Bumping Up…Vulcana

Interviews can be a tricky topic. Not only do you have to create engaging content, but you also have to come up with questions that make for a cohesive read. And that’s all before you’re even able to find time in the interviewee’s busy schedule to ask the questions.

If it were an interview with someone you’re already aware of, then it’s more likely you will read it, right? But what about those you don’t know. You could be missing out on getting to know your next new favourite wrestler, and you wouldn’t even know it.

So, in order to spread the word on talent on the indie circuit, I got straight to the basics.

Bumping Up is here to point you in their direction and broaden your scope on new talent and promotions. If you like what you read, give them a follow & check out their next show. You never know where all this will take you.

So without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks & introduce you to…

Name: Vulcana
Age: ?
Hometown: Mount Vesuvius

How many years have you been a professional wrestler? 2

Who are your role models? (either currently or growing up) Chyna and Eddie Guerrero

Was this something you always wanted to do or did you slowly transition from ‘9-5’ to where you are now. I always wanted to do it but didn’t know it was something I could really just do. Once I found a school I started training and became addicted.

What are your main goals for the next few years? I want to wrestle all around the world!

What’s your proudest achievement in your career so far? It is small to others but the fact that people book me after seeing my matches means more to me than anything else. That says I’m on the right path.

And finally where are some of the promotions fans can currently see you in action? You can usually find me at GLAM in Oakland, Bumps and Brewses in LA and EWF in West Covina.

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