WWE NXT Review 9.4.19

Breezango vs Matt Martel and Chase Parker

Breezango has a new theme and I’m not the biggest fan of it. Martel and Parker are friends from Canada. The fact that Martel doesn’t have any arrogance with him is a disgrace. Both these teams have long black pants on. Good thing Breeze is so gorgeous so I can tell him apart. Breeze gets worked over for a bit before making the hot tag to Fandango and Breezango picks up the win.

WINNERS: Breezango

Jordan Myles interviewed on the way in. He says he is a bit nervous. Keith Lee tells him he should be confident since he’s only been here a few months and is getting this Title shot. A bit over foreshadowing perhaps?

Io Shirai attacks Candice LeRae in the parking lot with a kendo stick.

Velveteen Dream vs Kona Reeves

Now I can see why so many peopled hated Reeves. This guy is not very good. Reeves works over Dream early until Dream starts fighting back with punches. Dream shoves Reeves into the corner and Reeves stumbles. Reeves goes for a quick pin but the ref catches Reeves holding the ropes. Reeves argues with the ref and hits a superkick and follows it up with a Dream Valley Driver for the win.

WINNER: Velveteen Dream

Roderick Strong appears on the tron and is burning Dream’s couch. Strong asks if he has Dream’s attention now. Where does Strong think he is, at a college frat party?

Shayna Baszler vs Rhea Ripley next week.

Taynara Conti vs Bianca Belair

Okay this was a little better than the last Taynara match I saw. That was BAAADDDDD. She gets in some decent offense here because she is allowed to show off some of her black belt skills. She applies an armbar in the ropes and goes for a dive onto Belair but Belair catches here and hits a throwaway slam. Belair lays in some punches back in the ring and a running forearm and follows it up with the KOD for the win.

WINNER: Bianca Belair

William Regal announces a match between Mia Yim, Bianca Belair and Io Shirai with the winner getting a shot at Shayna Baszler

NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs Jordan Myles

Cole keeps it on the mat early on. Myles keeps trying to get a move in but Cole continues to outsmart him. Myles finally gets a hip toss in and applies an armbar. Myles sends Cole to the outside with a dropkick but ends up getting face planted by Cole after he misses a kick. Cole then slams Myles into the ringpost. Back in the ring Myles lands some punches but then Cole throws Myles hard into the ropes and slides into them. Cole continues to toy with Myles and tells Myles he doesn’t belong in the ring with him.

They start exchanging punches and Myles gets the upper hand. Myles hits a crossbody to the outside then one off the top into the ring for two. Myles hits a deadlift German suplex as Cole goes to the outside. Myles gets ready for a dive but Cole gets back in the ring and hits a bicycle kick. Myles avoids a Panama Sunrise but then eats a Cole superkick on the ropes. Cole applies the Figure Four. Myles is able to get to the ropes.

They go to the top. Myles knocks Cole off but jumps right into a bicycle kick. They go to the apron where Myles knocks Cole off and hits a PK then a dive to the outside. Myles hits a 450 but only gets two. Myles goes for another. Cole moves but Myles rolls through. Myles hits a superkick then goes back to the top. This time Cole gets his knees up. Myles rolls up Cole for two. Cole pops up and hits a superkick and follows it up with the Last Shot for the win.

WINNER: Adam Cole- The match was good. The problem was that the crowd didn’t buy into Myles winning one bit. The crowd could have added a little more drama to the match. Plus the crowd is pretty much always behind Cole so that didn’t help.

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