NXT UK 21.08.19

Aichner & Barthel Vs The Hunt

I say this every appearance, and I stand by it…The Hunt don’t back down for anyone. Despite being outclassed technically (in my opinion) they go into each and every match-up with the will and want to conquer, and good lord they certainly gave it hell again tonight.

So much back and forth aggression, technical wrestling, pure brute force, smart team work…this opening brawl had it all. Really picked up the pace toward the end too.

In the end it was Imperium who gained the win, and what a way to kick things off.

Kay Lee Ray Vs Shax

There’s a clear height advantage here for KLR (along with her seriously intimidating presence) but Shax is here to make a name for herself, so let’s see what she has to offer.

Well, as expected, Ray was the more dominant competitor. Shax had her moments, but dear mother of mercy…that super kick to the face was insane. A perfect example of just how brutal she can be.

Needless to say, but Ray gets the win.

Mark Andrews Vs James Drake

Say what you want about Gibson, but he ALWAYS gets the crowd pumped up. Good or bad, he gets that reaction…and he’s not even in the ring!

Tonight is a qualifier of sorts. If Andrews beats Drake, he and Webster are going to NXT UK Cardiff…to fight the Grizzled Young Vets AND Gallus in a 3 way tag team championship match up! So much on the line (for both men) and boy can we tell.

As stated above, the crowd were in full effect for this battle and it amplified the intensity tenfold.

Once again we saw some amazing technical wrestling, some brutality and a whole heap of near falls. Trying to get everything down would be near impossible. I was so invested that I forgot I was also supposed to be taking notes too! But that simply says how compelling a story both men told. I was on the edge of my seat throughout and genuinely didn’t know how it would end…and that was the only downside to it all.

I can see why they did it (protect the champions) but a distraction from another faction is always…not cheap, but easy / a cop out. Despite this, the crowd erupted into elation when Andrews got the 3 count, and deservingly so too. The Cardiff lad is on his was home!

Based on what I saw last night…bring it on