NJPW G1 Climax 29 B Block Night 9 Highlights w/ The Chairman

It comes down to this folks. There are four men still alive with ten points. Jon Moxley, Hirooki Goto, Tetsuya Naito, and Jay White. Naito and White meet in the main event which could play a huge factor where this all shakes out. Whoever wins the B block will meet A block winner Kota Ibushi in the G1 Finals. Now it’s time to see where this ends.


Jeff Cobb (6 pts) vs Toru Yano 8 pts)

The first match is between two men who have no implications regarding the B block finals. Yano gets searched before the match and the referee finds several rolls of tape. This opens the door for Yano to try to sneak in some roll up pins, but unsuccessful. The match of course doesn’t last long being a Toru Yano match. There’s typical Yano shenanigans with attempted low blows and grabbing the referee. In the end though it was Cobb who wins via Tour of the Islands wrapping up his G1 Climax debut with eight points tying Yano.


Taichi (6 pts) vs Tomohiro Ishii (8 pts)

This the second match that has no implications on the B block finals, but there is a rivalry here between Taichi and Ishii. Ishii of course beat Taichi for the NEVER Openweight Championship earlier this year so you know Taichi will be looking for revenge in that aspect. Taichi of course getting a win here would get him a rematch for that very title he lost. Taichi also doesn’t want to finish on the bottom of the B block knowing if that happens, he might not get invited back next year. Ishii threw everything he had at Taichi, but Taichi wouldn’t go down. Taichi tried everything out of desperation and in the end got the shocking win with Black Mephisto. Taichi and Ishii are tied at eight points.


Jon Moxley (10 pts) vs Juice Robinson (6 pts)

The rest of the B block matches will have implications on the B block final. We’re starting with Juice Robinson looking for revenge against Jon Moxley for taking the IWGP United States Championship from him. Juice would love a rematch for the title should he defeat Mox and also ruining any chance Moxley has at winning the G1 Climax. If Moxley wins, he’ll need some help though depending on Shingo beating Goto and Naito beating Switchblade. It was noted before the match started Juice had a taped up leg that was injured during his match against Jay White. Moxley pinpointed the weakness and has been focusing on leg submissions early in the battle. Juice bit the earring of Moxley off showing he wasn’t messing around. Juice started in on the offense. Moxley went to the outside to get a table, but Juice went after him on the outside and shoved the table under the ring. Moxley had bad intentions at this point smashing Juice’s leg against the post. Moxley went to swing a chair and bust his leg, but Juice moved in time. Juice then took Moxley out with a running cannonball from the apron and wanted to use the chair, but decided against it. The action gets back in the ring and the two men start exchanging jabs in the ring. Juice was going for Left Hand of God, but Moxley struck the knee. Mox went for Death Rider, but blocked. Juice wanted Pulp Friction, blocked. Moxley gained momentum and has Juice hooked in an ankle lock. Juice went for the rope, but Moxley pulled Juice back to the center and started striking Juice in the back of the head. Moxley now applying a choke to take out Juice for good. Red Shoes checks on Juice and Moxley yells “he’s f***ing out” Red Shoes raises the arm of Juice three times and on the final time Juice grabbed the leg of Red Shoes pants. Moxley and Red Shoes arguing that Moxley won and Moxley exposes the knee and hits Regal Knee. Fifteen minutes have passed and Moxley is grabbing chairs and other random items around ringside including a table. Red Shoes threatens disqualification if Moxley uses the items. Juice tries rolling up Mox, but kicked out. Moxley bites Juice, but Juice strikes the Left Hand of God. Juice then hits Pulp Friction to finish off Moxley. Juice earns himself more than likely a future shot at Moxley’s IWGP United States Championship while Moxley remains at ten points ending any chance he has at winning the G1 B block. Crazy Moxley won his first five matches and dropped his final four.


Hirooki Goto (10 pts) vs Shingo Takagi (6 pts)

The B block is down to three. Hirooki Goto is up next to see if he plays a factor in the end. All he has to do is beat the awesome Shingo Takagi who’s hot right now when he played spoiler against Tomohiro Ishii a few days ago. Goto of course will need a win here and Jay White beating Tetsuya Naito or a draw between the two in the main event. Even if Goto wins here, if Naito wins, Naito wins the B block. Goto for the most part gets the advantage early displaying strikes, kicks, and everything in between. They battle on with a series of lariats testing each others strength. Goto however gets the advantage and hits the ushigayorshi. Shingo kicked out however. Goto kept working on Shingo and tried another cover, but kicked out. Goto wants GTR, but Shingo wont let him. The two men crack skulls and Shingo counters Goto’s ushigorayshi with Made in Japan. Shingo covers, but kick out by Goto. Shingo takes Goto down with the Pumping Bomber, kick out by Goto. Shingo and Goto counter each other, but it’s Shingo with a series of punches. Shingo thinks he has him, but Goto with a headbutt. Goto strikes with a front GTR and now Goto looks for more, but it’s Shingo with a lariat. Shingo connects with a Pumping Bomber again, but Goto kicked out again. Fiftreen minute mark has crossed and Shingo with Last of the Dragon finishes off Goto. Goto’s G1 Climax chances are toast and Shingo plays spoiler once again finishing the G1 Climax with eight points. Jay White and Tetsuya Naito will now compete in a winner take all.


Tetsuya Naito (10 pts) vs Jay White (10 pts)

It’s a winner take all match here between Naito and White. After Moxley and Goto losing, it’s simple here. If Naito and White were to reach a thirty minute draw, both men would tie the B block at eleven points. The two men then would receive extra time until a winner was crowned. Switchblade looks to make his first G1 Climax final. Meanwhile Naito looks to make his fourth G1 Climax final appearance and win his third which would put him in some elite company. Winning the G1 Climax would of course help Naito continue his quest on holding both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championship. The crowd is clearly behind Naito in this one. The match of course is a slow start with neither man wanting to interact right away. Once they engage it gets physical on the outside. Lots of whips into the barricades and of course Naito has to be cautious of Gedo who’s lurking around ringside. Eventually the match gets inside the ring. Naito has been targeting the neck of Jay White. The battle continues, but of course when Naito went for Gloria, White tossed Red Shoes into Naito knocking him to the ground. Gedo immediately came inside with the brass knuckles, but Naito was able to fight him off. White tried to make his move, but Naito in the end of the exchange got Gloria, but White kicked out. Naito kept working on White and almost had Destino, but not quite yet. White remained on the mat not getting up knowing Naito needs him standing to hit Destino. White gets control and takes Naito down with Kiwi Crusher, but kick out by Naito. White wants Blade Runner, but Naito countered with a reversecarana. Naito hit the Destino, but White kicked out. Naito tried Destino, but White with a suplex. They both get to their feet and counter after counter between the two desperately trying to get a big move in, but it’s White with the suplex again. White takes Naito down again. White strikes the Blade Runner and Naito is done. Jay White wins the B block and finishes with twelve points. Remember White lost his first three and then won his final six matches. Naito remains at ten points. In case you were paying attention when we made our predictions at the beginning, Kota Ibushi and Jay White were my picks and here we are. I also picked Ibushi to win the G1 Climax so we’ll see tomorrow if that happens.

After the match White called out Ibushi. White vowed there would be no Gedo and offered a handshake. Ibushi hesitates and does so. White went for a quick attack, but Ibushi was prepared and White backed up to the ropes. Ibushi stared down White as he backed up to the ropes, but Gedo quickly grabbed a hold of Ibushi’s ankle and White went in for the attack. White focused on the injured ankle of Ibushi. White took a chair and placed it around the ankle and smashed it a few times with another chair. The crowd was booing in anger after seeing what the Switchblade has done.


B Block Final Standings

Jay White 12 points (WINNER)

Tetsuya Naito 10 points

Hirooki Goto 10 points

Jon Moxley 10 points

Juice Robinson 8 points

Tomohiro Ishii 8 points

Toru Yano 8 points

Jeff Cobb 8 points

Shingo Takagi 8 points

Taichi 8 points


The only match we have confirmed for the final night of the G1 Climax is the finals between A block winner Kota Ibushi and B block winner Jay White. More than likely we will see a plethora of tag matches. However I expect a few title matches in the future as well based on the G1 Climax results. Remember if a champion loses to a wrestler in the G1 Climax, they could owe that wrestler a future title shot. The G1 Climax winner also owes anyone that defeated them in the tournament a shot at the Wrestle Kingdom prize. Here are a few matches I think we’ll see soon in NJPW.

Kazuchika Okada (IWGP Heavyweight Champion) vs SANADA

Tetsuya Naito (IWGP Intercontinental Champion) vs Toru Yano

Zack Sabre Jr (REVPRO British Championship) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Jon Moxley (IWGP United States Championship) vs Juice Robinson

Tomohiro Ishii (NEVER Openweight Championship) vs Taichi

If Ibushi wins the G1 Climax. Expect matches against KENTA and/or EVIL.

If White wins the G1 Climax. Expect matches against Goto, Ishii, or/and Yano.


With that being said, thank you everyone for following us here at HTCWrestling for the G1 Climax. Make sure to watch the finals and JCWonka and I will be doing a special podcast regarding the G1 Climax as a whole so make sure to check that out when it drops sometime this week.