NXT UK 07.17.19

Last week’s show was quite the let down for me. In fact, it was the first time I’ve been disappointed in an NXT UK show since I started writing! So will this week get me back on track? Only one way to find out…

Barthel & Aichner Vs Huxley & T-Bone

Aichner is a beast! T-Bone is no small man, and the fact that he was picked up and thrown down like a toddler by Aichner says it all. As I said on Twitter (@NoviceJourno) Imperium are just phenomenal. Technical, intimidating, pure brute force. It doesn’t matter who the team is, they will take them down with pure precession & power. Huxley & T-Bone are 2 big strong dudes, but they had their asses handed to them in this opening match. Great start to the show!

Xia Brookside Vs Jinny

I have slight bias in this fight. Brookside is a local hero and Jinny…well, Jinny pisses me off. She leans on Gabert way too much. But let’s see how she does tonight.

It’s clear that Brookside is the better wrestler, but Jinny did have a few decent shots. More of a brawler than a wrestler. Despite saying she didn’t want or need Gaberts help, she still got it…and it really ‘fluffed’ the end. It was very…not botchy, but sloppy and.. disappointing. It was a terrible, shoddy ending.

Kassius Ohno Vs Mark Andrews

Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of either of these two guys, so I’m not fully invested, but I’ll do my best to not let that sway me.

It was Ohno that was in charge for the most part. Nothing too technical or brutal, just your run of the mill kind of match…but THEN, Mark Andrews actually got my attention. I didn’t realise he was such a high flyer. The ‘over the top rope’ hurricanrana was pretty damn spectacular. And his momentum continued thereafter. Ohno did throw some heavy shots (he is a much bigger dude after all) but Andrews continued to give it his all and in the end, much to the surprise of us all…won! Much better than I was expected, and I even left the show being a fan.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than last week’s show. I’m just hoping that trend continues…only one way to find out. Same time next week.