NXT UK 07.10.19

Dragunov Vs Ashton Smith

I was expecting this to be a squash match of sorts, but Smith is quite the technician. He held control for the most part (that kick to the knee was pretty intense) but the win went to the Russian.

Candy Floss Vs Toni Storm

Well THIS is an odd match up. Not exactly sure why it’s happening, but it is…and I can’t see it lasting long (sorry Candy, I am a fan…but come on)

It’s a strange one this. Very slow and methodical. It almost felt like Storm was carrying her a lot (making Floss look better than she is, and giving her some spotlight etc) couldn’t quite get into it. Very much an exhibition match up. Storm wins. Weird.

The Hunt & Dave Mastiff Vs Gallus

I was really looking forward to this brawl…but 10 mins in, it did not live up to my expectations. I understand that they can’t be full on for 20 mins straight, but at least get me hooked. But it didn’t. Mastiff upped the ante a little when he eventually got into the ring but nothing overly amazing happened, which is SUPER frustrating given the size of these men. Felt very deflated. Gallus for the win.