Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe Week of 8.12.19

So I have to be honest. I really thought about ending these after last week. But then I saw the WWE take my King of the Ring idea and bring it back. So I am now convinced that the WWE is taking my ideas. Just like how I made Buddy Murphy a star long before they did. That is why I decided to trek along with these and push forward!

What Happened At SummerSlam on the RAW Side

Mojo beat Rey Mysterio inside a Steel Cage

Bray Wyatt beat The Miz in a Street Fight

Becky retain her Women’s Title against Mickie James

Braun Strowman won the US Title

The Usos won the Tag Titles from the War Raiders

Seth Rollins defeated Ricochet to retain the Universal Title

WWE RAW 8.12.19

8:00-8:10- Seth Rollins comes out to start the show. He says last night he was pushed to the limit. It might have been the most he has been pushed in his entire career. But he is still on top and Universal Champ. Ricochet comes out and says Rollins had his number last night, but he bets he could have Rollins number tonight. Ricochet challenges him to a rematch for the Universal Title tonight. Rollins asks the crowd and they agree so he accepts.

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8:15-8:25- Rey Mysterio is backstage. He’s asked what is next for him after another defeat to Mojo. Sami Zayn comes in and rips on Rey for losing last night. Rey says at least he’s good enough to make the SummerSlam card. Rey challenges him to a match tonight and Sami accepts.

Mickie James promo. She says she gave it her all last night. She wonders what she has left in the tank and questions what is in store for her going forward. Suddenly, Trish Stratus music hits. Trish comes to the ring. Trish calls Mickie one of her greatest rivals. And she knows Mickie has a lot left. Trish says she has one more match in her, and says she wants to go out against her greatest opponent and challenges Mickie to a match at Evolution. Mickie accepts.

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8:30-8:55- Cesaro and Bobby Roode against the War Raiders. Long match here that ends with Cesaro and Roode picking up the win for their team. After the match, AOP make their return and beat down the War Raiders as Cesaro and Roode leave.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:15- Sami Zayn vs Rey Mysterio. Rey picks up the win with a 619 and West Coast Pop.

*commercial break*

9:25-9:40- We have the announcers talking about SummerSlam. They then say something is happening in the back. We cut to a shot of Ricochet laid out backstage and referees and officials tending to him.

Lacey Evans is out for a squash match. After the match, Alexa Bliss music hits and she comes out and goes after Lacey. Remember, Lacey put Alexa through a window a few weeks ago. Alexa gets the better of Lacey before Lacey runs off through the crowd.

*commercial break*

9:45-9:55- We get a recap of Alexa’s return. We then see Ricochet in the back. The docs tell him that he isn’t cleared to compete and needs to get checked out. Rollins says he will still defend the Title tonight. Ricochet looks over to AJ Styles and asks him to take his spot in the match tonight. AJ accepts.

Ember Moon promo. She is the woman who is coming over to RAW from Smackdown.

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10:00-10:10- Becky Lynch promo. She talks about how she continues to go through everyone in the women’s division. And despite Bayley beating her for the Smackdown Title last night, she is going to let Bayley have her moment. Suddenly, someone attacks Becky from behind and it is Sasha. Sasha lays Becky out and stands tall over Becky. Sasha takes the mic and says “I’ll see you at Evolution.” FYI, I wrote this out before what transpired on RAW.

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10:15-10:30- Drew McIntyre and Mojo vs Braun Strowman and Nakamura. Braun picks up the win for his team after a Kinsasha and powerslam to Drew. After the match, Mojo takes out Braun. Nakamura is obviously one of the guys coming over from Smackdown.

*commercial break*

10:35-End- Heavy Machinery promo. They are the tag team coming over from Smackdown Live.

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles for the Universal Title. The match ends in a DQ when Gallows and Anderson come out to take out Rollins. Finn Balor’s music hits and he comes out wit ha chair. But he lays out Seth Rollins with it. Styles, Balor, Gallows and Anderson stand tall as the Club forms on RAW.

What Happened At SummerSlam on the Smackdown Live Side

-Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Title to Andrade

-Roman Reigns beat Goldberg

-Aleister Black beat Randy Orton

-Carmella lost to Becky, but Bayley cashed in her MITB contract and won the Smackdown Women’s Title

-Buddy Murphy retained the IC Title in a Ladder Match

-Big E and Woods won the Tag Titles

-The Sky Pirates retained the Women’s Tag Titles

WWE Smackdown Live 8.13.19

8:00-8:15- We start with an Andrade Celebration. Andrade brags to everyone about winning the WWE Title and how it is now his time. Kofi Kingston comes out and says he had a great reign as Champion, and he wants his second reign to start right now. Roman Reigns comes out and says Kofi had his time, and he is ready to get his Title back. Rey Mysterio comes out and says he has beat Andrade before, and he wants to make an impact his first night on Smackdown Live. Then Buddy Murphy comes limping out. He says as IC Champ, he should be next in line. Andrade is pissed at everyone for interrupting him. I make a Fatal 4 Way tonight: Kofi vs Roman vs Rey vs Buddy, with the winner facing Andrade at Clash of the Champions.

*commercial break*

8:20-8:35- Ali vs Daniel Bryan, with Ali picking up the surprise win over Bryan. Bryan snaps after the match and attacks Ali.

*commercial break*

8:40-8:55- The Blondtourage is seen talking backstage. Liv Morgan walks by and they go over to her. Charlotte asks if she has a problem with them. Liv says it is funny watching them try to regroup after they all came up losers last night. Charlotte says at least she is a star. Meanwhile, Liv is just a nobody who is barely remembered. Liv says she will prove Charlotte wrong tonight in the Battle Royal.

Revival Promo. They are the tag team coming over to Smackdown Live.

Elias Concert. Aleister Black interrupts him. Elias tries to go after him with the car but Black connects on him with Black Mass.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:20- Battle Royal to determine Bayley’s challenger at Evolution. Carmella vs Mandy Rose vs Charlotte vs Liv Morgan vs Natalya vs Asuka vs Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay. It gets down to Liv, Natty, and the Blondtourage. Liv and Natty team up to eliminate Mandy. Natty gets eliminated by Charlotte. Charlotte and Carmella double team Liv until Liv fights back. She eliminates Charlotte. Charlotte and Mandy go back in after Liv until Sonya Deville comes through the crowd and goes after them. But the distraction still allows Carmella too eliminate Liv to win.

Mandy comes out and demands Sonya be arrested for violating her restraining order. Sonya comes down the ramp with me. Sonya says didn’t you hear, the judge reversed the restraining order. And I let Mandy know she can no longer avoid Sonya. And at Evolution, Mandy will fight Sonya in a Last Woman Standing Match.

*commercial break*

9:25-9:35- KO Show with Drew McIntyre. Drew doesn’t say a word as KO tries to interview him. KO says he’d be upset too if he was on a losing streak. Drew gets in his face about it and KO is ready to fight. But Drew shakes his head at KO and walks away.

*commercial break*

9:40-End: Kofi vs Buddy Murphy vs Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio. Towards the end of the match, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Buddy but Roman pulls Kofi out of the ring and into the steps. Roman waits for Buddy to get up, and just as he is ready to charge at Buddy for a spear, Kofi pulls him out. Kofi and Roman get into some words, and they brawl. They end up going all the way to the back. Rey and Buddy wrestle out the last few minutes. The match ends when Buddy hits Murphy’s Law for the win. Buddy goes and stares down Andrade at the announce table to close the show.

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