WWE RAW 8.12.19 Thoughts w/Justin C

Hello everyone. Short notice duty here for me to cover RAW. Normally I would be doing a long form review when I know I’m doing this but instead I’m just going to shoot through some thoughts from the show. These are not in order and I’m just going off memory.

-Cedric Alexander vs Drew McIntyre was great. It was the perfect example of how to get someone over in defeat. The crowd got behind Alexander as the match went on. He hit a great C4 off the top rope. Alexander should probably be the next guy to challenge AJ Styles for the United States Title if you ask me. I’m fine with a slow push but I think Alexander and Styles could have some great matches.

-The King of the Ring is returning next week. I guess the WWE likes my Alternate Universe booking I have had going on for the last few months.

-Someone needs to explain Dolph Ziggler’s new character of trying to get his ass kicked multiple times in one night. It isn’t helping him one bit. Is he just going to turn into a weekly jobber? Because he was pretty much that already before he left.

-So Rey Mysterio needs this job because he has a family? Dude, you’ve been wrestling for years. Did you not save your money properly? All kidding aside, they really need to build this up to a huge match with him and Andrade. Maybe Rey ends up putting his career on the line at one point. I would still prefer mask vs hair. They teased it a bit last week and we all know I have been pleading for it the last few months. Hell, even going back as far as Wrestlemania. But lets see if the WWE has the guys to shave Andrade’s hair.

-The idea of a potential Samoa Joe face turn looked appealing. But then they had Joe rip on the fans after the match. The fans are still going to cheer Joe regardless, but him being a potential Samoan Assassin sounded like a really good idea.

-Okay, now I think the WWE stole my notebook with this Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch segment. I had pretty much the exact same segment booked in the exact same time slot in my next Alternate Universe column. It almost backfired on the WWE when they tried to have Sasha get booed by beating up Natalya. No one cares about her. It kind of went the right way when Becky came out. The key of course will be the promos that follow. I’m sure Becky will talk about Sasha taking her ball and going home. Sasha I’m sure will have some comebacks as well. It is the best possible feud the women’s division can do right now.

-So are they just going to let Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross run through every member of the women’s division? Look, I tend to be an Alexa Bliss defender. But her and Nikki beat the IIconics at SummerSlam and Kairi Sane/Asuka tonight. I’m half expecting them to beat Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville tomorrow on Smackdown Live. It is great and all that they are actually defending the Titles. But if you beat every credible team in the division then what do you have left for Bliss and Cross to do?

-The potential of a Seth Rollins/Braun Strowman match is intriguing. Braun saved Rollins from The Club tonight, but they made it apparent that the next possible program for Rollins would be Braun. I still think the ship has sailed on a potential Braun Strowman Title run. Especially this early into Seth’s next run. I’d prefer they keep the Title on Rollins all the way to Wrestlemania.

-No Bray Wyatt tonight. And I’m actually okay with that. Make it seem special when he shows up.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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