WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 8.6.19 w/ The Chairman

Summerslam has come early this year and while the card looks pretty loaded, the road hit a massive bump on Smackdown Live tonight. Rumor has it Vince tore up and rewrote the show literally before it aired and it clearly showed.


HIT: New Day and Bryan Rowan Make Tag Team Wrestling Great

These two teams have interacted quite a bit, but it’s always fun watching these two teams go at it. Granted it’s an odd choice for a main event match right before Summerslam and the tag team champions have no opponents in sight for Summerslam, but the match was fine. There was good flow to it and very little annoying interruptions via commercials. It was a rather odd ending seeing Rowan grab the stairs and cause the DQ so in the end it was Rowan and Daniel Bryan standing.


MISS: Ziggler Impersonating Goldberg

We should’ve got Miz and Dolph Ziggler, however someone wanted to see Oldberg wrestle again so we’re getting him wrestling Ziggler at Summerslam instead. Those that know me know that I absolutely can’t stand Bill and cringe at the thought he’s wrestling yet again in 2019. Ziggler gained some momentum by taking out Rey Mysterio tonight and then Ziggler goes on to beat Ali. Ali mind you destroyed the Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Basically what we have here is a whole lot of terrible booking decisions. If you’re going to have Ali lose, at least have Nakamura be the reason.


MISS: Natalya and Ember Moon Barely Started

The challengers for their brands respective women championships were scheduled to wrestle this evening. However the match didn’t go anywhere and ended before it started. Natalya for some reason locked the Sharpshooter on Ember on the outside and the match was tossed out. All the sudden Bayley came out for some reason and made the save. How does Bayley at one moment take a cheap shot at Ember and now all the sudden saves her from Natalya? This whole segment was just weird and the women once again barely get any in ring time. This could’ve been a good match had it gained some traction.


MISS: Sami and Aleister Scrapped From Summerslam

Well I don’t know how I feel about this match getting probably scrapped from an overloaded Summerslam card so Oldberg can wrestle, but that’s what happened. The important brass in WWE didn’t pay attention probably when Black and Cesaro had the best match at Extreme Rules last month. Black and Zayn could’ve had just as good of a match had they been given the proper platform. Why build this match up if you’re not going to give it a proper ending. Throwing it on a terribly booked go home episode of Smackdown Live was not the right call. It’s also clear the WWE has forgotten how great Sami Zayn can be, but I haven’t.


MISS: More KO Shane Nonsense

KO confronted Shane McMahon and basically asked him if he had the balls to put his career on the line as well. Shane of course used his I’m a McMahon, Best in the World, etc spew and then made it looked like he was going to throw down with KO. Of course Elias came out and assisted Shane and Shane in the end of the segment was the last man standing. All of us fans are really hoping KO does something to Shane so we never see him again. Fingers crossed.


HIT: Roman’s Mystery Attacker Revealed

After the whole fiasco of who attacked Roman, we finally got our answer. Roman confronted Buddy Murphy in the locker room, remember him? After getting snappy with Roman, Roman assaulted Murphy and made him spill the beans. It was revealed Rowan was the attacker. The closing scene of Smackdown showed Rowan and Daniel Bryan looking on at the titantron. Do we get Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan at Summerslam? That remains to be seen and I can’t imagine two of the top wrestlers in WWE being left off one of the biggest shows of the year.


Definitely a skippable episode. It was outright terrible for the most part. Hopefully Summerslam makes up for it. With that being said thanks for reading and keep it here with us at HTCWrestling with an action packed week of wrestling.