NXT UK 09.04.19

Piper Niven Vs Rhea Ripley

Both these women are exceptional in the ring. Each bringing their own unique style and technique to the table. But Ripley has the height and reach advantage, and boy is she using it. Especially on Nivens lower back. Despite Niven’s best attempts at breaking Rhea down (especially with those brutal elbows to the face) Ripley gets the win.

Kassius Ohno Vs Sid Scala

I am perplexed. It WAS supposed to be Ohno VS GJG, but the latter was not medically cleared. So instead…he’s facing the assistant to the GM, Sid Scala. Huh. Well. Let the games begin.

Now, Scala clearly has some experience (along with the backing of the crowd) but he is nowhere near the stature and strength and in-ring intelligence of Ohno. Credit where credit is due, Scala put in the work and effort, but again…he was never going to be a genuine threat. Ohno, unsurprisingly, puts him out to dry.

A short show this week, with an odd end to it. Thank the lord for the ladies.