WWE Raw Review 9.9.19

The Texas Rattlesnake kicked off Monday Night Raw. After Stone Cold took a trip down memory lane (and enjoyed a couple cold ones), he welcomed Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins to the ring.

The two competitors exchanged some words, and eventually signed the contract for the Universal Title Match this Sunday.

However, just before Strowman and Rollins could shake hands, the O.C. once again interrupted. The trio was none too happy to Stone Cold, especially A.J. Styles.

Once all six men were in the ring, Strowman and Rollins jumped the O.C. while Austin watched. Styles was eventually the last man in the ring, or so he thought, as he turned right into a Stone Cold Stunner and the crowd erupted.

Not a better way to kick off Raw and the Madison Square Garden crowd was already fired up.

Below is the rest of what took place on Monday Night Raw, ranked in order from best to worst followed by my rating at the end.

Styles vs. Alexander:

Fresh off of receiving a Stunner, Styles had to refocus to take on Cedric Alexander, who had a score to settle with A.J. after he and the O.C. took him out last week.

The high-flying Alexander showed up in a big way here, as he took the fight right to A.J. and gained an early advantage.

I don’t think Cedric has had a bad match since he brought his talents to Raw, however, this match was cut short due to Styles’ buddies interference.

However, the Viking Raiders, who had a prior run-in with the O.C. a few weeks ago, came down to even the odds. Boy, it sure was nice to see The Viking Raiders do something other than taking on a jobber tag team.

King of the Ring Semifinals: 

For the first time ever, we saw a triple threat King of the Ring match. Samoa Joe and Ricochet seemed to go one-on-one for the majority of this match, with Baron Corbin getting his spots in every so often.

But after Ricochet hit his 630 splash, Corbin was waiting in the wings to throw Ricochet aside and steal the win.

At this point, it seems like it’s inevitable that Corbin is going to be crowned King of the Ring, which is pretty upsetting given the names that were in the tournament at the start.

Four Horsewoman do battle:

Out of necessity, Becky Lynch teamed up with Charlotte Flair to take on Bayley and Sasha Banks.

These four women couldn’t wait for the actual match to begin, after what happened last week Lynch and Flair went after Bayley and Banks outside of the ring.

This was a pay-per-view caliber match, and these four women were impressive throughout and had the crowd chanting “this is awesome!”

While the first half of the match certainly was fun to watch, the second half was even better. These four women unleashed their full arsenal, and there were several exhilarating near-falls.

In the end, Charlotte was able to overcome a distraction by Banks and hit natural selection to pick up a huge win.

I’m not sure Becky and Charlotte are best of friends now, but it was surprising the two former best friends get along.

Mysterio back in action:

This was Mysterio’s first match since nearly retiring a few weeks back. Rey took on Gran Metalik, and these two luchadores were flying all around the ring.

With both men in this match using such a similar wrestling style, they worked well together. High-flying moves were executed with ease by these two men.

While Mysterio would pick up the win, Metalik has no reason to hang his head as he pushed Rey to his limit tonight. An excellent showcase for another underrated talent on the WWE wrestler.

Massive 10-man tag main event:

Stemming from earlier incidents, the team of Strowman, Rollins, Alexander, and the Viking Raiders took on Styles, Gallows, Anderson, Ziggler, and Roode in the main event.

Given the number of men in this match, there was action and chaos everywhere. Braun looked like he had the win until Rollins was pushed into him by Roode and Ziggler. This created some tension between the tag champs.

In the end, Ivar took out the majority of the men outside the ring while back in the ring Alexander hit the lumbar check on Styles to pick up the win.

Stone Cold came out to celebrate with the five men who won the match and beer was flying!

Firefly Funhouse:

The funhouse puppets were all screaming, “stranger danger!”

Wyatt then talked about friendship and said The Fiend never forgets. Then Bray ended the segment with his “see you in hell” line, which is hinting at The Fiend showing up at next month’s pay-per-view.

The last few episodes have not been as well produced and thought out as the earlier funhouse episodes. Regardless The Fiend is still the best thing going in WWE today.

Roman gives back:

It was really nice to see Roman Reigns take the time to give several kids, who are battling cancer, the joy of being in front of a live crowd. Big props to the Big Dog.

Nattie gets revenge:

The crowd did not seem all that into this match, and I can see why. This MSG crowd had already seen quite a few quality matches, and it was the beginning of the third hour.

Not to take anything away from these women, they had an okay match, but overall it just lacked interest. In the end, Nattie locked in the sharpshooter and picked up the win.

Overall this was a pretty solid episode of Raw, as it was billed as a big episode with WWE returning to MSG. It was by no means a flawless episode, but I was entertained for much of the night.

My rating: 3.75 out of 5