest dominates early, the opponent gets a couple moves in, and Priest hits the discus lariat and then the Reckoning for the win. I still think Priest needs a better finisher. And he needs an actual feud to sink his teeth into very quickly.

WINNER: Damian Priest

Video package for Dream vs Strong next week.

Johnny Gargano Addresses His Future

Gargano comes out to a “Johnny Wrestling” chant that goes for a good two minutes as Gargano soaks it in. Gargano talks about how much he loves NXT and every single one of the fans there. Right as he is about to make his announcement about what he is going to do next, out comes Shane Thorne. Thorne talks about how everything is still about Johnny, and how he just needs to take a walk. Johnny says he is NXT and he isn’t going anywhere. Gargano then takes out Thorne.

I’m not surprised by this, especially with NXT starting on USA next week. Gargano is a top name there and can be built up as a top guy on NXT and not get lost in the shuffle.

The Forgotten Sons had a video package for some reason. They are like the three Baron Corbin’s of NXT.

Pete Dunne vs Angel Garza

Garza goes to rip off his pants early on but Dunne isn’t about that. Dunne goes for this classic joint manipulation but Garza begs off. He tosses Dunne to the outside and finally rips his pants off. Garza then avoids a springboard to the outside and puts Dunne upside down on the apron and superkicks him. Garza gets some offense in but Dunne starts coming at Garza with some hard kicks and slaps. Garza avoids the pump handle and hits a dropkick in the corner. Garza hits a sit out dropkick but takes too long. Dunne pulls him down and lays in some stomps. Garza avoids Dunne in the corner and tosses Dunne up and lands a kick to the gut. Garza goes for a lionsault but Dunne moves and locks in a triangle for the win.

WINNER: Pete Dunne- Garza has something that I think will appeal to people when they see him on USA Network. And he had a good showing tonight against Dunne.

Street Profits cut a promo in Central Park talking about getting the NXT Tag Titles back.

Raul Mendoza vs Cameron Grimes

Apparently Grimes is like a redneck carny, because he has a carny hat. Hats change everything. Both men had some offense in a back and forth short match. Mendoza hit a nice walking the ropes dropkick. Grimes won with the leaping double stomp. Perfectly acceptable wrestling.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes

Candice LeRae asks William Regal why she keeps getting rewarded and wants to get her hands on Io. Regal makes it a Fatal 4 Way next week and says if Rhea Ripley wins tonight it may be a five way.

Dakota Kai return video.

Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler

Ripley uses her power early and knocks down Shayna and almost stomps her. Ripley dominates early until she gets caught in the ropes. Shayna then comes at her and lands some kicks. Ripley lifts up Shayna on the outside and slams her onto the steps. Shayna’s lackies come out but Ripley takes them out. Shayna uses it to go after Ripley. Shayna grabs a chair but Ripley blocks it then uses it on Shayna to cause a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Shayna Baszler- Kind of a cop out finish. They didn’t do much of anything from a match perspective. Hopefully that means they are saving it for a bigger match down the line.

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