NJPW G1 Climax 29 A Block Night 2 Highlights w/ The Chairman

The second night of A block is here after an eight day break. Let’s see what happens between the wrestlers in A block. Who will be leading? Who will be chasing? Keep reading to find out.


Bad Luck Fale (2 points) vs Lance Archer (2 points)

The only match pairing two wrestlers with two points against each other meaning there’s a good chance someone will have four points after this one. Archer goes right to work and takes Fale to the outside. Jado of course hits Archer in the back with a kendo stick providing enough of a distraction for Fale to get back on the offense. The big men take their fight into the crowd and going in you knew this wasn’t going to be a technical wrestling match, but a brawl. Eventually the match makes its way back to the ring. Jado over the course of the match continued to pay dividends for Fale. At one moment, Archer was going for old school and Fale had the referee distracted enough for another cheap kendo shot from Jado to Archer. This provided Fale an opening to deliver a vicious superplex from the top rope to Archer, but it wasn’t enough to put away Archer. Fale then teased that he was going to go for old school, but Archer stopped it. Archer looked like he was going for Blackout, but Fale escaped and hit the Grenade. Archer again though kicked out. Archer looked for a chokeslam, but it was Jado again getting involved, but Archer took care of the threat. Archer tried the chokeslam and was successful. Fale however kicked out. Archer then goes for the Everybody Dies Claw squeezing the skull of Fale and scores the pin remaining perfect in A block. Archer is becoming a legitimate threat in the A block and he has the points so far to prove it.


SANADA (2 points) vs Will Ospreay (0 points)

One of the most anticipated matches of the show takes place here between Sanada and Will Ospreay. An even crowd in terms of crowd support for this one. Ospreay at one point early attempted the Paradise lock, but failed. Sanada of course went for it and Ospreay escaped right away. As the match progressed, Sanada got Ospreay in the Paradise Lock again and this time he’s trapped in the ropes. Sanada then started to focus on the neck of Ospreay that’s been a well known weakness of his. Ospreay started getting back into the match and hit a standing shooting star press on Sanada for a quick pin, but wasn’t enough. Ospreay launched himself to the outside to take out Sanada and now the action gets moved back inside the ring. Ospreay hit the Pip Pip Cheerio, but again Sanada kicked out. Sanada then immediately turns it on and hits a flurry of offense of his own. Sanada and Ospreay battle it out for quite sometime countering everything they’re throwing at each other. Sanada finally got the TKO off after trying several times. Ospreay and Sanada then find themselves exchanging elbow blows, kicks, and everything else. Eventually Ospreay managed to hit a powerbomb on Sanada, but he kicked out. Ospreay then goes up top for a shooting star press, but Sanada kicked out again. Ospreay then looks to go for Stormbreaker, but Sanada turned it into a Skull End right at the fifteen minute mark. Sanada then goes high risk, but failed. Ospreay with a Spanish Fly tries another pin, but Sanada kicked out. Ospreay then hits the Robinson Special, then goes for Oscutter, but denied into a Skull End. Ospreay after several attempts hit the Oscutter finally and followed up with a Stormbreaker to put Sanada away. Ospreay records his first two points after alot of back and forth action with Sanada. Ospreay needed this huge win to stay in the hunt and prove that he in fact belongs with the heavyweights.


Zack Sabre Jr (0 points) vs Kazuchika Okada (2 pts)

Sabre Jr did in fact defeat Okada last year at REVPRO while Okada was suffering from his post IWGP Heavyweight Champion hangover from last year. However Okada has been rejuvenated since and already has managed to defeat Hiroshi Tanahashi in A Block action. Sabre Jr’s intentions are to defeat Okada and then challenge him for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming Royal Quest event. Match starts a little slow with Sabre Jr trying to disable Okada’s Rainmaker arm. Sabre Jr about stole the match early with a bridge pin, but Okada just barely escaped. Sabre Jr then again with another quick pin, but not enough. Sabre Jr then started applying a banana split submission along with a calf crusher, but Okada got to the ropes. The damage however was done and Sabre Jr is going to work on Okada, especially the legs. Okada gets back into the match though and plants ZSJ with a DDT, not enough for the three though. Okada was looking for the Rainmaker after a flying elbow smash, but denied by Sabre Jr. Okada though managed to hit a tombstone and was looking Rainmaker, but Sabre Jr countered into a octopus hold. Okada barely managed to get to the ropes before it was too late. Sabre Jr regained control with a series of kicks and strikes. Okada though answered back with some strikes of his own. Okada then started up a series of dropkicks and wanted Rainmaker, but denied. Sabre Jr tried a series of pins, but Okada escaped. Okada goes for Rainmaker again, but Sabre Jr with another submission. Okada shakes him off and hits a spinning Rainmaker and finally a Rainmaker puts ZSJ away. Okada moves to four points while ZSJ will continue searching for his first points next go.


Kota Ibushi (0 points) vs EVIL (0 pts)

This is the only match featuring two wrestlers who are still searching for their first points. Therefore someone will more than likely have two points after this one while the other remains at zero and falls further behind. Evil was dominant for the most part in the early going in this one. Kota makes a comeback though and hits a moonsault press, but Evil kicked out at two. It was mentioned that Kota Ibushi has an injured ankle from his match against Kenta which as many know Kota uses alot of kicks in his offense. Be interesting to see how this affects Ibushi in the rest of the G1 Climax going forward. Evil toys with Everything is Evil fairly early, but Ibushi was able to get out of trouble and went for a one legged moonsault, but not Evil kicked out. Kota wanted to go for a high risk move, but Evil stopped him in his tracks. Then Evil went up for a massive superplex then followed up with a big lariat. Evil went for the cover, but Ibushi wasn’t done yet. Evil was looking for Everything is Evil, but Kota escaped. The two men then exchanged German suplexes and with simultaneous clotheslines, both men dropped. The two men managed to keep this one in the ring which was a surprise to many being it’s well known they like going outside, especially Evil who likes the chairs and Kota with the dives. The battle continued on and the referee Red Shoes went down briefly at the fifteen minute mark. He got right back in there though to count a Kota Ibushi pin, but Evil kicked out. Ibushi went for the Kamigoye, but Evil countered into a scorpion deathlock, however Kota escaped. Evil went for a bold move up top with a super senton, but Ibushi managed to get out of the way. Kota then exposed the knee and went for the Kamigoye, but Evil somehow kicked out. Kota and Evil then tried to go for their respective finishers, but they countered each other. Evil moments later hit Darkness Falls, but Kota kicked out. Evil then went for Everything is Evil and managed to defeat Kota Ibushi. Kota Ibushi’s losing streak continues and Evil is on the board with two points. The heavy favorite Kota Ibushi is looking far from a favorite after dropping his first two G1 Climax matches.


KENTA (2 points) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points)

The main event pairs Kenta against Tanahashi. Last years G1 Climax winner Tanahashi desperately needs to win because he can’t afford to fall behind another match. Kenta meanwhile wants to keep riding his momentum and stay atop of the leader board in A block. The two superstars lock in in the ring which leads to a slap to the face to the Ace from Kenta. Tanahashi returns the slap and now the blows are being exchanged between the two. Moments later the action gets intense and they quickly go to the outside. Tana whips Kenta into the gates. Kenta though delivers a DDT to the floor to get back into the match. The action gets back in the ring and the match continues. Kenta keeps delivering an aggressive offense wearing down Tanahashi. Lots of kicks and rest holds from Kenta to Tanahashi killing the crowd. Tana though finally managed to block a kick from Kenta and turn it into a dragon screw getting back on the offense. Kenta though started a flurry of offense from big boots, dropkicks, and a massive double stomp from the top. Wasn’t enough to keep Tanahashi down. Kenta was looking for the Go To Sleep, but was denied by Tanahashi. Tana eventually gets things back to his control and locks Kenta into the cloverleaf. Kenta managed to roll up Tana in a small package, but he kicked out. Kenta then hits the hangman DDT from drops onto Tanahashi. Very vintage move! Kenta is looking to continue his momentum, but Tanahashi with a slingblade takes it all away. Kenta gets control back moments later and wants the Go To Sleep, but Tanahashi counters with Twist and Shout trifecta. Tanahashi delivers another slingblade, but Kenta kicks out. Tanahashi quickly goes up top for Aces High and hits it. Tanahashi then goes for the frogsplash, but Kenta got the knees up. Kenta then makes a final surge of offense and successfully delivers the Go To Sleep to defeat the Ace. KENTA moves to four points while Tanahashi sits at zero.


If you would’ve told me both Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi would have zero points after two nights of A block action, well I wouldn’t have believed you. These two were in the finals last year, but are struggling in 2019. Also keep in mind Kenta has defeated both of them, making him a major threat to the A block. Especially when Ibushi and Tanahashi finally right the ship and start racking up the wins. Here is what’s coming up next for A Block this Thursday.

KENTA (4 points) vs Lance Archer (4 points)

Two surprises are leading the A block and they face off on night three for the right to remain on top. Kenta has taken down two A block favorites in Ibushi and Tanahashi proving he belongs in Japan. His kicks are absolutely devastating and the Go To Sleep is literally putting everybody to sleep. The question is can he put the much bigger Lance Archer to sleep and his Everybody Dies Claw that he’s used to put away Ospreay and Fale???


EVIL (2 points) vs SANADA (2 points)

A match I’ve had circled since seeing the matches. The two L.I.J. teammates face off in what could be considered a must win match. Sanada started off with a big victory over Sabre Jr, but was defeated by Ospreay. Evil meanwhile has the momentum on his side. He started off with a loss to Fale, but rebounded against Kota Ibushi. This one should definitely make things interesting and could potential drive a rift between this awesome team in NJPW.


Kazuchika Okada (4 points) vs Bad Luck Fale (2 points)

The IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada has taken down all comers. His next challenge to remain undefeated comes against Fale. You know Jado will be around and maybe even Gedo? Fale took a step backwards after losing to Archer so you know he’ll want to get back on the winning track. However can Fale stop Okada’s momentum?


Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points) vs Zack Sabre Jr (0 points)

The only match pairing two wrestlers that haven’t scored yet in the G1 face off in what’s considered a must win match. Definitely a shock seeing the Ace and ZSJ shutout, but that’s the reality right now. We’ll have to see who wants this match more.


Kota Ibushi (0 points) vs Will Ospreay (2 points)

Ibushi will look to get on the board while Ospreay plans to continue proving everybody wrong. Two of the most athletic wrestlers in the world face off in what should be an amazing match. Ibushi desperately needs to win to save his chances and my prediction of winning the A Block. Ospreay however is coming off a big win over Sanada and looks to continue his quest as top wrestler in 2019 and a win over Ibushi would help that argument.


That does it for me! We’ll do it again Thursday! Thanks for reading and keep it here with us at HTC for your G1 Climax 29 information.