NXT UK 9.11.19


Danny & Harry Vs Aichner & Barthel

I’m not familiar with these two lads, but they’re like sheep being fed to wolves. Credit to them for taking up the challenge, but Aichner & Barthel didn’t break a sweat. They took out the young lads in mere minutes, and then let Walter have a go at too. The mighty Imperium get the win.

Jordan Devlin Vs Ashton Smith

Smith has been on quite the losing streak recently, and it’s really frustrating to watch. He’s got the height and speed and power, but he just can’t get the win. Despite my own personal opinion of Devlin (I’m not a fan) he IS good. So this one’s going to be a toughy…

…well, I wasn’t expecting that. Smith COMPLETELY dominated Devlin. Like, ALL match…but for whatever reason, Devlin managed to get in the right move at the right time. And gained the win. Very frustrating, but an excellent display of talent. The streak will end soon.

Shax Vs Nox

I’m not familiar with Nox…oh… she’s won. Huh. Well. Erm.

Grizzled Young Vets Vs Webster & Andrews

The latter still don’t feel (or look) like a team. I’m not disputing their individual skills, but the vets are a cohesive team. They’re on the same page and aggressive. More so since losing their titles. So will we see a change in said titles?

SWSC are actually putting up a better fight than I thought they would. I know that sounds ridiculous given the fact they are the champions, but I just didn’t expect to see what I saw. It’s almost like the title win boosted their confidence. The skill and moves they brought to the ring was exceptional. GYV always bring their ‘A-Game’ but tonight…they slipped up. A little miscommunication error led to Drake giving Gibson a superkick…and the Welsh boys capitalised. Excellent finish, great show, SWSC retain!