WWE NXT Review 8.14.19

Breezango vs The Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons are that group that no one likes. They are pretty much the Baron Corbin of NXT. This is nothing more than a paint by the numbers tag team match. Breeze gets worked over. Jaxson Ryker gets caught interfering so the ref tosses him. Fandango gets the hot tag. He hits a nice swanton to the outside and Breezango gets the win.

WINNERS: Breezango

We have a recap of the NXT Tag Title match. It appears a blind tag was made at one point when O’Reilly ran into Fish and made what looked like a tag. They are showing clips of O’Reilly and Fish looking for Regal in the back to complain about it.

Io Shirai video package recapping her win from Takeover.

Recap of Cole/Gargano as well. Heavy recap show here.

NXT Breakout Tournament Finals: Cameron Grimes vs Jordan Myles

Myles goes after the left leg of Grimes early on. He dropkicks it then lands some stiff kicks to the back of it. They go to the outside where Grimes catches Myles with a mini superman punch. Grimes slows down the offense a bit until Myles uses his agility to flip to avoid a Grimes charge and hit a dropkick. He hits a crossbody off the top for two. Grimes avoids a Myles kick and hits an Orange Crush suplex for two. Myles ducks an elbow and hits a German suplex for two. Grimes goes to the ropes and pulls Myles into them. Grimes hits a mid air powerslam for two. Myles plays a bit of possum and catches Grimes with an enziguri and follows it with a brainbuster and 450 splash for the win.

WINNER: Jordan Myles- Okay match. It took the crowd a bit to get into it and finished strong. If Myles was smart he would challenge Cole.

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