WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 8.27.19 w/ The Chairman

As August cools down, the road to Clash of Champions continues on. Tonight we learn who the final two men are to advance in the King of the Ring and alot more so check out tonight’s hits and misses.


MISS: Video Recaps Never End

After seeing the Roman Reigns video package for the fifty first time, we also got a video package documenting the rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. This was pretty much how the first fifteen minutes went down and didn’t really hook, line, sinker me as a viewer to get excited about tonight. Orton called Kofi “STUPID” a dozen times and they basically brawled in the gorilla position with Orton walking away getting the better of Kofi in the scuffle. The only good thing of all this is we’re getting a serious Big E who said Kofi would make it to Clash of Champions and he couldn’t say the same for Randy Orton.


HIT: Ali and Buddy Murphy Tear the House Down

I knew this one would be good when I seen the King of the Ring bracket and it delivered. Sure we got stuck with a stupid commercial early, but these two were showing their high flying abilities and didn’t hold back. In the end it was Ali spiking Murphy with a DDT from the ropes and a 450 splash sealed the deal for Ali to advance. Cool moment seeing the two wrestlers shaking hands in the end of the match. Looks like Murphy’s moving closer towards the fan favorite side of things and that’s a win for us fans. Murphy then can showcase more of his athletic ability the fans want to see. Ali will take on Elias next in the King of the Ring.


HIT: Miz Wants the Intercontinental Championship

Miz came out and challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions. Sami Zayn of course came out and torn the Miz to pieces. Miz wanted to fight Sami, but Sami wasn’t having it. Miz then decided to go outside and go after Sami, but this was a trap. Nakamura attacked from behind and unleashed a series of Kinshasa’s with Zayn providing commentary as Nakamura beat the Miz down. I’m digging the new alliance between Zayn and Nakamura mainly because it gets them on television. Miz of course will win the title so he can tie Chris Jericho for the most title reigns because Vince isn’t going to let an AEW guy hold the record.


MISS: Bayley Takes on Lacey Evans

A match advertised on social media. A match Bayley didn’t want when she dropped names of other women wrestlers we’ve rarely seen. So Lacey Evans hops shows and wrestlers Bayley in a match that lasted way too long. This match definitely shouldn’t have received more time than the Ali vs Murphy match. Talking out of both sides of my mouth when we criticize the short women matches, but I don’t care about Lacey Evans at all. She’s a ripoff from Liberty Belle from GLOW and doesn’t impress me in the ring. Charlotte stood at ringside halfway during the match to show her presence. I was happy when it was over and I’ll be happy when Bayley’s title reign is over as well. I’ve given up on Bayley. There’s a spark missing there and she’ll never be on the tier where Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha are. Probably why she was left behind when the other three were called up a few years ago.


HIT: Big E Tries to Avenge Kofi

After Orton took Kofi out at the start of the show and Xavier Woods last week, Big E vowed to avenge his New Day brothers. It was pretty predictable how this was going to end and sure enough it did. Before the Revival got involved though, the match was hard hitting action. Match didn’t get as much time as it should’ve and I thought this would’ve been the main event. However that didn’t happen and in the end it was Orton the victor and the Revival joined in on a post match beatdown.


MISS: King Elias Gets Dethroned

Elias sat on the King of the Ring throne and cut a promo on how he’s going to win the King of the Ring. Imagine getting an Elias and Baron Corbin final. Anyhow Kevin Owens decided to come out and attack Elias. Some reason KO didn’t want the 24/7 title so he left the vultures R-Truth and Drake Maverick to fight it out. Drake ended up winning the title. Basically a filler segment that didn’t really do anything. More than likely KO is going to cost Elias the King of the Ring next week progressing a storyline very few people care about.


MISS: Shorty G Pulls the Upset

Shelton Benjamin’s eyes are focused and now is tossing short jokes at Chad Gable. Because WWE King of the Ring brackets are easy as hell to predict because they can’t have a face vs heel match and with Andrade waiting, you knew Gable was winning. The match was fairly quick and hard to get invested in two guys that are barely on television. Andrade more than likely wins next week and Gable returns to catering to figure out his next gimmick.


MISS: Roman Reigns Storyline Takes Another Turn

The last few minutes they try to cram in the next chapter in the who attacked Roman Reigns storyline. Tonight we learned that behold it was Rowan that pushed the scaffolding over. Now the weird part is Daniel Bryan flips out on Rowan and slaps him and screams how he hates liars. Bryan then goes to the ring to address Reigns, but gets speared instead. So now they continue to drag this out and I’m personally done with it.


Not a good week for WWE. With Labor Day next week, you know they’re going to have throwaway episodes. If you didn’t watch tonight, probably just watch Ali vs Buddy Murphy and call it good, seriously. With that being said, thanks for reading.