Jon Moxley Injured and Out of All Out, Replaced By PAC


Everything was coming up perfect for All Elite Wrestling until about an hour ago, when they hit their first major roadblock as a promotion. Jon Moxley confirmed via his Twitter that he could not compete at All Out against Kenny Omega due to a MRSA infection in his elbow.

This isn’t the first time Moxley had a MRSA infection in his elbow. It is a pretty scary situation for anyone that hasn’t dealt with it. AEW was quick to react to the news, announcing a replacement within an hour of Moxley’s tweet. I’m sure they had the majority of the day to work on the news.

PAC is probably the best possible replacement AEW could have gotten. Yeah, you could have thrown a bunch of money at CM Punk. But do you really waste a potential Punk/Omega match with no build and less than two weeks to promote the show? No you don’t.

It’ll be interesting to see if this hits AEW’s PPV buys at all. The show was going to sell out regardless of the match card. That was for certain no matter what anyone says. But when you lose your top match this close to the show, it could effect buys. Moxley had a lot of buzz coming off of the G1 and the ending of Double or Nothing with his appearance had EVERYONE talking about All Elite Wrestling. The show should still be good, but it undoubtedly lost some buzz going into next weekend with this announcement.

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