NJPW G1 Climax 29 A Block Results 8.7.19

Justin C here. The Chairman and I are switching the last few days here due to our schedules. So I’m here to bring you today’s A Block results!

Lance Archer vs Sanada

Archer attacks Sanada before he even gets to the ring. Archer rolls into the ring to attack him for a bit. Then they go outside where Archer hits a dive off the apron onto Sanada. Archer is dominating the entire match. Sanada finally hits a dropkick to the legs of Archer then another standard one. Sancha hits a plancha to the outside. Sanada tries going for Skull End but Archer counters into a reverse DDT for two. Archer hits a chokeslam but misses a moonsault. Sanada goes for one but Archer gets his legs up. Archer applies the claw but Sanda gets to the ropes. Archer lifts up Sanada but Sanda counters to Skull End. Archer escapes and we get a few more counters, until Sanada counters into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Sanada- Perfectly fine match. Archer continues to impress me in this tournament with the matches he is putting out.

Bad Luck Fale vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Fale knocks Tanahashi off the turnbuckle but Tana comes back up and dropkicks the legs of Fale. Jado catches Tanahashi with the kendo stick then Chase Owens beats him up outside the ring. Fale then slams Tanahashi’s leg into the railing and slams it against the post. Fale brings everything to a halt inside the ring. Tanahashi eventually goes back to the legs of Fale. Tanahashi applies a Figure Four but Fale reverses it. Tanahashi goes for a sunset flip pin but Fale sits on him. Tanahashi escapes the Grenade and hits a slingblade. Tanahashi hits High Fly Flow and goes for a second but Jado hits him with a kendo stick. Fale hits the Grenade for two. Fale goes for Bad Luck Fall but Tanahashi gets down, but Fale counters down into a crucifix pin for the win.

WINNER: Bad Luck Fale- I can’t believe that had Fale beat Tanahashi. That eliminates him from winning the Block. Match was meh, as most Fale matches are.

KENTA vs Will Ospreay

A quick exchange of kicks early on leads to both men knocking the other down simultaneously. Kenta ends up hitting a tilt-a-whirl DDT onto the ropes then a clothesline off the top. They go to the outside where Kenta tosses Ospreay into the railing a few times then lands some kicks. Kenta slams Ospreay into the post then lands some more kicks in the ring. Ospreay ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm. Ospreay goes to the apron but Kenta catches him and hits a DDT. Kenta goes to dive onto Ospreay on the ropes but Ospreay moves and hits a springboard forearm. Ospreay hits a springboard heel kick and goes for a moonsault over the ropes but Kenta grabs him and hits a Falcon Arrow on the apron. Ospreay gets back in the ring and 19 1/2.

Kenta lands a boot in the corner then a barrage of forearms and finishes it off with a running dropkick. Kenta goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace for two. Ospreay hits a Parkour enziguri but Kenta comes back with a running knee. They exchange forearms. Kenta ends up getting a Sleeper on. Ospreay escapes and ends up power bombing Kenta for two. Ospreay goes for a Shooting Star but Kenta gets his knees up and applies a LaBell Lock. Ospreay gets to the ropes. Ospreay counters a GTS into a near fall, then hits the OsCutter for two. Ospreay ends up hitting a Hidden Blade and Storm Breaker for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay- Ospreay needed somewhat of a signature win somewhere and I guess this counts. Kenta dominated the majority of it. Match was good.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Kota Ibushi

ZSJ tries taking it to the ground early on with his array of submission moves, but Ibushi gets to the ropes quickly every time. Kota knocks down Ibushi with a front kick. He connects on a handful of chops then takes down ZSJ with a hurricarrana. ZSJ catches Ibushi off guard with a few kicks to the arm. Ibushi counters with a belly to belly but when he goes to the top ZSJ kicks out his legs then applies a knee bar in the ropes. Ibushi ends up sweeping the legs out from ZSJ and then hits the moonsault knees. Ibushi goes for a powerbomb but ZSJ counters into a knee bar then works over the neck and arms of Ibushi as well. Ibushi ends up powering out of it and hitting a lariat. Ibushi hits a powerbomb for two. ZSJ blocks a Kamigoye and applies a submission to the bad ankle of Ibushi but Ibushi gets to the ropes.

ZSJ lands some kicks and Ibushi tells him to keep bringing it. Ibushi slaps ZSJ down but misses a Kinsasha. ZSJ gets a couple near falls. They exchange some more kicks until Ibushi hits a running knee, then Kamigoye for the win.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi- I don’t know why but I expected a bit more from this match. Also on the shorter side from what I expected. The win keeps Ibushi alive regardless of the outcome of the main event.

Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL

EVIL knocks Okada down early to show off his power. Okada comes back with a hip toss. They go to the outside and EVIL reverses Okada and throws him into the barricade then clotheslines him over it. EVIL misses a senton back in the ring. Okada elbows EVIL out of the ring then hits a dive to the outside. Okada misses a corner dive and EVIL elbows him then bronco busters him in the corner. Okada comes back with a face buster. EVIL blocks a kick then hits his kick with the help of Red Shoes. Now Okada ducks a charge and hits a neckbreaker and an elbow off the top. Okda puts EVIL on the top then dropkicks him to the outside. Okada knocks EVIL over the railing then runs at him but EVIL throws a chair at Okada. EVIL hits his home run chair swing on Okada.

EVIL hits a running lariat in the corner then a superplex for two. Okada ducks a lariat and hits a dropkick. They reset and exchange forearms. After an exchange for control Okada hits a tombstone. They both duck each other’s finishers multiple times. EVIL hits a spinning forearm and lariat for two. EVIL hits Darkness Falls for two. Okada escapes the GTO and hits the Rainmaker and follows it up with another. EVIL ducks another attempt and hits two Dragon suplexes. Okada ducks a lariat and hits a dropkick to the back of the head then another dropkick. EVIL blocks a Rainmaker with a headbutt then hits a running lariat for two. Okada dropkicks EVIL into the corner. Okada hits a spinning Rainmaker then another one for the win.

WINNER: Okada- Great drama in the last few minutes. The exchanges and counters were flawless.

The A Block now comes down to Okada vs Ibushi on Saturday.

Justin C’s Top 5 Matches of the G1

-Okada vs Sanada

-Okada vs Will Ospreay

-Tomohiro Ishii vs Jon Moxley

-Shingo Takagi vs Naito

-Zack Sabre Jr vs Sanada

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