AEW Fight for the Fallen: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Hangman Page Is Losing Credibility

I don’t think it is just me. I’ve set multiple times that Page can be a future star with AEW. And I had no problem with him being in the first AEW Title match. But they have not done a good job of making Page look like a Championship contender going into All Out. Page should not be wrestling a long match with Kip Sabian. It doesn’t matter if Page is selling his knee injury. And even after with his scuffle with Jericho, I think Page needed to say something on the mic to get some heat back. But Page is looking less and less like a top caliber talent going into All Out. I would almost say Page has gone in reverse since joining AEW when it comes to star power. I didn’t expect Page to win at All Out, and now I would be shocked if he did.

2. AEW Doesn’t Need Its Own Stephanie McMahon

What the hell was going on with Brandi Rhodes tonight? She cuts a babyface like promo before her match. Then she wrestles the match as a heel. Then after she comes out at the end for the charity donation. That is way too much over exposure for her and no consistency whatsoever when it comes to her character. That is pretty much Stephanie McMahon syndrome at its finest. Everyone knows my thoughts on Brandi in the ring. It is the same with Lana. You can try and try all you want but sometimes it isn’t just meant for you. Brandi can be a terrific character and she has shown she has the chops to do it. But keep some consistency with her and don’t make her an overwhelming presence in the women’s division.

3. Anyone Else Lucha Brothers/Young Bucks Exhausted?

These two teams but on great matches, don’t get me wrong. But they are now having their third match together in AEW. Of course this one is a ladder match. So I expect these guys to try and kill each other. But it comes a point when you do these matches so often in a row that they get tiresome. It’s the opposite of Okada/Tanahashi in New Japan. They spread those matches out enough that you don’t get bored with them and always want to see them. But here these teams are fighting constantly. And they have fought twice in AAA and will fight again their in a few weeks. And I have a feeling they might fight in the tag team tournament. I think Penta and Fenix could both be big singles stars and I think they should go that way once the rest of the tag team division is established.

Random Thoughts

-AEW still has some production issues to work out. But I will give them credit for the unique set and venue choice.

-Speaking of production, were those some of our founder’s video clips I saw?

-It is somewhat amazing that outside of introducing the world to Pentagon, Lucha Underground’s second most lasting effect might be introducing the world to Luchasaurus.

-Kenny Omega and CIMA was great. But Kenny, you don’t need to kill yourself in every match.

-It was quite clear Britt Baker was concussed, so I’m giving her a pass on going to the wrong corner.

-MJF needs to be the company’s first mid-card Champion forever.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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