Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe Week of 7.15.19

Hello everyone. You can feel safe here. There is no Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion. We actually develop undercard feuds where the women feel like a big deal. And we have new challengers going into SummerSlam for the top Titles!

Last Week On RAW/King of the Ring

-Alexa Bliss chased off Lacey Evans and broke her car window with a lead pipe.

-Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn at King of the Ring to retain the Universal Title.

-Mojo defeated Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match by powerbombing him off the stage.

WWE RAW 7.15.19

8:00-8:10- The show starts with a hype package for tonight’s Usos/Revival Hell In A Cell match. Seth Rollins comes out and says Sami Zayn pushed him to his limit last night. And he can feel it today. Out comes Ricochet. He brings me out and grabs the mic. Ricochet says he wanted to call his shot when it came to his Money in the Bank cash in. And at SummerSlam, he is calling his shot and will become the new Universal Champion.

Out comes Sami Zayn. Zayn says he proved last night that he deserves another shot at the Universal Title. Ricochet says why don’t they fight, and if Sami beats him, he gets added to the match.

*commercial break*

8:15-8:35- Ricochet vs Sami Zayn. These guys go all out as you would expect. Ricochet wins of course. This makes Rollins vs Ricochet official at SummerSlam.

*commercial break*

8:40-8:55- We get a recap of last week’s Mojo/Rey Falls Count Anywhere Match. Mojo brags about being the one to end the legacy of Rey Mysterio, and starting his own legacy in the process. Mojo then has a match against Kalisto, which he wins.

AJ backstage with The Club. AJ tells The Club they need to stop the goofing off and focus again on their match tonight.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:20- More Hell In A Cell Hype. The Club vs Cesaro and Bobby Roode. Roode and Cesaro pick up the win as The Club leaves frustrated again. The Club are shown walking by AJ backstage and AJ just shakes their head at them and leaves.

*commercial break*

9:25-9:40- Naomi vs Mickie James, with Mickie James picking up the win. Afterwards, Mickie takes the mic and says she’s out to prove that she’s still got it. And she’s challenging Becky Lynch to a fight at SummerSlam. Becky comes out to accept her challenge. Becky says after she wins at SummerSlam, everyone’s favorite MILF is going to be in the position she finds herself in the most: on her back.

*commercial break*

9:45-9:55: The Miz comes out. He talks about everything that he’s been through the last few weeks. Miz says people used to call him weak. But he’s a husband and a father. And he will fight Bray Wyatt until there is nothing left in him to defend them. Bray Wyatt appears on the screen. Bray says Miz can’t protect his family from the fear that he’s brought, and the fear they will feel for the rest of their life. Miz challenges Bray to a Street Fight at SummerSlam and Bray accepts.

*commercial break*

10:00-10:15- Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre. Samoa Joe comes out at the end of the match and takes out both men with a steel chair and stands tall with the US Title.

*commercial break*

10:20-10:25: War Raiders promo. They say that no matter who walks out of Hell In A Cell, they will be ready to bury the scraps at SummerSlam.

We get a recap of the Alexa Bliss/Lacey Evans feud so far. Next week, they will finally fight in the ring.

*commercial break*

10:30-End: Usos vs The Revival inside Hell In A Cell. Of course this match is a war. We get blood and everything. Both teams also stay inside the Cell. The Usos pick up the win as they hit double splashes off the top rope through tables. The Usos climb to the top of the Cell to celebrate to close the show.

Last Week on Smackdown Live/King of the Ring

-Andrade won the King of the Ring Tournament and will challenge Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam.

-Kofi beat Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Title.

-The Blondtourage beat the team of Becky Lynch, Ember Moon and Bayley.

WWE Smackdown Live 7.16.19

8:00-8:10- We start the show with a recap of a series of tweets from this past weekend where it was voted that Roman Reigns has the best Spear in wrestling history. This caused Reigns and Goldberg to go back and forth, with Roman inviting Goldberg to Smackdown this week. Goldberg accepted.

The actual show starts with an official celebration of Andrade winning the King of the Ring Tournament. Andrade talks about how KOTR was his breakout party, and SummerSlam is his official arrival. New Day interrupts. They make fun of his accent. But Kofi says he knows Andrade is for real, but he isn’t ready to lose his WWE Title yet.

*commercial break*

8:15-8:35- Xaiver Woods and Big E take on Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Bryan and Rowan pick up the win after Andrade takes out Xaiver with the referee distracted.

*commercial break*

8:40-8:55- Aleister Black vs Rusev. Black picks up the win. But as Black gets his hand raised, Randy Orton comes OUT OF NOWHERE and hits the RKO.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:15- The Blondtourage comes out for a promo. They brag about being the best thing going in the WWE, and as a unit they can’t be stopped. Carmella informs everyone that since she pinned Becky, she is getting a shot at the Smackdown Live Women’s Title at SummerSlam. Charlotte and Mandy say they are challenging Asuka and Kairi Sane for the Women’s Tag Titles.

Sonya Deville then appears in the crowd. Mandy warns Sonya not to get any closer because of the restraining order. Sonya is wielding a kendo stick and tells Mandy she is just biding her time, because sooner or later, she is going to get her hands on Mandy. And when she does, none of her blonde bimbo friends will save her. But for now, they should worry about what is behind them. Becky Lynch, Kairi Sane and Asuka are behind all three women and take them out.

*commercial break*

9:20-9:40- Finn Balor and Ali vs Buddy Murphy/Kevin Owens. Ali and Balor pick up the win after KO accidentally superkicks Murphy, then eats both of Balor and Ali’s finishers. KO and Murphy argue after the match.

*commercial break*

9:45-End- Nakamura and Rusev get into a bit of an argument backstage about which one of them is letting the team down. Nakamura says next week, he will take care of Aleister Black.

Finn Balor and Ali are interviewed. Ali says he has his eyes set on the IC Title. Balor says to ease up a bit, because he is still first in line for it.

Out comes Goldberg. Goldberg says he heard a lot of talk this past week about Roman Reigns. Goldberg says he respects Reigns, but he will never be in the same league as Goldberg. Reigns comes out. Reigns says Goldberg used to be the man, but that was in the past. And if Goldberg doesn’t watch it, Reigns will Spear him back into the past. Goldberg says that sounds like a challenge. Goldberg says he still thinks he’s got one more big fight in him and challenges Reigns to a match at SummerSlam. Reigns accepts, and says at SummerSlam, Goldberg is next. Goldberg laughs as they shake on it as the show ends.

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