NXT Takeover Toronto 8.10.19 Thoughts w/Justin C

The Street Profits defeated Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

They really need to let the Street Profits wrestle on RAW. Their backstage stuff is a bit over the top. This was a very good match. Angelo Dawkins would probably be considered the weakest wrestler of the four and he looked great. Ford tried doing the People’s Elbow at one point but it was stopped. Ford has so much charisma it isn’t even funny. The match got a standing ovation at one point when Dawkins broke up a submission by dropping Fish right on O’Reilly. Not at the level of previous tag team matches at Takeover but still very good.

Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae

Heel Io Shirai is outstanding. She started the match suplexing Candice onto the announce table. Io dominated the early part of the match. Io hit a Spanish Fly off the top and a reverse 619 to the back of the head of Candice. Candice hit a nice looking reverse ranna at one point. Candice also kicked out of Io’s moonsault. The match ended with Io locking in a stretch leg scissors choke and Candice passing out. Io is so great at this new heel character and her mannerisms during the entire match were great. Candice delivered in her first Takeover match as well. I’d like to see these two get a hardcore match down the line but Io getting the clean win probably means that doesn’t happen.

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain brawled for a bit. It ended with Dain putting Riddle through a table.

Velveteen Dream defeated Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne to retain the North American Title

Velveteen Dream came out with the Raptors dance team and the Mountie’s theme song. He was also doing a lot of Bret Hart mannerisms during the match. He even applied a better Sharpshooter than Natalya. The match didn’t really have any down time like most triple threats. Dream hit a coast to coast elbow drop that looked nice. Strong hit running forearms on both men as they were both in the ropes then applied a double Boston Crab. Dream stopped the ref from counting three at one point by jumping and grabbing his arm. The finish came when Dream hit a Dream Valley Driver. Strong threw Dream out of the ring then hit Death by Roderick. But Dream pushed Strong off and pinned Dunne for the win. Fine match. Kind of surprised Dunne took the pin there. Dream as Champ is still good for now. At some point he needs to challenge again for the NXT Title. I wonder if Dunne was a one off or he stays in North America as a regular.

Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

There was something off about this match. I didn’t think they did a good job of building up Mia Yim in this feud as a face to get behind. Her story was good but the WWE didn’t capitalize on it well. Each woman tried to work over the other’s arm during the match. Shayna Baszler ended up winning with a triangle leg choke since she couldn’t apply the Kirifuda Clutch. Mia hit a nice Code Blue at one point from the top but that was about the highlight from her during the match. I legit have no idea who is taking the Title off Shayna at this point. I still would have her win the Royal Rumble at this point to challenge Becky.

Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT Championship

The story of the first fall was Gargano working over the leg of Cole. They went about 20-25 when Cole brought a chair into the ring. Cole low blowed Gargano when the ref took it away. Gargano then used it to get himself DQ’d in the first fall. They brawled into the crowd in the second fall. Gargano put Cole through the announce table. Gargano then lawn darted Cole through a chair in the corner and applied a Gargano escape and Cole tapped out. They lowered the barbed wire steel cage for the third fall. Gargano hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT onto the top of an open chair that looked painful. Cole threw a ladder at Gargano then hit a Canadian Destroyer. Cole hit another one off the ladder. Cole missed a knee to the head and went into the chair bad leg first. Gargano then hit a Canadian Destroyer off the second rope. Gargano got some wire cutters and they went to the top of the cage. Gargano tried using the barbed wire he cut off but Cole blocked it. They then both went off the top through a table set up at the bottom. Cole ended up on top of Gargano and got the final pin.

I thought the match was good, but definitely not at the level of their previous two encounters. The match should have been a Hell In A Cell match in my opinion. I wouldn’t have done two out of three falls. Cole retains the Title and you wonder if a potential breakup angle starts with Cole as Champ and him going off on the rest of the Undisputed Era for not winning.

The show itself was good, but not quite up to the standards of past Takeover shows. It seems like NXT really needs a reboot right now. You wonder what happens when they go to FS1 in the fall. Do they wait to shake things up until then or do they start in the weeks ahead.

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