Topps Slam Attax Universe Cards (2019)

It’s that time of year again. The mighty Topps have bestowed upon us the latest WWE trading card set, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look…so that’s exactly what we’re going to do today


Now, like most things in life (especially when it comes to wrestling fandom) us Brits are WAY behind the USA. This card Seres (in general) is proof of that. It wasn’t until LAST YEAR (2018 at the time of writing this) that relic cards were introduced into the collection! Last year! I’ve been a fan of US sports cards for decades. Autos & relics are a staple in any collection, especially hobby boxes. So that kind of puts it into perspective how different we do it here in the UK. But, let’s not be too hasty. Let’s take a proper look at what’s on offer before we judge, and we’ll start with the starter pack.

Starter Pack

I think even the most casual collector can see that this is a card set, with game aspects, primarily aimed at a younger audience. Which is fair enough. A huge chunk of the WWEs target audience are children. It’s the added extra of relic cards that appeals to us older fans. I’m sure some will be in it to flip these cards on eBay, but that’s just life. Let’s open this bad boy up and see what we get.

Let it breath!

Inside is a HUGE booklet / poster / sheet that tells you everything you need to know about the cards and the game. Including a visual AND written checklist.

I won’t go into the aspects of the game, but if you wish to know how to play then picking up one of these is a must.

Also included is a limited edition Roman Reigns card & a selection of others to go with it. So even if you’re not going to play the game, or store the cards in the binder, you’re going to want to get this card if you want to completely finish the set. Sneaky!

The Cards

Presentation is always key for me, and while I’m not 100% sold on the aesthetic of the cards themselves, I do love the packaging. Not sure if there are more than this, but I managed to find 3 different versions. Despite not being used proerly in the ring it’s good to know that Asuka is represented on here with the rest of the dominant female superstars.

One thing I don’t like, are those odds. Each pack costs £1.00. the odds (according to the above) of getting a turnbuckle relic card is 1 in 9881 packs. Nine thousand, eight hundred and eighty one packs. I mean, I kind of get it, but dear lord. Let’s just hope it’s an actual fan and collector who finds one and not a blooming scalper!

The Main Event

Firstly, before we start, that Becky Lynch champion card is THE best card from a game players point of view, so it’s not all bad. Didn’t get an Asuka card though…


Yes, they are heavily marked up with stats and numbers. If you’re a Brit & European, you’re use to this by now, but I know for a fact there are hardcore (American) sports cards collectors out there who think these are ugly & basic, and to a point, I can see why (especially when you look at some USA sets) but at the same time, these cards are aimed at a younger audience. The simple layout & ability to utilise them in a quick & easy to learn game is perfect for some school yard shenanigans. And at only a quid a pack, they are at the perfect price point too. Maybe we’ll get USA styled sets here in the UK in the future, but for now the Slam Attax style is the standard, and I’m ok with that.

One thing I personally like is that there are plenty of subsets within the set. All brands are covered (well, NEARLY all) and we have Hall of Fame cards for us older fans as well as equipment (steel chairs, ladders etc) title belts, the aforementioned Champion cards and even ‘OMG Moment’ cards too (hate the name, but the concept is pretty awesome to see)

My only real criticism regarding the set is the lack of NXT UK branding. Slam Attax is a well established name here in the UK. The UK scene (regardless of what some would have you believe) is huge…so why does my Mark Andrews card (a Welshman) have a 205 Live logo on the bottom, and not NXT UK? Little details like this would have made all the difference, especially to UK fans. I don’t think nearly enough people watch NXT UK (8pm, every Wednesday on the WWE Network) and this simple branding could have potentially pushed more people their way. In my opinion at least.

All in all, this is a great looking set. Despite the odds being well out of my favour, the fact that relic cards are included at all is a massive step.

Accessible, affordable and fun to collect. What more do you need from a card series?

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Since buying more packs I am DELIGHTED to say that NXT UK IS indeed represented! A little unsure as to why a UK guy was given the 205 Live badge, but I suppose they had to divvy the roster up somehow. Regardless, we have NXT UK cards, and all is well with the world!