All Elite Wrestling All Out: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Kenny Omega Is Missing Something

I’m ready to get crap for this. Kenny Omega was part of the best wrestling match I have ever seen. He had countless great matches in New Japan. But I have been somewhat disappointed with his AEW matches so far. They have all been good. But they haven’t been great. Is it the quality of opponent across the ring? Maybe. But to me it is the lack of story that Omega has been able to sink his teeth into. Perhaps if Jon Moxley was across the ring it would be a bit different. They built up a bit of a story there with those two. But his match tonight against PAC was just missing that extra layer needed to make it great. And PAC beating Omega was surprising. Do we need an Omega redemption storyline?

2. Cody vs Shawn Spears Was A Good Story Without Much Wrestling

Unlike the Kenny Omega match, this match actually had a story going into it. And the outside shenanigans covered for the lack of wrestling involved in the match. A good amount of people were hoping this would be a breakout performance for Shawn Spears. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. But Tully Blanchard showed he’s still got it. I have no idea why he has not been used before tonight. Blanchard played his role perfectly out there. And props to AEW for not doing the obvious MJF turn. I am sure a lot of people thought it would happen after the match but thankfully it didn’t. I would even be fine with MJF being in a Lex Luger 95-96 role where he teams with Cody and is a face but is a heel with everyone else.

3. AEW Has A Stacked Tag Team Division

I would say the tag team division in AEW is perhaps the best thing the company has going for it right now. The Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros practically killed themselves in their ladder match. It was good to see the Lucha Bros pick up the win in that one. Some of those spots were really scary. Both Bucks took nasty bumps. The Destroyer off the ladder was awesome. And then the debut of LAX was done at the right time. Those are three of the top tag teams in the world. Add Private Party, Best Friends and Angelico/Jack Evans along with SCU and that division is loaded. I’m not counting Dark Order, because quite frankly, I don’t get them. And I don’t think they are any good. But the tag team division is going to be great for AEW from the beginning. And it really should be the focus, maybe even the main events, of AEW TV to start.

4. Chris Jericho Winning The World Title Was The Right Move

When you look at the big picture, you probably want your biggest name star holding your World Title going into your debut on TNT. And that is what AEW did by having Chris Jericho defeat Hangman Page in tonight’s main event. You could have put the Title on Page, but he is a complete unknown to a good amount of people. Jericho winning the Title brings it instant credibility. I don’t know how long he should keep the Title. But at the moment I don’t see anyone that should take it from him. Hangman Page needs to be built up more. Kenny Omega has lost his two big singles matches. Jon Moxley still has to face Kenny Omega. If anything Cody should be Jericho’s first challenger given his single’s wins.

5. No CM Punk

The biggest talking point going into the show was whether or not CM Punk would be appearing at some point. Punk posted a video of him “working out the ring rust” mid week. And of course he had his appearance at Starrcast earlier in the day. Punk said he would not be there and sure enough, he was not. In a way I think all of the CM Punk talk hurt the show a bit, especially during the main event. I think people were sitting there expecting Punk and that is why they were not fully invested in the World Title match. At this point I think you have to take Punk at his word that he is not coming back. If he was, I would have had him show up here to get people hyped for the TV debut on October 2. But now I think it is time to face facts: CM Punk is done with wrestling.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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