WWE NXT 7.31.19

Tyler Breeze vs Jaxson Ryker

Breeze puts the boots to Ryker early on but Ryker catches him on a charge and slams him down with a eurinogi. Ryker lands some hard forearms and some boots of his own. Ryker continues to work over Breeze, until Breeze counters a chokeslam into a victory roll for the win out of nowhere.

The rest of the Forgotten Sons hit the ring after and beat down Breeze until Fandango comes out to the ring for the save.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze- Boy are the Forgotten Sons a joke at this point. I’m all for Breezango/Fashion Police coming back to NXT full time. They need tag teams down there.

Candice LeRae is shown outside waiting for Io Shirai to arrive.

Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes

Some basic headlock exchanges early on until Reed knocks down Grimes with an elbow. Reed then lands some chops in the corner. Grimes goes out of the ring and Reed chases him. Grimes then gets Reed with some kicks coming back into the ring than a lariat knocking Reed down. Grimes goes off the ropes and goes right into a powerslam. Reed hits a splash in the corner and then a Samoan Drop and seated senton for two. Reed bounces off the ropes sending Grimes off as well, but Grimes hits double knees for the win.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes- Meh match. Crowd couldn’t get into it and neither could I really.

Shayna Baszler comes out. She calls Mia Yim a coward and says she will put Mia to sleep at Takeover, because street rats don’t survive long in her world. Mia Yim comes out and asks Shayna if she is scared. Mia says Shayna looks really unfamiliar right now, and this street rat is going to bring a fight Shayna can’t train for. Shayna calls Mia street trash again and leaves. Not really sold by that promo.

William Regal says she told Io not to show up tonight. Candice says she wants a match with Io at Takeover then, and Regal agrees to it.

Roderick Strong vs Pete Dunne

Some basic mat work early on. Dunne knocks down Strong then bends Strong’s elbow awkwardly and stomps on it. Dunne lands a penalty kick to the back of the elbow. Dunne climbs to the top but Strong grabs him in the torture rack position then drops him on his knees. Strong works over Dunne now as he hits a nice dropkick. Strong takes Dunne to the top but Dunne drops Strong front first and hits a missile dropkick. Dunne starts a comeback. Dunne lands some hard kicks to the back of Strong. Dunne goes to the top again but Strong gets to him. They go to the apron where Strong takes out Dunne. Strong hits a forearm but Dunne ducks a second and hits one of his own. Strong goes for an Olympic Slam but Dunne counters into a DDT.

They exchange chops and forearms until Dunne knocks Strong down. Strong crotches Dunne in the corner. Dunne goes for a sunset flip powerbomb but Strong awkwardly lands fully on Dunne. Dunne goes for a pump handle but Strong counters with a knee to the face and a tiger bomb. Dunner kicks out but Strong goes for a Boston Crab. Dunne counters into a triangle and then gets on top of Strong and grabs Strong’s fingers and starts torturing them. Strong taps out.

WINNER: Pete Dunne- Very good technical match between these two. There was no flash, just a strong style hitting match.

Velveteen Dream tries sneaking up on Dunne but Dunne sees him. Strong yells at Dream then Dream turns right into Bitter End from Dunne.

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