WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.3.19 w/ The Chairman

What’s next in the ongoing saga of Roman Reigns? Who advances to the next round of King of the Ring? What does Bayley have to say in regards to her shocking actions from Raw? This and more on this weeks Smackdown Live’s hits and misses.


HIT: The Aftermath of Bayley’s “Heel” Turn

Bayley came out with her usual kid friendly theme, attire, and inflatable friends. Bayley basically said she was loyal to Sasha Banks and that is why she did what she did. She was almost convincing herself her intentions were pure. So is she going to play a delusional heel? I really have no clue what the endgame here is. Charlotte Flair then comes out and they talk trash about Clash of Champions. Things picked up when Sasha Banks theme hit and Sasha made her way to the ring. Charlotte went after Bayley, but the odds were too much for Charlotte. Bayley used a steel chair and hit Charlotte making it two nights in a row she’s showing heel tendencies.


MISS: King Elias Reigns On

Instead of a dream match between Ali and Andrade, we get Elias….. His new theme sucks, but it’s clear the WWE hates its fans by letting Baron Corbin and Elias continue on in the King of the Ring. I pretty much have lost interest in this King of the Ring and hope they never bring it back until Vince McMahon is no longer in the picture. I’ll stick to NJPW’s G1 Climax to get my tournament fix where they do things the right way.


MISS: BlissCross Taken Down a Notch

The Women Tag Team Champions for some reason are wrestling now more regularly ever since Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the titles. However they’re overexposed in my opinion. Seems they’re on both shows and Nikki Cross is constantly wrestling Bayley somehow. Tonight however the duo of Bliss and Cross were defeated in a non title match to Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Perhaps someone finally woke up on Fire and Desire being they’re a legit team, but is it too little too late to care?


HIT: Orton and Revival Ambush Kofi

Randy Orton tried to advance the story between himself and Kofi Kingston. Orton ended up having Kofi ambushed by the Revival and trio had their way with the WWE Champion. Big E and Xavier Woods were nowhere to be seen so Kofi had to fend for himself. Unfortunately Kofi didn’t have a good night and was victim to the Super RKO.


HIT: Gable Continues the Underdog Story

If King of the Ring is going to create a new star when it’s over, perhaps it’ll be Chad Gable. I’ve always liked Gable since NXT and after a series of failed tag teams since his days with Jason Jordan in American Alpha, it’s nice to see him finally get a chance. The only thing that sucks is Andrade was the one that had to lose. However when Elias won earlier, the writing was on the wall. You know WWE can’t have heel vs heel. This match though was hands down best of the night. It was very good and both men looked awesome. Really hope there is something for Gable going forward, he has all the tools. I don’t need to say anything about Andrade that everybody already knows.


MISS: Apparently Shelton Benjamin Picked a Fight?

Not really sure how this came to be, but Shelton Benjamin fell victim to Aleister Black. The match was short and didn’t do anything other than notch a victory under the belt of Black. I really hope there are some plans for Aleister Black, but it appears there’s nothing at the moment.


MISS: Shinsuke Defeats Local Talent

The final match of the evening was Sami Zayn taking on the Lio Rush hype man for Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke destroyed local jobber in moments showcasing his talent as the Intercontinental Champion. The Miz was nowhere to be seen which made it hard to advance their story somewhat. This probably wasn’t the best option for final match of the evening, that honor should’ve went to Gable vs Andrade. Match placement is key and sometimes WWE lacks that.


HIT: Rowan Grows a Personality

So the Roman Reigns saga once again closes the show…. they really need to stop having Reigns close Smackdown Live. It was announced earlier that at Clash of Champions Reigns would face Rowan. Rowan if you’ve been living under a rock is behind the mysterious attacks. Shocking I know! Daniel Bryan came out to address Reigns and then Rowan came out and made his attack. Rowan then decided to grow a backbone and speak. He even threatened Daniel Bryan and taunted Bryan to slap him again. Bryan pleaded with Rowan that he’s his friend. However when Rowan wanted to continue the attack on Reigns, Bryan tried to stop Rowan. Bryan slapped Rowan again, but Rowan wasn’t having it and Iron Clawed Bryan thru a table. Not sure what to think of this. Really don’t want this to be the end of the NEW Daniel Bryan. His heel persona was amazing. I guess good for them giving Rowan a personality, but let’s be real. After Reigns beats him at Clash, he’s going to get sent back to catering never to be seen again for months before being repackaged in a dominant heel tag team for three months, win titles, lose titles, disappear, repeat. This is how Rowan has been handled forever.


Overall not a good episode of Smackdown Live. The Andrade vs Gable match is definitely worth checking out if you missed the show. Otherwise most of this other stuff is either filler or not interesting enough to see. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on Smackdown.