WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.23.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kofi and Orton is a Go

Kofi Kingston announced his Summerslam opponent and selected Randy Orton. This was the speculation after last week’s events and it’s now official. Kofi showed a highlight from 2009 where he took Orton to his limits. Kofi was convinced this was his moment to join the main event. However this name came to be because Orton sabotaged his push. Orton admitted it and said he never had to fake a Jamaican accent, throw pancakes, or shake his ass to get where he is today. Orton’s definitely invested in this feud so this means this program between Kofi could be really good. Kofi’s had a wide range of rivals coming for his WWE Championship, but none bigger than Randy Orton. This should be a good build folks.


MISS: Ember Moon vs Charlotte Lasts a Minute?

I don’t understand why the short matches all the sudden, especially when it comes to the women? There were no entrances for this one and it felt like it was thrown together. This is Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair, this is something that should be promoted and given fifteen to twenty minutes. They gave that horrible match on Raw last week twenty-three minutes, but this one gets a minute. It literally starts and Bayley comes out and Ember rolls up Charlotte. I think most people were so annoyed the match ended so quickly that some probably missed Ember Moon throwing Bayley into the ring to Charlotte and then Ember took Bayley out. Ember Moon and Bayley needs time to be built, but this is the wrong way to go about it.


HIT: Bray Wyatt/Fiend Answer Finn Balor

Finn Balor was asked about being attacked by Bray Wyatt’s fiend persona last week on Raw and Balor had no answers. Bray Wyatt from the Firefly Funhouse appeared with his puppets and said how much they liked Finn, but the fiend however didn’t. Wyatt said the fiend accepted Finn Balor’s Summerslam challenge. Yowie Wowie!!! The fiend is finally going to wrestle. Knowing that Finn Balor is taking time off after Summerslam, this is the time to push Wyatt to the moon. He got a nice rub on Raw last night giving Mick Foley the Mandible Claw. Let’s make another star with Wyatt and make up for butchering the Wyatt Family run.


MISS: What Are Mandy and Sonya Talking About?

There was an awkward promo between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. They were talking about the women tag team championship where they said they were going to wrestle for them next week. Then they were talking about wrestling next week for a chance at the titles? Well which one is it? Clearly this segment was botched and nobody truly knows what’s going on. In reality, the match will probably only last a minute anyway so does it really matter.


HIT: Ziggler Speaks For the Fans?

Weird that I’m agreeing with Dolph Ziggler, but here we are. Miz TV hosted Shawn Michaels talking about the Raw Reunion last night. This triggered Ziggler to go on a rant about the legends taking current superstars time and how Goldberg and Michaels were embarrassments that need to stay out of the ring. Michaels then called Ziggler a second rate Shawn Michaels that set Ziggler off which of course triggered the Miz telling Ziggler to do something instead of his infamous whiny it should’ve been me crap. More than likely Miz and Ziggler will be wrestling at Summerslam and if it’s anything like their match at No Mercy a few years ago, sign me up.


MISS: Drew McIntyre and Elias are the New Patterson and Brisco

Shane opened up Smackdown with another stupid Shane promo that filled fifteen minutes. Apparently he’s going to attempt to wrestle Kevin Owens at Summerslam and if KO loses, he’s going to quit. Shane decides to make a match with himself as the special guest ring announcer, Elias as the timekeeper, and Drew McIntyre as the ref and the opponent was Roman Reigns. This is the most Attitude Era idea I’ve ever heard. Seriously, just go back and watch the Austin vs McMahon stuff and you can see how many times Vinnie Mac would stack the deck and use his stooges to fill ringside positions. Having KO using the Stone Cold Stunner on top of it just screams they want to relive the Attitude Era. Maybe they should turn Roman Reigns into the modern day Rock. Of course Roman needs some work in the promo department being Rock was one of the greatest of all time there.


Decent episode of Smackdown Live. Few decent matches, but the build to Summerslam was solid and definitely the focus. We’ll do it again next week so keep it here with us at HTCWrestling and follow on Twitter @ChairmanSV for my latest tweets.