The HTCWrestling Podcast: WWE Extreme Rules, Tessa Blanchard, Gimmick Match Survivor and More!

It’s another edition of the HTCWrestling Podcast with Justin C, Cam and The Chairman. This week’s Top 5:

  1. What the Hell Went Wrong With RAW this week?
  2. Is Extreme Rules A Low Key Good Show?
  3. Is AEW Fight for the Fallen and Evolve Airing on the same day that big of a deal?
  4. Who is hurt by a fractured relationship more: AEW or New Japan?
  5. How big of a star can Tessa Blanchard be?

They then give a quick rundown and predictions for Extreme Rules, and they finish the show with WWE Gimmick Match Survivor. With a list of gimmick matches, they eliminate them one by one until they get down to the final 3. Then they leave it up to a Twitter vote to determine what is the best WWE gimmick match of all time!

Give it a listen and vote in our poll on Twitter @HTCWrestling!