WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.16.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kofi Moving Onto the Viper

Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship has been solid and one of those reasons is because he’s been involved in so many different feuds. Fickle people will bury Seth Rollins Universal Championship reign, but to his defense, when you’re stuck with Borin Corbin for a good amount of your title reign it’s going to suck. After Daniel Bryan basically walked away from a challenge from New Day, Samoa Joe appeared and asked Kofi for a title match. This brought out Elias and then Randy Orton. All three men pleading their case on who should challenge Kofi next. After words were exchanged this led to a six man tag team match and in the end Orton hit the RKO on Kofi for the win. Not a fan of Kofi taking a pinfall being the champion, but more than likely this could setup Kofi vs Orton at Summerslam so it makes sense somewhat.


MISS: Shane McMahon Town Hall

We’re all sick of Shane and after the Undertaker and Roman Reigns beat him and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules we thought we’d be done with him. Fat chance! His feud with Kevin Owens continues and on top of it, Shane had a public forum for wrestlers to voice their opinions. Most of the wrestlers that spoke were the ones Owens mentioned in his rant last week and Shane clearly didn’t care what most of them said unless they kissed his ass. Shane still sucks and is one of the worst things going in WWE programming.


HIT: Cesaro Picks Another Fight

Cesaro was granted another match against Aleister Black. While it wasn’t as great as the match at Extreme Rules (which was my favorite match of that event) it was a solid show starter. Black of course hit the Black Mass and knocked out Cesaro and his mouthpiece. As great as Cesaro has looked in these matches, they can’t trot him out there again against Black. I’m curious to see who picks a fight with Black next.


MISS: Women Tag Team Championship Match

These titles should’ve never seen the light of day. Creative clearly has no thought on how to incorporate them and tonight it showed again. The Iiconics finally gave the Kabuki Warriors a title match and it lasted a mere few minutes with the Iiconics getting themselves counted out to retain the titles. This is one of the worst storylines in WWE and it’s a damn shame considering how amazing Asuka and Kairi Sane are in the ring. I would much rather see Asuka challenging Becky Lynch or Bayley for their respective championship opposed to this.


HIT: Liv Morgan Was Finally Found

During the opening segment, Liv Morgan interrupted Charlotte Flair kissing Shane’s ass. There was a match between the two later on and it wasn’t bad. Charlotte hasn’t been seen in quite some time and Liv Morgan wrestled her first match on Smackdown Live since being acquired. Charlotte of course won, but it was nice to see someone like Liv Morgan getting used opposed to the same rinse and repeat stuff we’ve had.


MISS: Shane Ruins the Main Event

See the trend here? Shane as a miss again. Kevin Owens is clearly the new problem of Shane McMahon. Dolph Ziggler after being embarrassed at Extreme Rules wanted a match against Owens. Even though Shane banned KO from the building, the match was made. I hate rematches right after pay per views, especially since Ziggler is involved because I can careless about his character. Throw in the fact that Shane McMahon led the entire locker room of heel wrestlers to the ring just made it all about Shane again. The dumb part of it all was Owens managed to hit Shane with a stunner while twenty heel wrestlers just looked on in awe before finally realizing what happened and chased Owens to the back. Owens is doing his best to make this work, but everyone is so sick of Shane that nobody cares.


In the end, this Smackdown Live wasn’t very good. If you didn’t see it, give her the old skip. WWE is still trying to run way too many storylines in a small two hour window when it’s better to just keep some of the storylines off television for a week and revisit them a week later. We’ll do it again next week and maybe I’ll even live tweet Smackdown again since I took a hiatus (I had family visiting from out of town). Thanks for reading.