WWE NXT Reviews For 7.17.19 and 7.24.19

So I missed last week’s show. And I had a good amount of stuff going on this week. So I was finally able to catch up on last week’s NXT before this week’s show. So two reviews in one post!

WWE NXT Review 7.17.19

Matt Riddle vs Arturo Ruas

Ruas apparently has a bit of MMA history, so they say, so this match turns into a modified MMA match early on. Ruas goes for an ARMBAR early on but Riddle counters to one of his own. They get back to the standing position and exchange kicks. Riddle then lands a high knee and some ground and pound and the ref calls it.

WINNER: Matt Riddle- Every once in awhile it is cool to see something different like this. They made it look as real as possible and Ruas had a decent showing.

Suddenly a man in a hoodie comes in and attacks Riddle. Where is Joe yelling REGAL? It is Killian Dain. Dain lays out Riddle and ends up putting him through the floor of the stage.

Breakout Tournament 1st Round: Dexter Lumis vs Bronson Reed

Lumis has this slow kind of creepy music and he just stares at the camera for a minute as he is walking back and forth leaning on the ropes. I have no idea what this is suppose to mean. I get he used to be Samuel Shaw in TNA, but whatever the fuck this is here isn’t working.

Reed moves out of the way of a dive to the outside and hits a crossbody on the floor. Lumis lands a shot to the throat back in the ring and then some ground and pound. Lumis lands some knees but Reed comes back with a powerslam. Reed hits a couple backdrop then a running senton for two. Lumis escapes a belly to back suplex and hits one of his own, followed by a spinning leg drop. Lumis misses on a Swanton. Reed goes to the top and hits a splash from the top for the win.

WINNER: Bronson Reed- Decent match. I have no idea what Lumis is suppose to be but his offense in the ring doesn’t match the scare/creepy factor he tried to get over with his entrance.

The Forgotten Sons confront Tyler Breeze. Breeze calls Ryker Buddy Murphy.

Kushida vs Apollo Crews

Apollo got more of a pop here than probably all of the pops he’s ever gotten in the WWE combined. Some mat work early on from both men, then Crews shows off his athleticism with some leaps then connects on a dropkick. Kushida slides out of the ring on a throw to the corner then hits a spingboard double heel kick to Crews on the apron. Crews is then able to toss Kushida and hit a double knee buster. Crews hits an overhead belly to belly for two. Kushida catches crews going for a leap frog in the corner and lands a kick. He follows it up with a handspring elbow and a sit out dropkick, corner enziguri and tornado DDT.

Kushida goes for an armbar but Crews catches him with a kick to the face. Crews hits three dead lift German suplexes and flips Kushida on the last one, and follows it up with a standing shooting star press for two. We get a couple of rolls into near falls for two. Crews goes to the top and knocks Kushida off. But Kushida comes back with the double heel kick, then moonsaults into an armbar off the top. Kushida moves to the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

WINNER: Kushida- Very good match here. It goes to show you what Apollo Crews can do if given time against a good wrestler. I always maintain, as do most people, that Crews was brought to the main roster way too early. Kushida needs a solid program after Takeover.

Keith Lee interview. He talks about the changing landscape and how everyone is talking about Damian Priest. Lee says he will change the narrative next week when he faces Priest.

Adam Cole vs Twan Tucker, Or Not

Cole comes out and says he wants to be a fighting Champion. He says he will defend the Title tonight, and shows a video package of Gargano going to his former training school. Cole is going to fight Twan Tucker, one of the trainees from the video. Cole says there is no Undisputed Era and he will give Tucker a fair chance. Tucker said he didn’t come alone, and out comes Johnny Gargano. Gargano charges the ring and brawls with Cole. They go up into the crowd. After a couple of minutes referees finally come out. Gargano dives off the stage onto Cole. They brawl back into the ring and Gargano hits a superkick and applies the Gargano Lock. The show ends with Gargano leaving up the ramp.

WWE NXT Review 7.24.19

We get a recap of the show closing events from last week. William Regal makes the announcement that for NXT Takeover Toronto, it will be another 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NXT Championship. Cole and Gargano will each pick a stipulation, then if it goes to a third fall (it will), Regal picks the last stipulation.

Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Jordan Myles vs Angel Garza

We get an exchange of armbars early on. Myles then hits a dropkick. Garza goes to the outside. Myles goes on the apron and pulls out the ring skirt and Myles falls into mat. Garza then throws Myles into the steps and barricade. Garza keeps control back in the ring and lands a backcracker and a superkick for two. Myles blocks a throw into the corner then lands some kicks and a sitout dropkick. Myles hits a discus clothesline and goes to the top but Garza rolls away. Garza catches Myles mid air with a dropkick for two. Myles blocks a kick and connects on a deadlift German suplex for the win.

WINNER: Jordan Myles- Kind of a weird ending. Especially since Crews just did a couple of those deadlift Germans last week. Maybe if I didn’t just watch last week’s show I’d feel differently.

Shane Thorne shows up at the NXT announce table. Thorne said he doesn’t need a Tournament to breakout, he will breakout all on his own.

Johnny Gargano chooses Street Fight as his stipulation.

Xia Li vs Bianca Belair

Belair immediately charges at Li in the corner and lays in some punches and kicks. Belair hits a modified GlamSlam and then a throwaway slam for two. Belair tries showing off with Li in the suplex position but Li escapes and gets a mini comeback going. But Belair quickly thwarts it and hits the KOD for the win.

WINNER: Bianca Belair- They are trying to reestablish Belair after a couple of losses so I’m fine with this.

A recap of Killian Dain taking out Riddle last week.

They show Mia Yim taking out Jessmyn Duke at the Performance Center. Yim took out Marina Shafir last week too.

Velveteen Dream comes out. Dream says the day he loses the NXT North American Title, he wants to go straight to hell because that is what losing the Title will feel like. Dream says if Roderick Strong gets the experience he is asking for, Strong will learn that he is not big enough to ride this ride. Dream says maybe there is someone big enough, and if he is out there the Dream wants to experience him.

Out comes Roderick Strong. Strong says he doesn’t believe Dream believes a thing he just said. Strong calls Dream scared. Strong says he is the most deserving challenger and can take the North American Title with no problem. Strong asks for a Title shot at Takeover Toronto, where the Dream will die.

Suddenly Pete Dunne’s music hits. Dunne comes to the ring and snaps the fingers of Strong. Dunne stares at the Title as Dream walks away.

Roderick Strong finds William Regal backstage. Regal says Dunne is going to be part of NXT for awhile. It’ll be Dream vs Dunne vs Strong for the North American Title at Takeover. Strong demands a match with Dunne next week.

Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai

Shirai hits a dropkick right after the bell then double knees in the corner followed by a backbreaker.

Candace LeRae comes out and goes right after Io. She hits a dive to the outside and grabs a chair but Io runs off.

Adam Cole chooses an old school wrestling match for his stipulation.

Keith Lee vs Damian Priest

Both men try to knock each other down early. They each then avoid kicks and punches, including a spinning heel kick from Lee. Priest knocks Lee down with a discus clothesline then slows it down a bit. Priest walks the ropes with Lee’s hand and then hits a crossbody. Lee starts fighting back with a clothesline of his own. Priest ducks a couple of Lee shots and hits a Falcon Arrow for two. They exchange strikes again and Lee hits a Pounce. Priest knees Lee to the outside and goes for a Swanton to the outside but Lee catches him. Priest though escapes and throws Lee into the steps. Lee powers up and backs Priest into the ring. But Priest uses the ref as a shield. Priest then hits the spinning head kick and the Reckoning for the win.

WINNER: Damian Priest- I continue to be impressed with Priest so far in the WWE. I figured Triple H and Company would know how to use him right. The finish protects Lee too.

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