WWE RAW 7.29.19: No Legends Around At All

So we start with this hilariously bad 24/7 Title video package. And now we get R-Truth and Carmella against Drake Maverick and his wife Michelle in some kind of 24/7 Mosh Pit match. There are a bunch of wrestlers surrounding the ring, so you know these guys are the real geeks. Drake gets knocked out of the ring then the geeks crowd surf him around it. R-Truth then gets the win after a brief scuffle between Carmella and Michelle. There’s a big mosh pit after words and somehow Mike Kanellis comes out with the 24/7 Title. And he immediately runs away. Again I ask, why would you want this Title if all you do is run away?

Mike runs to the back and locks himself in his locker room. Maria comes into the picture and says she needs to see her husband and fakes illness. Mike asks how he is suppose to know it is Maria. Maria says because if he doesn’t open the door, she will kick him in the vagina. Mike opens the door.

So now we get the Five man Gauntlet Match to determine who faces AJ Styles at SummerSlam. Rey Mysterio and Cesaro start. We get a cool spot where Rey goes for a hurricarrana to the outside but Cesaro keeps him locked in. Rey still ends up tossing Cesaro into the apron. Rey then dumps Cesaro to the other side and hurricarrnas him over the barricade. Cesaro actually has control back from break. So I guess that means the no action between commercials is over? Rey catches Cesaro with a seated senton. Cesaro then catches Rey with an uppercut as he springboards off the ropes. Cesaro hits a hard boot and goes for a Razor’s Edge but Rey tosses him into the post. Cesaro knocks Rey off the top and carries him to the top. They fight for the upper hand and Rey hits a bulldog off the top. Rey hits a 619 and Frog Splash to eliminate Cesaro.

Sami Zayn is out next. He attacks right away and goes for a Helluva Kick, but Rey ducks and misses a roll up attempt. Both men awkwardly try to cover and Rey school boys Sami to eliminate him. Who the hell did Sami piss off?

We get Andrade vs Rey next. They didn’t fight during the break, so I guess maybe there is still no action between commercials? Andrade ends up getting the upper hand early on. Andrade hits some hard kicks then the Three Amigos. He goes for a moonsault but lands on his feet then hits a standing moonsault on Rey. Rey goes for a 619 but Andrade stops him and hits the Hammerlock DDT to eliminate Rey.

Andrade goes to rip off Rey’s mask but Ricochet stops him. Once again these two don’t fight during commercial. Zelina Vega goes for a couple distractions. The second one allows Andrade to knock Ricochet off the apron and throw him into the barricade. Ricochet builds up a mini comeback but it is thwarted when Andrade tosses him into the corner. Andrade hits the double knees for two. Ricochet counters the Hammerlock DDT but Andrade catches him with an elbow, but Ricochet comes back with a reverse-ranna. They go to the top. Ricochet knocks Andrade off and hits the 630 splash for the win.

Ricochet cuts a promo after saying after SummerSlam, everyone will believe in him.

Maria makes Mike get down and let her pin him to win the 24/7 Title. Maria walks around the hallway bragging about being a pregnant Champ and none of the geeks will touch her. She says she will be at her gynecologist appointment Thursday if anyone wants to try and beat her there.

We get a special episode of Moment of Bliss. Why? I don’t know. Alexa somehow transitions from Dolph Ziggler ruining everything to a clip of Natalya in the ring training earlier today where Becky shows up and attacks her. The crowd cheers her. Alexa said she will knock The Man down a peg later. Becky shows up on the tron warning Alexa about what will happen to her later.

The Usos come out for their tag title match. That means everyone on the streets of whatever city they are in can now feel safe for 20 minutes. So we have The Usos vs The Club vs The Revival for the Tag Titles. I hate thrown together Title matches like this. Gallows and Anderson stay out of the ring for the first five minutes or so as the Usos and Revival fight. The Revival then work over Jey Uso for an extended period of time. The Club finally pulls Jey to the outside and Gallows lays him out into commercial.

Back from break Anderson has a headlock applied, so I guess it is 50/50 when it comes to action during the break. Just like the booking. Jey continues to get worked over. I wonder if Jimmy is too drunk to work? I guess not because Jimmy gets the hot tag. He cleans house at 100 mph. The Revival ends up hitting a Steiner Liner on Jimmy but Anderson breaks it up. Everyone ends up on the outside except Dawson and Jimmy, and Jimmy superplexes Dawson onto everyone on the outside. Jimmy goes to the top but Dawson moves. Gallows makes the blind tag. Revival hits the Shatter Machine on Jimmy. Jey splashes on the Revival, but Jey gets hit with the Magic Killer and Gallows pins Anderson to win the Tag Titles.

We get a recap of RAW Reunion last week.

War Raiders win a squash match. Why couldn’t these guys have been in the Tag Title match?

Street Profits have an interaction with Seth Rollins.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss. Becky offers a free shot early on but Becky takes down Alexa. Becky works over Alexa in the ropes but Nikki Cross comes over with a cheap shot. Alexa works over Becky and pulls her off the second rope. Becky counters the Disarmer into a roll up for two. Alexa hits the double knees, but misses on a second attempt. Becky hits an enziguri but Alexa pushes Becky away on a Bexploder suplex. Becky finally gets a comeback going. Alexa awkwardly lands on her ankle then Becky hits a Bexploder suplex. Aelxa rolls out of the ring crying and the ref stops the match. She actually does a good job selling it, but then Nikki Cross comes in and challenges Becky to a match so you immediately know its a work.

Alexa is at ringside back from break. Becky beats Nikki Cross in a quick match. Alexa Bliss then attacks Becky from behind as her and Nikki do a number on her. Natalya then comes in and applies the Sharpshooter on Becky. Natty then cuts this promo about not wanting to shake Becky’s hand after SummerSlam, then challenges Becky to a submission match at SummerSlam. But then Natty says she doesn’t offer the challenge because she knows Becky won’t accept it? Okay then.

Maria is getting pictures taken as Braun Strowman comes in. She asks Braun to show her how much of a man he is and he just snorts and growls. I have no idea what that was about.

So we get Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins. I really hope this isn’t getting the full 30 minutes. Dolph comes out to HBK’s theme. Apparently Rollins is fighting for the whole locker room. The match starts. Rollins brawls with Dolph on the outside. Dolph ends up hitting a DDT on the apron into commercial. Rollins starts a comeback with a slingblade and forearm, followed by a Falcon Arrow for two. Ziggler then leap frogs Rollins and goes into the post and Ziggler hits a ZigZag for two. Ziggler tunes up the band but Rollins comes back with two superkicks of his own. Rollins gets ready to tune up the band, but Brock Lesnar’s music hits.

Lesnar comes out. Ziggler holds the leg of Rollins, allowing Brock to attack. Brock hits a couple of German suplexes. Brock throws Rollins into the barricade then F5’s him into the post. Brock uses a chair then F5’s Rollins onto the top of an open chair twice. Brock goes to leave but he does it again. Rollins starts coughing up blood.

We come back from commercial to see Seth getting taken out on a stretcher. Roman and Becky look on. Then Samoa Joe jumps Reigns as the Usos come in the picture and get jumped by Gallows and Anderson. As the ambulance is leaving, Brock is shown stopping it. Brock pulls Rollins out and hits the F5 on the stretcher, which looks like it hurt.

I completely forgot about this Samoan Summit until the last segment. Samoa Joe wants to fight anyways, so Roman comes out and they fight. Joe throws Reigns into the steps, but then Reigns tosses the steps back at Joe. Drew McIntyre then comes out and they brawl into the crowd. McIntyre and Joe get the upper hand until Cedric Alexander comes out for the save. Joe catches him with a lariat. Drew tosses Alexander into the LED board then off the stage. Joe and Drew go to put Roman through the table but the Usos make the save, then the Club comes out. Everyone is brawling then Cedric Alexander jumps off the LED board onto everyone down below. Alexander then takes out Drew. Joe and The Club come out looking for him, but Reigns and the Usos make the save as they stand tall with Cedric to close the show.

That was actually a really fun ending to RAW that really helped out Cedric Alexander. I can get behind that.

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