NJPW G1 Climax B Block Night 8 Highlights w/ The Chairman

Unlike the A Block, there are nine people still alive in B Block!!! Definitely the more fun of the two blocks this year considering how close this is. Every match matters on these final two nights. Jon Moxley of course if the block leader at ten points and the block of course is his to lose. The question is can he win his final two matches or will there complete chaos to finish B Block? Due to scheduling conflicts, JCWonka and I are switching blocks the rest of the G1 Climax so while my A block coverage is done, I will be covering the final two nights of B Block. So let’s get right to it.


Taichi (6 pts) vs Toru Yano (6 pts)

The one positive of covering A block the majority of the G1 is not having to cover Taichi. However covering Bad Luck Fale wasn’t fun so I guess it’s a trade off. Yano matches of course are something else, full of shenanigans and quick. Yano has only wrestled thirty three minutes in the entire G1 so far compared to the block leader Ishii who has just over two hours of ring time. The match of course starts with a stalemate. Taichi hanging outside not wanting to wrestle. Yano was annoyed and walked up to the ramp and was ambushed by Kanemaru. This allowed Taichi to wrap up Yano with part of the apron and he hopped back in just in time. Yano then grabs the turnbuckle pad and starts playing hot potato with Taichi. The match goes to the outside and Kanemaru tries spitting whiskey in the face of Yano, but he blocked it and ended up spitting in Taichi’s face. Yano then takes the apron and rolls up both Taichi and Kanemaru giving Yano a countout victory. Yano moves to eight points and still has an outside chance to win B Block while Taichi remains at six and now is officially eliminated.


Jeff Cobb (6 pts) vs Tetsuya Naito (8 pts)

Jeff Cobb looks to keep his G1 Climax hopes alive as he faces Tetsuya Naito. Naito already playing mind games with Cobb as he walks to the ring by going into a sumo stance. Cobb tried to get the jump on Naito, but Naito quickly went to work on the big man. Naito has been focusing on the knee of Cobb during this match limiting his effectiveness. Cobb hung in there with Naito though. One moment Cobb displayed his power with a stalling superplex from the turnbuckle, but wasn’t enough to beat Naito. Cobb takes Naito up top again looking for something bad, but Naito rakes the eyes and takes Cobb down. Naito gets some quick offense in and wants Destino, but Cobb counters with an elevated F5. Alot better looking one than someone else that uses the move. Both men started striking each other in the center of the ring, but Cobb used his strength to win the battle here. Cobb wanted Tour of the Islands, but Naito was able to counter and stop Cobb from hitting his finisher. This gave Naito the chance to use Destino and Naito defeats Cobb. Naito moves to ten points and is still chasing block leader Jon Moxley while Jeff Cobb is officially eliminated.


Hirooki Goto (8 pts) vs Jon Moxley (10 pts)

All eyes are on this match. Jon Moxley controls the B block still despite dropping his last two matches after winning his first five. Goto of course is playing for his G1 life here against Moxley. The two men basically exchanged blows for the first moments of the match. They took the brawl to the outside and almost both men got counted out because they were so focused on striking each other. Goto didn’t mess around took care of business quick and hit the GTR on Moxley for the win in eight minutes. Goto’s win eliminates Toru Yano, but the B block just got more interesting now. Goto, Moxley, and Naito are all at ten points with only one night to go. We also still have two more matches for tonight yet so things in B block could get really crowded by nights end.


Jay White (8 pts) vs Juice Robinson (6 pts)

Knowing where the B block sits right now, Switchblade has to win here to stay in the hunt. Despite starting 0-3, Switchblade is right there within striking distance. White of course has to defeat Juice Robinson. There’s history here as you recall Juice was the one that defeated Switchblade for the IWGP United States Championship last year. This match was back and forth for the first fifteen minutes. Juice was trying everything to put Switchblade down including a Brainbuster, but Switchblade kicked out. White hit a Blade Buster, but Juice kicked out. Switchblade then dumps Juice over the ropes to the outside and Gedo was loving it. White hits the uranage, but Juice survives. Juice goes a powerbomb, but White kicks out. Juice tries the submission route, but White escapes and targets the knee with an inverted dragon screw. White applies the TTO to Juice, but Juice fights for the rope break. White keeps going for Juice and wants Blade Runner, but Juice with a fist knocks White down. Juice looks for Pulp Friction, but Gedo jumps on the apron. White delivers a low blow with Red Shoes distracted by Gedo and then throws Juice into Red Shoes with his back turned. Gedo introduces a chair and White gets it. White however gets clocked with Left Hand of God and wants Pulp Friction on the chair, but White counters and tosses Juice on the chair. White then attacks the leg with the chair and White goes back to the TTO. Gedo slides Red Shoes back in the ring. Juice can’t fight out of the hold and taps out. Switchblades joins the crowd of ten and makes the final night of B block that much more interesting. Juice Robinson has been eliminated and gets hit with the Blade Runner after the match. This was one of my favorite B block matches, very enjoyable.


Tomohiro Ishii (8 pts) vs Shingo Takagi (4 pts)

Ishii knows there are alot of wrestlers sitting up top of B block at ten points and he needs a win here to stay alive. However Takagi will look to play spoiler here and perhaps assist his LIJ ally Tetsuya Naito in the process. These two men didn’t hold back. Right at the five minute mark Takagi tries to chop Ishii and he doesn’t budge. The Stone Pitbull then starts throat chopping Takagi. This is going to be a brawl. These two are just chopping the hell out of each other. Takagi was taking everything Ishii was offering including suplexes. Ishii’s ear is bleeding, looked like Takagi got him with an elbow perhaps. Ishii isn’t messing around anymore as he goes for a powerbomb, but Takagi survives. Takagi gets the advantage right at the fifteen minute mark and smokes Ishii with a lariat. Shingo goes for noshigami followed up with a sliding lariat. Goes for the cover, but Ishii kicks out. Shingo went for Made in Japan, but couldn’t get Ishii over. Shingo just starts clobbering Ishii at this point. Ishii gets back into things with a headbutt. Ishii comes in with the sliding lariat, but blocked by Shingo and he finally hit Made in Japan. Ishii digged deep though and kicked out. Shingo comes back with Pumping Bomber, but Ishii kicked out again. Shingo tries Last of the Dragon, but Ishii fights out. Shingo hits the bleeding ear of Ishii. Ishii comes back to life and takes Shingo down with a German suplex. Ishii with a devasting lariat follows up, but Shingo survives. Ishii comes in hot with the sliding lariat, but Shingo kicked out again right at the twenty minute mark. Ishii goes for the Brainbuster, but Shingo escapes. The two men countered a few times before Shingo took advantage and dropped Ishii. Pumping Bomber does nothing to Ishii. Ishii counters with an enzurgi. Both men return to their feet and Ishii with another lariat, Shingo kicked out at one. Shingo with a lariat and Ishii out at one. Shingo comes back with another Pumping Bomber, but Ishii isn’t done. Shingo gets Ishii up for Last of the Dragon and puts away Ishii. The upset happened!!! Shingo Takagi has done it!!! What a match!!! Also take note that Shingo pinned the NEVER Openweight Champion. I change my pick of match of the night and award it to this one. What a battle and Ishii has been officially eliminated from the G1 as well with that loss and Shingo very well in fact helps Naito. This is how you create stars and make NJPW an even playing field by giving Shingo Takagi this huge win over Tomohiro Ishii. I can’t wait to see these two go at it again.


Well eight down, one to go in B Block. Jon Moxley, Hirooki Goto, Jay White, Tetsuya Naito all sit at ten points. Four men, one spot. Who wins? Time to see what is on tap on the final night of B Block.


Juice Robinson (6 pts)  vs Jon Moxley (10 pts)

Tomohiro Ishii (8 pts) vs Taichi (6 pts)

Toru Yano (8 pts) vs Jeff Cobb (6 pts)

Hirooki Goto (10 pts) vs Shingo Takagi (6 pts)

Tetsuya Naito (10 pts) vs Jay White (10 pts)


Well this is interesting seeing the main event is Naito and White. This match could very well determine the entire B Block. The opener features Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson. Juice would love nothing more than to avenge his loss to Moxley a few months ago where he lost the IWGP United States Championship. A win here for Juice would give him a potential rematch to win back that very title and also ruin any chance Moxley has to win G1. Ishii and Taichi will battle for pride since neither man has a chance to win the G1, but take note it was Ishii that beat Taichi for the NEVER Openweight Championship a few months ago. Taichi definitely has revenge on the brain as well. Toru Yano and Jeff Cobb will be short and sweet, be interesting to see what Yano has up his sleeve here. Goto will look to win here and possibly secure the B block, but Shingo has built up some serious momentum. Shingo would love nothing more than to play spoiler again here like he did to Ishii. Then of course Naito and White. I predicted at the beginning the blocks would come down to this match and Okada vs Ibushi in the A block. This is why I don’t like the entire match schedule being revealed in advance because any fan can almost figure it out by just seeing who is wrestling on the final night. I really hope Moxley and Goto can be factored in somehow someway, but I don’t know the tiebreakers. So it’s time to break things down.

Goto def. White and Moxley. Lost to Naito.

White def. Moxley. Lost to Goto. (wrestles Naito night 9)

Moxley def Naito. Lost to Goto and White.

Naito def Goto. Lost to Moxley. (wrestles White night 9)

So therefore

Goto wins B block if he beats Shingo and Naito draws or loses vs White.

White wins B block if he beats Naito and Goto draws or loses vs Shingo.

Moxley wins B block if he beats Juice, Goto draws or loses vs Shingo, and White draws or loses vs Naito.

Naito wins B block if he beats White and Moxley draws or loses to Juice.

Of course if three of these guys tie at twelve and it could happen.

Now it’s simple if Goto, Moxley, and White all tie at twelve because Goto beat both of them so one would assume he’d win the tiebreaker.

If Goto, Moxley, and Naito all tie at twelve, then it gets interesting because all three of them are one win and one loss against each other. Yeah I’m not touching this one so if someone knows, please educate me. My guess would be who won the quickest out of these three matches so that edge probably goes to Goto since he destroyed Moxley on night eight.

Anyhow that’s it for now. Stick with us at HTCWrestling for all of our wrestling coverage during the next few days. There is alot going on this weekend as the A and B blocks come to a close and of course Monday we have the big G1 Climax Final where we see who wins the biggest tournament of the year in New Japan and much more. Thanks for reading!!!