Is It Clobbering Time Again?


A lot and I mean, a lot has changed in professional wrestling since CM Punk was eliminated from the Royal Rumble by Kane five years ago. Punk took his per-verbal ball and went home. We all thought it was a work; it turned out not to be. Punk aired his dirty laundry on, arguably, the most well known shoot interview in wrestling history. The WWE moved on, just like Punk said they would, and maybe even got better without him. A good number of fans, the what if’s haven’t and the dream matches that could be haven’t moved on. So, has CM Punk truly moved on?

Fast forward and the WWE has a new, weekly competitor to battle with in All Elite Wrestling. Punk left the WWE due to many things but creative frustration notably was one. There is the saying in professional wrestling of never say never, so logically, we all figured under that notion that CM Punk’s music would hit somewhere, probably in the WWE again, it was just a matter of time. Then All In happened and in no coincidence it took place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. The world was buzzing, was Punk going to come back to pro wrestling to join the band of renegades trying to get to bat with the WWE? Unfortunately, Punk only did a meet and greet with fans at the Pro Wrestling Tees store.

CM Punk’s time with the WWE will always go down as one of the best runs any wrestler could want to have on the biggest stage of them all. So, naturally, when Punk left the WWE and never returned there were a lot of mixed feelings. Fans were angry and rightfully so. I was angry, I bought second row floor tickets to see my favorite wrestler the weekend he quit. Punk was burnt out, hurt and in a constant state of motion within the giant WWE machine. What would it have took to keep Punk happy and around wrestling? Maybe a mixture of a lot of things but one for sure is grateful.

Owners of professional sports teams often reward their hard working, often playing through pain, Star athletes with big bonuses and paid vacations in the offseason. Even Hollywood rewards the ones who earn and get the people coming back for more. Sometimes, the WWE is a broken system and while they still succeed business wise, this particular case is certainly something to learn and grow from.

CM Punk become the most beloved wrestler, besides maybe John Cena in all of the WWE during career, especially during his 400 plus days as WWE Champion. Punk become an icon, someone fans of all shapes and colors looked up to. There is a lot to learn from when leaving a job, feeling angry, tired, hurt and maybe even depressed. Take Andrew Luck’s recent retirement announcement for example. So, if Punk shows up to work for AEW then just hope Tony Khan and company remember to appreciate it.

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