WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.20.19 w/ The Chairman

The King of the Ring continues on Smackdown Live tonight. Find out who advances. We also see some new stories in the works for Clash of Champions. There’s also another fantastic match from a certain breakout superstar that is must see. Also do we finally find out who attacked Roman Reigns after seeing the same video package multiple weeks in a row? Here’s how it went down.


HIT: Kofi Strikes the Viper

Smackdown Live started off with Randy Orton trash talking Kofi Kingston and basically calling him stupid. Orton and the Revival made and example of the New Day on Raw last night and Xavier Woods was injured in the process. Kofi ambushed Orton and went for a steel chair looking to make an impact. The Revival came out to save Orton, but they took some chairshots from Kofi trying to save their new ally. This was quick and to the point and progressed one of the best rivalries going in WWE right now.


HIT: Andrade on the Path to Become King

Andrade and Apollo Crews faced off in a decent match. Apollo displayed his athleticism with a nice dropkick taking Andrade down before the break. Zelina Vega however played an important factor in the closing moments of the match by proving the distraction Andrade needed to get the Hammerlock DDT to put Apollo away. Andrade is a favorite of many and I expect him to go far in the King of the Ring tournament. However the best KOTR match in my book is still Cesaro and Samoa Joe from Raw last night.


MISS: A Moment of Bayley and Charlotte Again

Moment of Bliss again and Charlotte Flair was the guest. Best part of the segment was when Charlotte joked about using the King of the Ring throne as her chair. If Andrade wins the King of the Ring though, she can sit in the throne all she wants. As for this segment. Nothing special. Charlotte boasts about beating Trish Stratus. Says Bayley has devalued the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. Bayley is offended. Charlotte makes the Clash of Champions challenge. Bayley accepts and pushes Charlotte out of her chair. Basically the most predictable story ever. We all see the writing on the wall with Charlotte winning the title before Smackdown Live goes to Fox. We’ve been talking about this on the HTCWrestling Podcast for weeks and it’s coming to life before our eyes. Damn shame the women’s division can’t build up someone else to face Bayley. However maybe if Charlotte gets the title back, she can get some new feuds that people can get behind?


HIT: Murphy’s Law Being Followed

Buddy Murphy had another breakout performance, this time against The NEW Daniel Bryan. Bryan went wild with his submission arsenal trying to make Murphy tap out. Bryan took Murphy to the limits with a massive superplex from the top rope. Bryan tried everything he could to take down Murphy. He even had Rowan come out and for some reason left unattended the guy under the sheet? Bryan ended up falling victim to Murphy’s Law giving Buddy Murphy a HUGE win on Smackdown Live. Murphy though paid for it backstage after the match when he got ambushed by Bryan and Rowan where Bryan kept calling him a liar, trash, etc. The end of night we finally seen who was under the sheet and it was literally some random dude with a red beard??? So this guy attacked Roman Reigns???


HIT: Revival Trying to Revive Tag Team Wrestling

The match wasn’t anything special against Heavy Machinery. But internet favorite Otis and his partner Tucker lost tonight to the Revival so that’s automatically a hit for me. However I’m liking the new life inserted into the Revival since being aligned with Randy Orton. Revival have put New Day on notice for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship and assuming this goes down at Clash of Champions, we could be in for a great match.


HIT: Sami Zayn Has a New Ally

Sami Zayn’s participation in the King of the Ring may have been quicker than his Miz TV segment tonight, but it appears Zayn has taken on the role as the voice of Shinsuke Nakamura. Not really sure how this came together or why it’s a thing? Remember the match they had in NXT? If you didn’t see it, check it out after reading this article. One of my favorite NXT matches of all time. Anyhow Nakamura took Miz out with a kick to the head and a Kinshasa. More than likely we’ll see Miz vs Nakamura for the Intercontinental title. Here’s how this goes. Miz will beat Shin for the belt giving him nine reigns. This will tie Chris Jericho for most reigns ever. Obviously Vince is super petty so don’t be surprised to see Miz break Jericho’s record of title reigns at ten before the end of 2019.


MISS: Shanenanigans Strike Again

Main event featured a King of the Ring match between Kevin Owens and Elias. Earlier in the show, KO was made to look pathetic and basically begged Shane to reverse the fine from last week. Shane would take it uner consideration after KO’s heartfelt plea. The match itself was nothing special, but Shane revealed a referee shirt and basically screwed KO with a fast count. You kind of expected KO to get screwed over like this, but definitely not a good way to end Smackdown Live when you had so many better matches. It’s clear though this storyline isn’t going away.


Smackdown Live was alright. Buddy Murphy had another killer match and Andrade and Apollo was solid. Some storylines are getting setup for Clash of Champions, but unfortunately we’re still dealing with KO and Shane saga. With that thanks for reading and stick it with us at HTCWrestling.