WWE RAW Review 8.19.19


Hey guys, it’s Cameron covering Raw today for the site. Here are my thoughts on the show.

  1. The Roman Reigns must die angle has been a fun watch, especially since Buddy Murphy was inserted into the story. Fully expecting a promo from Roman about what has happened and what will happen turned into Dolph Ziggler getting on tv again. Dolph has done a great job since coming back but he was completely out of place last night and frankly, Roman should have just killed a local guy instead.
  2. The WWE having non King of the Ring matches between Superstars that are in the tournament could be called copying the G1’s booking style but the saying goes, ‘you borrow from everyone and it’s research, you borrow from one and your a thief.’ Only one man  can win this tournament so if you keep all sixteen men in the same proximity weekly then natural stories can and will evolve coming out of the King of the Ring.
  3. The WWE delivered again with The Fiend. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to see that entrance again. We all want The Fiend, and the WWE has done a great job of just giving us enough to make us thirst for more.
  4. Corey Graves taking a week off may have just killed his commentary career. Vic Joseph did a great job, him and Rene Young developed a solid chemistry together in just two hours. With NXT going to the USA Network some changes may be coming, and Vic Joseph might just benefit from it.
  5. Rey Mysterio isn’t retiring, no professional wrestler retires until they die. I am intrigued by where this is all going. Is Dominic going to turn on his father and have his debut against one of the most famous luchadors?
  6. Are stables slowly working their way back onto WWE TV? The WWE already has The New Day, The Undisputed Era and The OC. Is it just me or would a Randy Orton and Revival stable just set the wrestling world on fire? When Orton is on his game and is into his story there is a hard press to find someone better.
  7. Sasha Banks’ absence since Wrestlemania left the door wide open for Becky Lynch to rule the women’s division and she has. But, the division has gone a little stale and Sasha returning was everything the division and more importantly, Becky needed. Sasha’s promo was great, she left a lot to be told about her absence without even addressing Becky. Soon these two will be the talk of the wrestling world again.
  8. I can’t wait for the post WWE shoot podcast from Sami Zayn. I have been a fan of the guy for years but to me, he could go down as one of the biggest busts in recent memory.
  9. I’m fine with Braun Stroman and Seth Rollins winning the tag team titles as long as it means they drop them right back to the OC in two weeks. Seth feuding with Braun for the Universal Title is, maybe, better than his feud with Baron Corbin but this isn’t 2017, Braun’s stock is dead and I’m not sure he can ever recover.
  10. Thank you for reading, maybe I’ll be back next week. Until then, follow me on Twitter @camdougharty and let’s talk wrestling!