New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax B Block Results 7.13.19

Hey everyone, Justin C here. I’ll be covering B Block for HTCWrestling during the tournament. Just like Chairman, I’ll be going right to the Block matches.

Shingo Takagi vs Juice Robinson

Neither man can take the other down with a shoulder tackle. I get the story they are trying to tell with Shingo moving up to heavyweight possibly effecting that, but Shingo looks much bigger than Juice. Shingo hits a DDT on the outside and then brings Juice back in, and takes him down with a hard shoulder tackle. A chop exchange ensues with Shingo eventually taking Juice down then lifting him to the outside. Shingo runs for a dive but Juice jumps back in and hits a spear. Juice hits a crossbody off the top for two. Juice lands his Juice punches but Shingo then hits a right and a lariat. Juice delivers a right in the corner but misses a cannonball. Both men battle for control until Juice hits the Juice Box. Juice finally hits the cannonball. Juice hits a superplex and Jackhammer for two, and somewhere Goldberg weeps. Shingo escapes Pulp Friction and hits the sliding lariat. They exchange lariats. Shingo escapes Pulp Friction and hits Noshigami and a lariat for two. Juice comes back with a few lariats and hits Pulp Friction for the win.

WINNER: Juice Robinson- So it looks like the story they are going with early on is that the two Juniors (Shingo and Ospreay) are going to struggle with the heavyweights until they properly adjust. Match was fine and picked up in the last few minutes.

Taichi vs Jon Moxley

I can’t get over how awful Taichi’s entrance is. I guess he makes up for it by running into the crowd and taking out Moxley. Taichi takes a fan’s umbrella and uses it. That poor fan. Taichi clotheslines Moxley on the floor and Moxley just beats the count in at 18. Moxley starts fighting back with some knees then a clothesline from the corner. Moxley hits a suicide dive then sets up a table on the outside. Both men fight to put the other through it, with Moxley eventually hitting a urinagi and putting Taichi through it. Back in the ring, Taichi throws Moxley into the ref then hits an enziguri kick. Taichi has Miho Abe grab a chair. Moxley ducks a chair shot and grabs the chair. Moxley throws the chair into Taichi. They exchange near falls, with Moxley eventually hitting Death Rider for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley- This was more of an outside brawl than an actual match. You need some of those to make the matches feel different.

Tetsuya Naito vs Toru Yano

Yano is upset that Naito is taking his time taking off his outfit. Yano then gets upset Naito has a shirt on still so Yano puts one on. Naito refuses to lock up so Yano goes to take off the turnbuckle pad. Naito is doing his best not to corpse here. Yano locks himself in the ropes so Naito goes to take off the turnbuckle pad. Naito then stops himself in the ropes. He puts Yano’s shirt over his head and gets a two on a rollup. Naito hits his corner dropkick then goes to use the turnbuckle pad as a baseball bat but Red Shoes stops him. Yano hits a low blow as Red Shoes has his shirt over him. Yano then puts Naito’s shirt over his head and rolls him up for the win.

WINNER: Toru Yano- That was a fun comedy match. The last time Yano beat Natio, he won the G1. And they brought that up a couple times on commentary. No issue with Naito losing.

Jeff Cobb vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii puts Cobb in a headlock but Cobb lifts Ishii all the way to the ropes. Cobb lands some hard chops and forearms in the corner and Ishii keeps telling him to bring it. Ishii then throws Cobb in the corner and lands a barrage of chops and forearms. Cobb starts landing them again and Ishii keeps telling him to bring it. Ishii then lands a couple headbutts. Cobb tosses Ishii into the turnbuckle then hits an overhead belly-to-belly. Cobb follows it with a twisting back suplex for two. They then go back to exchanging forearms. Cobb tosses Ishii into the corner but Ishii shoots out with a shoulder tackle. Ishii hits a suplex but Cobb comes right back with one of his own and a standing moonsault for two. They go to the top where Ishii hits a superplex. Cobb comes back with a lariat then hits a superplex of his own. Cobb hits a piledriver for two.

Ishii blocks Tour of the Islands then hits a backdrop suplex for two. Ishii hits a powerslam then a German suplex. Cobb gets right up and hits a urinagi suplex. Ishii gets right up and hits a lariat. Cobb blocks the sliding lariat. Ishii hits a Dragon suplex then a lariat that sends Cobb flipping. Cobb kicks out at one then hits a superkick and a German suplex for two. Ishii finally connects on a sliding lariat. Cobb lands forearms, Ishii lands headbutts. Ishii finally hits the vertical drop brainbuster for the win.

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii- This was one of the top matches people wanted to see going in and it delivered if you ask me. This was a hard hitting slugfest. Cobb came out of this looking great and Ishii continues his run of having great G1 matches.

Jay White vs Hirooki Goto

White bails to the outside early on. Goto eventually has enough of that and starts working White over. Goto chases Gedo into the crowd, but Geto runs back and grabs a hold of Goto’s leg, allowing White to hit a running knee into Goto. White drives Goto into the railing then tosses him into it. Goto tries fighting back with some slaps but White comes back with a neckbreaker. White works over the neck of Goto and continues to taunt him. Goto finally side steps a kick and hits a spinning clothesline. Goto fights back with some knees. White hits a DDT and hits a couple half hatch suplexes. Goto tries breaking the gripe but White suplexes him into the corner. White hits the Bladebuster for two. There’s a flurry of ducked clotheslines until White hits a Saito suplex. White keeps taunting Goto and bates him in with a facebuster. Red Shoes refuses to count the pin with White having only a foot on Goto. White shoves Red Shoes away as Goto pretends to be out of it, then jumps up and clotheslines White.

Goto his a neckbreaker and now White pretends to be the one out of it. Kevin Kelly points out White is smiling at them so he could avoid Goto’s kick. White goes for Blade Runner but Goto counters into a headbutt and hits a reverse GTR for two. There is an exchange of finisher attempts. Goto grabs White’s hair to block the last one and takes White down. Gedo comes in and Goto scares him off. Goto pretty much spams his top move button until he finishes White off with the GTR for the win.

WINNER: Hirooki Goto- Commentary did a big push to get over Goto’s new demeanor and focus going into the G1. So this match did well establishing Goto as a threat going into this tournament.

B Block Standings

Juice Robinson, Jon Moxley, Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto: 2 points

Shingo Takagi, Taichi, Tetsuya Naito, Jeff Cobb, Jay White: 0 points

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