NXT UK 7/24/19

Kenny Williams Vs Noam

DarrFormer friends fighting each other always has a certain level of intensity to it. So this SHOULD be a good match up…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The crowd, for whatever reason, were SUPER quiet for the first 10 mins. Like eerily quiet. Not like an NXT UK crowd at all. I know both competitors were going down the technical route, but still…come on people, make some noise!

They gave it their all (Williams can gain some crazy heights!) but It came to an end when the referee was distracted (due to a shoe, of all things) and Noam Darr snuck in a low blow for the win.

Strange match. Hope the crowd picks up!

Jinny, Jazzy & Kay Lee Ray Vs Xia, Niven & Toni Storm

Another strange start to the match. It WAS Xia Vs Ray to start things off, but Storm wanted a piece of Ray and tagged herself in…only for Ray to then exit the ring! But, that just shows how much of a fighting champ Storm is.

We then had Niven & Gabertt, a fight I was hoping went on longer, but Jinny wanted in, and in she got…along with a whole heap of ass kicking. Barely surviving long enough for Ray to tag in.

There were lots of back and forth & an assortment of spots to be had (especially from the baby face team) but in the end it’s evil that prevails.

Trent Seven Vs Walter

This match started before Walter could even enter the ring! Seven is angry, intense and means business. The shots came thick and fast and were consistently brutal.

As stated on Twitter, Walter is my favourite WWE superstar at them moment (which puts me in an awkward position given that both Trent and I serve the Queen!) And everything he did was with pure aggression. He’s the champ and the ring general for a reason. I mean the man kicked out of a Super plex for goodness sake!

Seven put in a stellar performance (He took FIVE of Walters powerbombs! FIVE! That’s insane. It would have kept on going too if it wasn’t for the ref ending the match) but in the end he just wasn’t good enough. Brutal performance by both men…in the best possible way