WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.10.19 w/ The Chairman

Clash of Champions is this Sunday, but we have one more stop before all the titles get put on the line. Tonight’s Smackdown Live comes from Madison Square Garden where we will see who faces Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring finals between Chad Gable and Elias. Also it was announced the Undertaker would make an appearance, find out what happens when the Deadman shows. See what all the hits and misses were tonight.


MISS: The Undertaker Comes to MSG

While Raw had all the fun last night with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Smackdown got the Undertaker. However the nostalgia act can only go so far and this one did nothing for me. He basically said a few words and then Sami Zayn interrupted him. Zayn pretty much said the future is here and told Taker to step aside. Taker walked out of the ring, but came back and took out Zayn. This basically did nothing and while some people got excited about the Fiend possibly striking here were let down.


HIT: Miz Gains Momentum Before Clash

Before his big match against Shinsuke Nakamura this Sunday at Clash of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship, he stepped into the ring against Andrade. Decent match, you just hate to see Andrade play the enhancement role and clearly he did. Meanwhile Shinsuke Nakamura is doing commentary in Japanese and Graves pretends to know what he’s saying. At the one point the action went to the outside and Miz tossed Andrade into Nakamura at the commentary table. In the end the Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale seals the deal. However Nakamura didn’t waste a second assaulting the Miz. With WWE logic, since Nakamura looked strong here I’m banking on a new champion this Sunday. I’ve already boasted about why I think Miz wins plenty of times and I still think it’s happening for this reason.


MISS: Mandy Rose Isn’t Being a Star

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came out and Mandy cut a pretty pathetic promo before he match against Nikki Cross. Mandy went the I’m pretty, you’re ugly route in her promo. It was total mean girls and totally pathetic. Boasting about doors being held open for her and what not. Nikki was triggered and charged the ring and went right after Mandy. The match was quick and Nikki got the victory. Nikki was victorious tonight, but her and Alexa Bliss’ chances to retain the Women Tag Team Championship are slim against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville with WWE booking.


MISS: Heavy Machinery Squash

Madison Square Garden is supposed to be this sacred mecca and we’re getting a squash match…. I’m not a fan of Heavy Machinery, especially Otis as it’s well documented. This isn’t the match to be taking place in a show before a pay per view, let alone the Garden. The rumors are wild this show was rewritten before it went to air and it’s showing.


HIT: Rowan is Out of Control

Rowan came out with a new theme and cut a promo. I think this was the most he spoke since coming to WWE. Roman Reigns didn’t want to wait until Clash however and came after Rowan. The two men brawled all over the arena. Sonjay Dutt rocking an awesome suit and other backstage officials tried to break it up, but failed. Rowan even grabbed a fan and tossed him. Rowan at one moment ran around the ring and took everyone out with a crossbody. The match went up to the stage and the camera got involved in the brawl. This was a nice spark this feud needed before their match. The only downside is the video package building this story will be getting some more footage added on.


HIT: Bayley Gets a Tune Up Before Clash

Bayley and Ember Moon had a confrontation backstage earlier in the show where Ember questioned why Bayley attacked Becky Lynch with a chair and she’s struggling to be relevant as a champion. The two agreed to a match and Charlotte Flair joined the commentary team. Bayley managed to take care of Ember Moon in a decent match before ending in a staredown with Charlotte.


HIT: Randy and Kofi Engage in a Brawl

Maybe it was so much fun seeing Roman Reigns and Rowan doing it that these two decided to engage in a brawl of their own. Orton used his infamous STUPID STUPID STUPID catchphrase on Orton. The two men engaged in a brawl for a brief moment. In the end though it was Kofi Kingston basically reliving his spot where he put Orton on a table and leaped off a barricade taking him out. It may very well be a confidence booster for Kofi, but him standing at the end here could be a bad sign for things to come Sunday.


MISS: The Worst in the World Enters King of the Ring

It was announced hours before Smackdown that Elias was ruled out of his match against Chad Gable and a replacement would be named. It was speculated and predicted to be Shane McMahon and sure enough it was. The ultimate cringe! Kevin Owens then was appointed special guest referee by Shane McMahon in a bizarre twist of events. Owens made a quick count on Shane giving Gable the win. Shane of course used his powers making it a two out of three falls match. Gable locked the ankle lock to put away Shane once in for all. Gable will meet Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring Finals on Raw, NOT Clash of Champions??? Okay then….. Shane didn’t take the loss well attacking Owens and then firing him. What a terrible way to end Smackdown Live.


This was not a good episode of Smackdown Live at all. Most of it was tying up loose ends and trying to hype Clash of Champions, but it didn’t do anything for me personally. Smackdown is running out of time to put on a quality show before the move to Fox and they better figure it out because no way Fox is going to tolerate this hot garbage.