Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 8.21.19

I’ve had a long last few days, so it is nice to be able to sit down and finally do this today. It is my nice little escape and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Last Week on RAW

-Finn Balor came over to RAW and reformed the full Club with AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson

-Alexa Bliss returned to take out Lacey Evans, and Sasha Banks did the same to Becky Lynch

-Trish Stratus challenged Mickie James to one final match at Evolution 2.

WWE RAW 8.19.19

8:00-8:20- Braun Strowman and Heavy Machinery vs Mojo, Cesaro and Bobby Roode. Braun gets the win for his team after pinning Roode. Mojo tries to attack after but Braun thwarts it and poses with the US Title.

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8:25-8:40- Cedric Alexander promo. Alexander says it has been a struggle but he’s always been a fighter, and he will fight his way to the top on RAW. Baron Corbin comes out to rip on Alexander. Alexander challenges Corbin to a match which Alexander wins.

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8:45-8:55- We get a recap of the Mickie James/Trish Stratus storyline from years past and a breakdown of their storied histories inside the company.

The Club is shown arriving backstage. Charlie tries getting an interview but the Club says they will talk when they want to, and that just happens to be later tonight.

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9:00-9:10- Alexa Bliss comes out. We get a recap of the Bliss/Evans storyline so far. Bliss says Lacey Evans sparked something in her. It’s a deep rage that has put her at a new level of intensity, a new focus and a new desire to kick the shit out of Lacey Evans. Lacey comes out. Lacey says You’re Welcome to Alexa, because if it wasn’t for Lacey then Alexa would still be stuck in irrelevancy. Alexa says she is done talking and wants to fight. Lacey says she won’t fight here, and when they do, it will be under her rules. Lacey challenges Alexa to a Boot Camp Match at Evolution 2, where the only way to win is to make your opponent say “I Surrender.” Alexa accepts, and says at Evolution, Lacey will wish she didn’t awake the beast inside her.

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9:15-9:35- We get an update on Ricochet from last week and are told he is home recovering but is expected back next week.

Nakamura vs Lashley. Nakamura picks up the win.

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9:40-9:55- War Raiders vs AOP. The match goes about five minutes before all hell breaks loose and the ref throws the match out. AOP hit duel running powerslams off the stage through some tables.

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10:00-10:15- Sasha Banks comes out. She says last week was just a taste of what the new Sasha Banks has to offer. She says she is going to show everyone just how much of a bitch she can be. Naomi comes out and tells Sasha she’s changed. And she’s turned into the wrong kind of bitch. Naomi challenges Sasha to a match. It doesn’t start as Sasha jumps Naomi before the bell. Becky comes out and makes the save as officials separate them.

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10:20-10:40- Samoa Joe comes out for a promo. He’s asked what is next for him on RAW. Before he can answer, Sami Zayn comes out. Zayn tells Joe he knows what is next for him: Joe will continue to be the greatest never was on the RAW brand. And he is going to continue that now. Joe vs Zayn takes place, with Zayn picking up the win with a low blow and roll up.

Firefly Funhouse segment. Bray says everyone saw the Fiend last week, and you never know when he will strike again.

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10:45-End- We get a recap of The Club’s attack from last week. They all come out for a promo. Finn says he was at a turning point in his career. And he was at his best when he had his fellow brothers around him. Finn says he hit the lottery when he was drafted to RAW, because now he’s had a career revelation. Seth Rollins comes out and calls Finn a coward. Seth tells Finn he couldn’t hack it on his own so he needed to find help. Seth charges the ring with a chair but is taken out by The Club. The Usos try to make the save but they are taken out too. The Club stands tall once again to end the show.

Last Week on Smackdown Live

-Buddy Murphy won a #1 Contender’s Match to face Andrade. The match also had some tension start between Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston.

-Carmella won a Battle Royal to face Bayley at Evolution 2.

-Sonya Deville’s restraining order was lifted and she is fighting Mandy Rose at Evolution 2 in a Last Woman Standing Match.

Smackdown Live 8.20.19

8:00-8:15- The show starts backstage with the Blondtourage attacking Liv Morgan. Last week Liv mocked them and eliminated Charlotte in the battle royal. Charlotte tells Liv she is nothing and she should stay on the ground like the trash she is.

Charlotte and Carmella go to the ring. Carmella runs down her former best friend Bayley and says once again, Bayley needs her to be relevant. Bayley comes down and tells Carmella she doesn’t know what got into her head, but she will knock it right off her shoulders at Evolution. It’s suppose to be Bayley/Liv vs Charlotte/Carmella but Liv is still out in the back. Bayley fights both on their own. Liv comes out with a chair and causes a DQ. Charlotte and Carmella get the upper hand in the end. Liv grabs the mic beaten down and tells Charlotte she wants a match with her at Evolution. Charlotte accepts and tells Liv to be careful what you wish for, Liv tells Charlotte that after Evolution, Charlotte will remember who she is.

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8:20-8:40- Ali vs Daniel Bryan again. Bryan gets the win after help from Rowan this time. They double team Ali until Rey Mysterio comes down for the save.

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8:45-8:55- Aleister Black vs Elias. Black picks up the win with Black Mass. After the match, Dolph Ziggler comes back and hits Black with the guitar.

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9:00-9:20- Buddy Murphy comes out for a promo. Buddy says he is no longer the WWE’s Best Kept Secret. The Secret’s out, and he is going to back up his words at Clash of the Champions. Rusev comes out and tells Buddy he was where Buddy was once. The crowd will forget Buddy as quickly as they did him.

Rusev and Murphy have a match. Buddy gets the win but is attacked by Andrade after the match.

*commercial break*

9:25-9:45- We’re told Kofi Kingston and Roman Reigns will have a face to face next week.

Drew McIntyre/Revival vs New Day. The Revival pick up the win for their team after pinning Xaiver. KO comes out afterwards and asks Drew if he has anything to say tonight, and he doesn’t.

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9:50-End- Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose contract signing. Sonya tells Mandy that Mandy’s career is still where it was before Mandy attacked her. Sonya tells Mandy that she didn’t breakout and become a star, she is still someone else’s lackey. Mandy betrayed a friendship that Sonya thought meant something. And at Evolution, Sonya is going to show Mandy that their friendship is what Mandy should have kept as her top priority. Mandy says she’s been getting so many other promotional and movie/TV deals since she dumped her. Mandy says Sonya was a means to end. And when Mandy realized Sonya wasn’t going to get her to the end she wanted, she dumped Sonya like the trash she is. Sonya thinks she is a rebel, but at Evolution, Mandy is going to prove that she is the real woman between the two of them. Mandy signs the contract then stabs Sonya with the pen. Mandy puts Sonya through the table and stands over her to close the show.

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